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The not so sentient "Sensitives."

The not so sentient “Sensitives”

  I belong to many paranormal discussion groups both on line and at facebook. Many of these groups are geared for comparing evidence captures, discussing possibilities and trying to come to rational conclusion based on evidence and experiences shared. In most of these groups you find some very science oriented types who take this work seriously even if they are not on the cutting edge of paranormal investigation. In all groups you have your extremists both skeptical science folks and spiritual sensitive folks and the twain shall seldom meet at any happy medium. I personally believe in psychic ability and do not deny the value of said gift, but lately I see too many people who seem to be less than rational about it. Every group seems to have at least one of these types and they do not realize just how they come across and how people tend to view them. I call them the “not so sensitive sensitives” and this is why:

You all know someone like this. It is that person who comes into your paranormal discussion group and quickly announces their psychic or mediumship abilities ad nausea. "Their catch phrase is "I'm a sensitive," or "I am a medium."They gear all of their posts to include the reminder of their claimed “gift!” They see faces in every grainy photo and spirits in every mist photo and will give you detailed information about said spirits. It seems that their main goal is to keep everyone notified that they are “Gifted!” To me it is as if they are out to convince themselves and everyone else of their gifted status, and that they know something we don’t and we should take their input seriously. Now there is nothing wrong with someone who has a true psychic ability offering their impressions from time to time but you cannot just offer a steady stream of your supposed psychic impressions down people’s throats and expect them to respect you.

As I said I believe in psychic ability, I have even been told that I myself have a bit of it, and I know many real gifted folks who can do amazing work. One thing I have noticed in my half a century on this earth is that the people who are the most truly gifted, are seldom moved to announce that status to the world at large. They tend to keep a lower profile about it. I think this is because along with that gift comes a certain humble knowing, that it was not meant to be used for self gain or self glorification. A real psychic does not need to tell everyone all the time or title themselves because just having that gift is enough to give them a special fulfillment on a very deep level. They simply do not have the need for this ego stroking or to announce to the world just how special they might be. Real psychics also do not have to see spirits in every photo and actually will look to a rational cause for anything before going to the most extreme conclusion because they also have the power of discernment that makes them able to use their gifts effectively and not let their imagination become confused by their inspiration. I have never met a true sensitive that thinks they are always on it with everything as they know that this gift is fallible too. So knowing this, when I see someone in a group spouting off this nonstop “I’m a sensitive” stuff, I tend to think that they are not truly gifted but just want to be and are trying to convince themselves and everyone else that they are. In the meantime no one really takes their comments seriously and some people are truly annoyed with them. Others are just laughing at them.

I belong to a group of people that are gifted and work on missing people alerts, and other psychic read exercises in our down time. All of these people are quite special and quite gifted in many ways. None of them charge money for readings and most are just average people that you would not know were psychics as they do not advertize said fact all the time. They are normal folks without those touched up head shot photos in which they are dressed up like a celebrity or looking very mysterious and Gothic etc. They have real jobs and a real life and they are not interested in the commercial crap that is being hyped out there concerning the paranormal. They are secure within themselves, not catty and never pushy. They can look at a strange photo and not have to say “I see a spirit there.” They do not always matrix faces in photos because they read energy signatures not faces in paranormal photos. The only faces they read are the ones in the real portrait photos that they are asked to read of real people living or dead. They do not always say that a haunting is related to “Native American” spirits as they know that this is much overplayed and very unlikely due to the nature of that culture’s own spiritual beliefs and ethics. Real psychics do not throw out the old New Age standby phrases that cold readers do such as “The spirit needs help to go to the light,” or “The portal needs to be closed!” That is just part of the new age culture’s adopted belief system which is being spoon fed to us daily by that whole movement but has no basis in reality, and nothing to back up their claims.

  Real psychics and mediums do not “rescue” spirits are they do not need us to do that for them. How can we take anyone seriously who says something like “I rescued 10 spirits this week, and sent them to where they need to go!” What does any living person know about the realms of the afterlife to be able to know where a spirit needs to go? By the way, by my standards, information gleaned during supposed “astral travel” does not hold water. If you are a gifted person, then you were meant to help others and provide guidance when it is needed or you are asked to do so. If you have knowledge, let others light their candles from it and don’t blind them with your leading torch. If you do that you blind not just them but also yourself in the bright red glare of your own ego.