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  Laurie Champion, the director of Pinellas/Pasco Paranormal at the age of fifty eight ,has been in this field for thirty eight years. She is one of the longest established and most experienced investigators in the state of Florida. She also investigated in New Jersey, before coming to Florida. Laurie is a Hostile haunts Specialist.  She and her team have been resolving hostile hauntings for many years. She serves as an advisory to teams all over the country for hostile haunts cases. Laurie got into the field because she herself, was the victim of a hostile haunt for years as a child. She personally trains all of her staff here at PPP. She and her team have much experience with all kinds of hauntings and some crypto cases. We do not do UFO investigation. We refer all UFO type cases to  MUFON. PPP is not an evidence gathering only organization. We actually specialize in helping to alleviate hostile activity in the home of our clients. We never charge a fee and are very confidential with our clients. PPP does take crypto cases for unknown animals and or entities. We have tracked the Florida Bigfoot for many years now, and learned much about this creature.

  PPP is a busy team that handles about 45 cases a year. Pinellas/Pasco gets most of it's cases from word of mouth, as they are well established in the area and have an excellent track record with hostile haunt cases. We get many cases by referral from other teams, that find hostile spirits in their client's homes, or in their own homes after ghost hunting adventures that went wrong. We also take most local cases and do what we call a sitting to get evp communication with a spirit, when the people in the home want to try and find out who the ghost is, just for their peace of mind, even if the ghost is not hostile. We do however always give priority to hostile haunt cases. We give top priority to those cases where children are being targeted by a spirit. If you are local we can be there within 24 to 48 hours.

     We are here to help people who are experiencing distressing activity in their homes. We try to gather information to try and solve a haunting, not just take pictures and video. We are EVP  specialists, as we believe that EVP is the best form of communication we have to date. We also take cases occasionally in Hillsborough and Hernando county. We refer out of state cases to colleagues who are able to help people in other areas of the United States and the UK. We have been featured on the cover of Creative Loafing Magazine and on Channel Ten Studio Show in 2007, but we usually keep a low profile as we do not have publicity as our goal in this field. Laurie has turned down every paranormal TV show that has approached her, as she does not want to be a part of the promotion of the paranormal craze.

    We will stay with most cases until they are solved or resolved, unless we are unable to help any further, then we will tell you your options from there. We can not promise to get rid of your ghost or entity but we will at least try.  We have about an 88 percent success rate with resolving hauntings.We currently have a staff of 12 people and some part time additional field people. We usually never take more than four people to a case unless it is a large building or vast location. We wear normal clothing with no logos, for both the privacy of the client and so as not to announce ourselves, as the ghost police, to any spirits that may be in someone's home. We have found that this method gets us more evidence captures and makes things less dramatic for all concerned. All members of PPP have been  trained by Laurie Champion and are competent and fearless investigators, that are dedicated to what they do.

       We have done ongoing research in  many locations for many years and have tested many of our methods successfully .  We do not claim to be experts as in this field there are "NO" experts. We are not Ghost hunters, and we do not take part in any commercial endeavor that exploits the paranormal.  We do not encourage or promote ghost hunting . Please do not contact us asking for us to recommend haunted locations for ghost hunting as we do not do that and will not encourage anyone else to do it.

 Anyone wanting to contact any member of this team can do so through this website email and/or contact phone. All questions should be directed to the founder/director Laurie Champion. We have had a problem with people from other paranormal teams calling our team members to try and get information about this team and our cases and or methods. Our team members do not want to be contacted, outside of this website, as they have lives and do not wish to be harassed.

 The team director handles all case scheduling and case applications. The members of this team DO NOT work with anyone outside of this team.  No one on this team, will give out any information on our cases, methods, of investigation or cleansing, so asking is a waste of time. We had to put up this blurb, because two people  on our team were being harassed, and all of our team members and their families, have a right to privacy and not to be bothered at home with phone calls from curiosity seekers . Thanks for your co-operation ....PPP


Team members


    Laurie Champion Fotinos / Director / Investigator/ Sensitive /cleanser / /author   




    Laurie got into this field because as a child she lived in a home with a very hostile ghost for ten years , and knows the trauma involved in this kind of situation. She learned from this and finally overcame the spirit's reign of terror on her own after many other cleansers methods failed. She wanted to help others who found themselves in this predicament. She began studying the paranormal at the age of 14. Originally from New Jersey, she has lived in Florida for 36 years now. Laurie has worked Bigfoot cases for many years, both with her team and with colleagues. Laurie still works Florida Bigfoot cases in Pasco, Pinellas, Hernando, and Hillsborough counties in Florida. 

   Laurie has written books  on the paranormal, that are available at The books are called "Never Forever dead, " and "Bringing the paranormal field out of the dark ages.". She is also a scholar of the Kabbalah, and has studied many other metaphysical subjects as well.  She has studied psychology, cryptozoology, forensics and many other relevant things for this work.  Laurie Champion does photo readings at The Intuitive Alliance group along with Merita King, and many others to help find missing people and offer input for unsolved murders etc. Laurie and Merita founded this site to serve as a site for psychic development. Laurie is 56 years old. She been a hypersentient all of her life, but has a peculiar ability to act like an antenna allowing spirits to speak and come through on EVP recordings. Laurie tunes into spirits and energy in a location which helps her to obtain clues to resolve hauntings. While Laurie values psychic input she relies on EVP information as the most valuable source for haunts research. No case  taken on by PPP/HHS is ever resolved simply on the merit of anyone's supposed psychic ability. Laurie is of German, Blackfoot Native American and Hispanic descent. Alexis Doganci, Laurie's daughter is of the same descent, on her mother's side,  but her father is Italian. Link to interview with L Champion:


  You can see Laurie on channel Ten's studio show in this clip below, just click on the blue link.      


       Michael ......Ghost Chaser/ Investigator /cleanser   

 Michael  is our bad spirit chaser. He has a gift that is rare and comes in very handy to us in hostile haunt cases. He is very successful at using his energy to overcome that of a strong, malevolent spirit. He takes reports and does some investigation also, but he mainly comes in only when a haunt is considered dangerous. He worked for years as a Photo Technician and is helpful in photo analysis as a result.  He is a very gifted artist, with a great sense of humor. Mike is 34 years old and he and his family have known Laurie, since he was seven years of age.  He has had many paranormal experiences and is very desensitized to the attempts of a hostile spirit to intimidate him. With Laurie's help, he dealt with and defeated a very aggressive and malevolent spirit attachment. He is our" Big gun, "so to speak., who we call in for all our bad spirit cleansings. Most cleansings are done by Laurie and Michael, as a team, unless we deem it necessary to do a more elaborate cleansing which requires at least six people, then we use some of our other team members. Michael also has a great degree of sensitivity to spirits. He has worked with Laurie for fifteen years now doing haunt cleansings, since the year 2000.

NOTE: Michael's last name has been removed from this site because someone was calling his family members, with the same last name, and harassing them in an attempt to find out about him and what he does etc. Michael's phone number is unlisted folks, because he wants to be left alone. Anyone wanting to contact Michael or anyone else on this team must do so through Pinellas/Pasco paranormal, at this site through this phone number. Michael does not accept calls from anyone, unless they are directed through PPP. The same goes for all of our team members except for those who answer out main number. Mike is truly a ghost magnet. Just look at the tow in the window watching us. LOL Thanks..... 





Pete Fotinos/Tech. man/  Investigator /public relations    


  Panagiotis AKA "Pete" Fotinos is our main trouble shooting computer tech. man. He takes care of the computer work, the equipment and does technical troubleshooting for us at PPP. By day he works for a Major Automotive Corporation. He is also Laurie's husband. He is an all around nice guy, and the life of the party at paranormal  picnics and meet ups. Pete does not work a lot of cases as he works many hours and has to get up early in the morning most of the time. Pete works more behind the scenes than on actual investigations. Pete also works with our videos and is now working on getting some of them ready for posting here at this site. Pete as a rule works all Bigfoot cases. Pete has been with us since 2003. Pete and Laurie, together since 2003, got married in 2009.






                                                    Ryan Petitt/ Investigator/ team social worker/empath

  Ryan is a gifted investigator . He is 25 years old and has always had an interest in this field. He is a college student, and an athletic guy. He also works full time and does parquor. He is a gifted young man who seems to be sensitive to spirit presence and can see auras.  He is in college studying to be a psychologist and also works interning at a mental health facility He is in top physical shape and does a lot of work with meditation and building his chi.  You can see Ryan in action if you look at the "Dead house" case file. Ryan works with kids from our cases, who need to learn to control their fear and if applicable, their sensitive abilities in order to avoid attracting entities. He has been very successful with this and has a natural way with kids. He has been with PPP since 2008. He is currently working in Orlando and so only goes on occasional cases when he is in town.





                                 Wendolyn Reynolds Wein / Investigator/evidence review specialist/ and ordained minister

       Wendolyn is a member of our team. Interestingly enough, Wendy was once one of our clients. She was living with a multiple haunting  in Tampa. After the investigations, at  her home, she and I kept in touch. She attended some of our paranormal conferences and she and I, became great friends. She has great people skills and is a hard worker, who helps me with hours of evidence review. She now lives in Spring Hill, with her husband David. She is a Mom and has grown children, and  grandchildren. Wendolyn Reynolds Wein ,having lived with a haunting of her own, knows first hand what it is like, and has learned how to help others deal with the situation. She has taken a keen interest in the paranormal, after her experiences, and has no fear of spirits or going into a haunted location. Wendy lives with her hubby, Dave Wein in Hernando county.Wendy is also an ordained non-denominational minister.  Wendy  came on board with  PPP in 2009.




David Wein:     David is Wendy's husband and he has was a volunteer for a year, and helped us many times with evidence review, creating paper file  forms, the EVP project etc. He has filled in on cases where we were short handed. We love Dave, and want to give him credit for his devoted efforts to us at PPP. He is now a full fledged member of this team and will be working with us full time. Dave officially joined this team in 2010. David is a computer technician, and he fixes them for a living. He also has extensive experience with sound and audio, as he once worked in that field as well.

                                                            David Wein/ PPP investigator/technical trouble shooter





 George {last name removed because of people calling him, to press for info. on our team and our cases} :  Investigator  

   George came on board in June, 2011. George is 38 and originally from Boston Mass. He lived in a house built in 1871 that was very active, with paranormal events. He moved to Florida at the age of 21. He is the manager of a large retail store chain, and is married with two children. He is actually one of our former clients. In seeing how well George handled an extreme haunting, in his home , we knew that he was probably a good candidate for our team. He is a great guy, with a big heart and the desire to help people in any way he can. George is interested in all aspects of the paranormal field. George is also an extreme animal lover and has several pets. George is now one of this team's right hand men.


David Wolf: Investigator : David is from the midwest where ghost stories were part of the local lore.  He always had an interest in the paranormal but over the past few years he decided to delve more into the study of the paranormal. He was one of the best applicants in 2011 , and we felt he made a great fit for this team. Dave  is 58 has 5 kids, and a good sense of humor. He's had a few things happen that to him defy explanation, and has been interested in the paranormal for a long time. Dave works in the technologies industries . Dave is well versed in science and physics and is our science guy, bringing much knowledge to this team. Education: BS in Computer Science, AA in arts Dave came on board in 2011.





 Braxton Wolf Riddle: is the son of Laurie Champion and now a competent paranormal investigator. He has grown up ghostly and has no fear of spirits. He has had many paranormal experiences and had no fear, even as a child.  Braxton does research for us,works cases and helps with evidence review. He advises other young people against the frivolous and dangerous practice of "ghost hunting", and holds a great respect for the spirits on the other side. He is an honor student and has an interest in the animal kingdom, and the paranormal, both of which he now has an extensive knowledge of. He is a valuable investigator now for this team . Though only a senior in High school Braxton is just as competent of an investigator as our older team members. Having grown up surrounded by this work and in working beside his mother he knows more about the paranormal than many people twice his age in the field. Braxton also sings, dances, is a thespian, and plays the guitar. Brax has been working behind the scenes since 2012 but officially came on board in 2015.






Rook Lyonesse Balthrop: Investigator in training. Rook is a college student and a talented artist and musician. She is a very smart young lady with an endless curiosity and thirst for knowledge about her world. A native Floridian, Rook is the daughter of an old and close friend of Laurie's and Laurie considers her her niece. Rook is going to college to become a veterinarian as she loves animals. She is a very sensitive and observant gal and will make a great investigator. She is a welcome addition to our team. We look forward to helping her to expand her horizons. Rook came on board in 2016.




 Deborah Grace: Investigator in training:  Debbie is a married lady with two wonderful kids. Though she lives in Florida she hails from Long Island New York. She has always had an interest in the paranormal and loves to help people so this is the perfect place for her. She has been helping Laurie with evidence review and evp work for a while now as a volunteer and recently decided she wanted to officially join our team as a full member. We look forward to working with her and feel lucky to have her.





Chip Depew: New team member in training. We are so pleased to have Chip here with us. Chip was formerly our referral guy on the East coast of Florida, to take cases out there. He has worked in this field in both Florida and in New York. He is a great asset to our team and a super nice guy.  His previous experience is also an asset and now he is just learning the way PPP does things and doing very well. Welcome Chip...........






 Former members:


         Alexis Doganci / former member



Alexis Doganci is Laurie's daughter, and they worked together for many years on this team.She has worked alongside her mother for eleven years, She is divorced and is moving out of state now so will no longer be with this team for the time being. It is our hope that she will one day return to the area and rejoin us. Now Laurie works with her team and her son Braxton, who is now an active member of this team.








We are currently seeking others with experience in Hostile Haunts all over the country to create a Hostile Haunt Network in order to get help to people out of our area, if you are experienced and able to take such cases, please contact us here at the link provided in this website.

You can see Laurie on channel Ten's studio show in this clip below, just click on the blue  link below..