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GHOST FIRE....................


There have been a rare few cases where we have captured something on camera that looks like fire yet there is no physical fire  in the area. This is seen in the photo above. There was no fire anywhere near here at all and yet we did get some shots like this off and on all night. Smoke also has been captured on film in the same locations when there was no smoke either. What causes these things? Is this a replay of a fire that once burned here in the past, like a replay of some horrible event? Is it Native American fire spirits or the ghosts of Native burial ground fires? Is it a fire elemental spirit? The photo below came from a case where elemental spirits were present. It shows a fiery form that resembles some sort of animal sitting there, but what?



Once you rule out camera artifact and other photos taken seconds later in the same location do not show this phenomenon, then what do you make of it? What of the smoke photos where no one is smoking and there is no fire burning? Such as this one....

We have many photos like this of smoke where there is NO physical smoke or source for smoke. The Native Americans have many stories that feature ghost fire and spirits that come in the form of fire but they are after all legends and folklore right? Or are they? This is a phenomenon we have experienced in many forms many times and someday we hope to be able to learn a bit more about it.