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About those photo anomalies, orbs and streamers

The Mysterious orbs that show up in pictures:

There is great controversy in the paranormal field about orbs, we hope to clear it up a bit here. First off let me state for the thousandth time that ORBS are not ghosts. The real researchers in this field knew that back in 1992. The orb enthusiasts are the novice ghost hunters and those interested in the paranormal who have not taken the time to research and find out just what they truly have in their photos.

Many people wonder if they really have a haunting or they are just imagining things. Many things that appear to be paranormal can be explained in a normal way by ordinary conditions that cause false anomalies and sounds etc. Orbs present in photographs do not constitute a haunting. Orbs are everywhere and show up on photos quite a bit, especially in digital photos. There are all kinds of orbs; dust, humidity, gas plasmas, camera malfunction, moisture on the camera lens, flash reflection and other natural causes. There are also real orbs that do not fit into any of these categories and seem to give off their own light, that people have seen with their naked eyes. The presence of a real orb in a photo, also does not mean there is a ghost haunting your home. Spirit is everywhere all the time and usually causes no harm or disturbances. We also have nor proof whatsoever that orbs are even spirit related. Many people gets orbs in their photos at cemeteries but this is because decomposition is taking place underground and the gases are rising up in bubbles, which are gas plasmas. One more time.............again...............Orbs are not ghosts.

Many people wonder about orbs, and which are real, so I am posting these pics to help differentiate between them;

Humidity orbs and just one real orb, can you tell which one is not humidity?

The above picture shows almost all humidity orbs, except for one, the one going through the window of the mobile home. Note the difference between them and the fact that it is passing literally through the glass.

Next frame:

The elusive real orb. I got this at a golf course that was being haunted, when I asked out loud for the spirit to show me his light on film. It stands alone and is brighter than humidity orbs, with a bluish tint. Now does that mean orbs are spirits? No, we do not know what orbs truly are. I do think they are some kind of plasma energy.

Next frame:

These orbs in the picture below are not real.

These orbs in the upper left and on the boy and the fireplace tile, are the result of dust on the camera lens and dust in the room. This is probably from dust and ash dust from the fireplace. The flash and the sun streaming into the room, have illuminated these dust particles.

Next frame:

The photo below is a real orb. See caption below the photo.

This orb was captured against a dull brick wall where there is nothing to reflect the light, It gave off it's own light. Notice the bluish tint in the orb. Some really bright orbs display this bluish effect indoors. This pic was taken during a dance class in the late afternoon in a well lit building. This building is very old and has a long history before it became a recreation center. There have been spirits in this building for years. I can only assume that this one really likes the energy and the music during this class. That is if the orb is a spirit at all, as I am still not convinced of that. We have captured many orbs in this location and frequent orbs have ruined photo sessions there, when the dance company tries to take publicity photos.


Many times little rays of light show up streaming across the frame of photographs, especially digital photos. Most of this is caused by lights that the camera captures at high speeds and repeats across the frame such as in the pictures below;

Notice the repetition in this anomaly, this is not a real streamer but probably a street or other light that the camera caught and repeated on night vision high speed setting.We call this light bleed.

Next frame: More false streamers... 

These are street lights blurred by the digital camera. Also a form of light bleed.

Next frame:

Bugs also cause strange anomalies on film like this one;

Notice the moth in the picture and the dotted lone nearby, which is another flying insect reflecting the flash while in flight,leaving a trail through the frame.

Most street lights show up as yellow or orange streaks across the frame and most bugs look like white dotted lines or yellow dotted lines.

But what of these photos to follow:

Next frame: This is a real streamer. 

The orange streak in this photo is not a street light, not a bug, not a reflection. You can see it go out the door and continue outside the porch. It is two straight undotted lines and was taken on regular camera setting, after a noise in the porch prompted us to take the picture. This is a streamer. We do not know for sure what they are but they are some kind of energy anomaly. They can be any color, we have them from this orange hue to dark blue, pink, green and others.

More streamer pics in the same location: Below you see two streamers weaving in and out of the lattice. There is no light source in the porch, and not even a shiny object for these things to

have created this effect., by reflecting the light from the camera. The red streamer clearly starts outside, then weaves in through the lattice,and then disappears behind the lattice at the bottom, traveling behind the wood post, as it drops down. This is bizzare

Next frame: Unique streamer.

And what on earth is this? It was way too cold for bugs to be out on the night this was taken as it was dead of winter and one of the nights when the temperature fell to 38 degrees. It was in a wooded field with no lights of any kind nearby. It does not repeat across the frame. It looks almost like something is drawing an image in thin air that resembles a thunderbird or an angel. This one puzzles us. This we believe is another kind of streamer photo with some unknown energy source creating the anomaly. Below is a photo of several streamers in a dark cemetery taken in Elfers Florida. There is also some kind of reddish cloud or something here as well.

Next frame: Huh?

Then there is this one. yeah I know, I know, looks like a swarm of bugs but again, too cold for bugs and this is accompanied by red ectoplasm. Again no lights anywhere nearby either. The jury is still out on this one.

False anomalies on film:

One of the best ways to get false streamers is to take pictures indoors with your camera on the night setting. Any light whether it be a microwave LED light or even a small lamp will cause a big streak across the room that is only the blurring of a real light source by the cameras hot mirrors. So many people post these kinds of photos saying they are paranormal when in fact they are just light bleed from a light source in the room. If the room is pitch dark and you get a streamer then, you may have something paranormal. If there are no light sources in the room, then maybe...Below is a good example of a light bleed streamer coming from the candles, and lights in the room. This picture may look crazy but...." This is NOT paranormal folks." This is a product of errors made by the camera and the person taking the photos. Someone took this picture at my halloween party.

Back to real anomalies that we can not explain away as a trick of the camera:

Now below is a picture taken on regular setting at a case of mine. There is no light source to support this red streamer. IT seems to come from the other room, across the door and into the room I am standing in. This is what I believe to be a real streamer anomaly. We have captured more than one red streamer photo over the years and the red ones do seem to intrigue me a great deal. We have gotten them inside, outside, and in total darkness in a wooded area as well.

With all photographs we have to be very critical as most are just not paranormal. Even those that pass the old debunk test still do not offer real evidence of anything at this time. This is why PPP's main focus is EVP. That is the only place the answers may come from because that is the only form of communication we have right now to obtain information.