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This is the............... "WHAT IS IT?"  PAGE For photos of things we can not identify. If you have one of those types of photos please send it to us at and if it is a real photo not tampered with we will get it up here too.

There was a mystery going on in this rural area with this back yard pond. The property borders the woods and is in Pasco county. This is a small pond made from an old bathtub elevated on cinder blocks to be about 30 inches high. It holds about 75 gallons of water, a filter , goldfish and small tilapia fish and water plants.  One day the pond was discovered missing more than half it's water and the plants were all torn up. The fish has been taken except for 3 goldfish and the water was a mucky mess. They also discovered a deep hole under the pond where some critter had obviously taken up residence. Wanting to know what trashed the pond and what lived beneath, a trail cam was set up. The videos showed a Opossum going under the pond and something else that was huge going up to it and leaning over it. This is the large creature. what is it? is it a ghost? A bigfoot? A bear? 


 Now watch behind the plant leaves on the far left, behind the tub. There is eyeshine and the creature moves to the left, watching the infrared light from the camera.