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PinellasPascoParanormal/Hostile Haunts Specialists

Haunted? Call ...727-938-1305

BEFORE WRITING TO APPLY TO JOIN THIS TEAM PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING...Note posted 4/27/2013...we are looking for another female team member. Please write to us at [email protected]

We appreciate all application emails to join our team. We get about 200 of these requests a year. One thing, that I can not stress enough is that, if you're looking to ghost hunt, you are in the wrong place. We are not ghost hunters and do not support the current craze and pre-occupation with that pastime. We are serious hostile haunts mediators and cleansers. Our goal is spirit communication for the benefit of people on both side of the veil. We care much less about scientific evidence ,than we do resolving a haunting for our clients and restoring their lives to normal. We are not anything like the teams you see on Television. We choose our members very carefully because we need a specific kind of person, that can handle the stuff we walk into. We are a very active team, because we are one of the few, that offer attempts at resolution to our clients, and the founder has 35 years in the field and has become well known. 

We do not attend commercial paranormal events or hob nob with TV celebrities. We have turned down four television show offers and do not seek media attention. There is no fame or glory going to come from belonging to this team, just a lot of hard work, late hours and possibly bringing home spirits with you. Our cases come with last minute emergency notice and we respond immediately most of the time. What we do is often tense and even dangerous, as we take on the cases no other team will return to or take in the first place. We do not investigate famous places, we work mostly residential hauntings that are off the chain. We on occasion will work a missing person or an unsolved murder case. The people best suited for this team are those who are believers in the spirit world and have had experience with it. More importantly we need people with no fear. We are not here to convince anyone that ghosts exist, as we know they do and don't have time to debate with anyone, nor do we care to. While we do believe in spirit return, we do not go into each case assuming it is genuine, we gather evidence to support a haunting and then proceed from there.

We currently have TWELVE full time team members , five of which are sensitives on some level. We also have more part time volunteers on our evidence review squad, who are waiting for a team opening. PPP is not a democracy. PPP is managed by the founder and she makes the decisions, as to what cases we take and those we don't. She also makes the decisions as to what procedures will be utilized, in all cases and who is in charge of each aspect. PPP has had some of the same members for many years and we seldom lose one. We have strict" no drug ,no criminal record, no other team affiliation, "policies that are not negotiable. If you belong to another team or ghost hunt on your own, you are not what we are looking for. We also do not take people who use drugs or who drink alcohol to excess on a regular basis. We look for educated people, who are always reading and studying to further their knowledge in the field. We look for people who have " faith in God "but do not view things through the blinders of what their faith dictates, or any one specific religion dictates. We want people who have a truly open mind.

We carefully interview our applicants and ask lots and lots of questions. We prefer to have people who are local, due to our last minute emergency calls. If you wish to apply to this team, please write to [email protected], not to this website contact link. Give a phone number, as we will call you, even if we have a full team, just for future reference. We add applicants to our call list, should a position become available for training. We will not send you a stuffy application to fill out ,as we prefer to talk on the phone and meet in person, should we need to add a member and start interviewing for that purpose. We thank everyone who applies to this team and we are flattered that you are interested.

Please understand that we have to be very careful when choosing new members due to the nature of the cases we take and our dedication to our clients and our mission. We have to ensure the safety of our team members, and our clients. Malevolent spirits look for the weakest link in the chain, and draw off that person, getting energy that the spirit can use to put us all in harm's way. We need fearless folks with a solid faith, and a healthy respect for spirit. We look for warm, friendly, social folks who will make our clients feel at ease. All of our team members have different religious faiths but we all have the same mindset. We never argue or have internal dissension of any kind on this team. We are a tight knit family that supports each other at all times. We hang out socially together and spend time together outside of the team, so we know each other very well. Of course we spend every Halloween together at a big gathering every year, which is fun for us and all of our kids. We guard and protect our kids from what we do and keep them out of harm's way. Our views on kids and ghost hunting are in the Kids and ghosthunting link at the top of the page.

Thanks for reading this, Laurie Champion now please send your inquiries to [email protected]