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The Ghostly Halloween guest

Posted by pinellaspascoparanormal on November 3, 2015 at 9:50 PM Comments comments (0)

 The Ghostly Halloween guest:

 This year as always, we had our big Halloween party at my house. I was trying to take photos but something was just interfering with my camera. Finally i put the camera on night setting because i was outside. I wanted to get a photo of my husband and two guests that were seated in the gazebo and figured I would see if the night setting worked? Well I hate using that setting when there are candles, torches and lots of lights because of light bleed. That is what happened so i changed the setting again. But, in the one night shot photo, I captured a woman who should not have been there. she is standing with her hand on her hip in the upper left of the frame, right under the gazebo's edge. I am including several shots here so you can see her in different resolutions and also shots of the gazebo area taken afterwards so you can see that there was nothing there that could have fooled the eye to martrix this lady. She looks almost as solid as the real people in the frame. I just wish I knew who she was. Here are the photos: First the original infrared shot.

Next a black and white version of the shot:

Finally a close up of the woman in the black and white shot:

She appears to be either blond or grey haired and you can make out a bit of her clothing as well. You decide but to me this is one of the best ghost pics we have ever gotten and it was a total accident. Here is a shot of the area where she was standing taken a minute later or so. She had been standing right to the left of the green candle globe. There is nothing there that could have caused a matrix. What do you think?


Posted by pinellaspascoparanormal on August 3, 2011 at 11:40 PM Comments comments (7)

    I have been wanting to write this blog for a long time but have just been too busy. This blog is about  the "unresolved" cases. The cases that we can not resolve, and the hauntings that we can not stop. I wish I could tell my cleints and the world at large that all hauntings can be stopped or resolved or cleansed away, but that is simply not the case. In my work with hostile haunts and other types of hauntings, I have seen a few that can not and will not be resolved because they have specific circumstances that just do not allow for an ourtsider, or sometimes anyone to interfere or affect the situation. These unresolvable cases come in all forms. I wish to talk about some of these cases and why they are next to impossible to resolve.I also would like to have anyone's comments on this topic or their stories of such cases, that they have seen. These are common kinds of hauntings that I have seen that are almost impossible to resolve.

1 The Karmic haunt:

The first kind of case that I have dealt with many times that we could not resolve is a karmic haunt. A Karmic haunt is a haunting that has come about because of something that the client did to encite the wrath of the spirit. Karmic hauntings are something that we usually step away from, as we know that the only chance of them being resolved is if the client makes some sort of restitution, in some way for whatever they did to bring the haunting about. People sometimes think that prayers can resolve everything and that their efforst are not or should not be warranted to stop the spirit from tormenting them. I have had clients that did not want to hear that some action on their part was required to stop the haunting. Other clients were willing to admit to their fault in the matter and willing to try and do what was necessary to resolve the issue.Sometimes under some circumstances that can be possible, but other times it is not possible, as they can not do whatever the spirit demands, in order for them to fogive and forget. Murder victims, and others whose death was the result of another's actions in anyway, sometimes just will not be stopped in their campaign for revenge. No amount of prayers seem to help and all negotiations with the spirit seem to hit a brick wall. Karma comes in many forms and apirits do participate in it, sometimes bringing it first hand to the door of those who wronged them or their loved ones, for that matter.

2 The Black sheep saympathy haunt:

The second kind of haunting which sometimes can not be resolved is the one where the client has a bond to the spirit, which does not allow for them to dismiss the spirit from their home and their life. We have all lost loved ones and we miss them, we pine for them, and sometimes we bring them to us. Depending on the spirit's emotional stability and their acceptance of their death, this can have some veyr bad results. I have seen many cases which I will call "black sheep" syndrome. For example, if you have someone in your life, whether a relative, a lover, friend etc, who is a negative, aggressive and troublesome fixture in your life, yet who you still hold a soft spot for, in your heart, for whatever reason, then you keep them around and you suffer at their hands. This is something many people do all the time. It could be because of co-dependency, fear, apathy, or because they were yoru blood and you can never turn away from your blood even if they are ruining your life, Sometimes, even after they die, you don't push them out of your heart. Since they probably have not changed just because they may have passed from this life, if they were a bad person, then they may come back to cause pain to others. They may be very angry or resentful of being dead, even if their death was caused by their own recklessness or disregard for life. So they may return as jealous, bitter, spirits to punish those who are still alive or even attach to them, in order to try and experience the things they can no longer partake in, in this world. If you hold onto the sympathy, the sentiment, or that little soft spot for them because they may have had one good trait or whatever, then you give them a continual conduit to you. Then you will never be rid of them because some part of you still accepts them conciously or unconciously. On this side of the veil and the other, "tough love" only goes so far and if it does not work then you have to sever any warm feelings for that person or let them take you down with them. This kind of case can never be resolved until the living person changes their mind about the dead person and pushes them out of their heart, their home and their life. I once had a case where I told a spirit that the familyt did not want them there and the spirit replied via EVP saying "That's what you think!" If anyone in the home is accepting of the spirit, ten the spirit can remain there. 

3  The family intervention haunt:

The third kind of case that usually can not be reolved is what I call the "family intervention" case. This happens when a deceased loved on decides to come back to try and guide or chastise,another living loved one,  who the spirit feels is headed down the wrong road. I see this all the time. If the spirit is justified and the living loved one is doing something really detrimental to themselves or others than the spirit that is doing the haunting is actually out for the loved ones best interest and therefore can not be driven away by any traditional means of house cleansing. If a living person, let's say, is doing something self destructive, morally wrong, or even criminal, to the point where they are jeopardizing their lives and those of their other family members, and the spirit of that person's Grandma, {for instance}comes back to raise hell, then that is a fmaily intervention. This kind of case has to run it's course to it's conslusion and neither God or the haunts resolutionist is going to stop it. 

4 The grief bond haunt:

 The fourth kind of case that I see often is the "grief bond." This is a  haunting that begins shortly after a death of a loved one, where both the deceased and the living person left behind, just can not let go of eachother. One is grieving for the prson who passed away and the dead person is grieveing not only over their own death, but the pain of the loved one left behind. This happens when the living person left behind does not want to accept that the person is gone from this world and the deceased loved one does not want to leave this world, or this life.If contact is made and kept up by both parties, through evp, psychic communication, etc. then it keep the deceased person in a confused state of limbo where they are still apart of this world, and not ready to embrace the next one. This is a bad situation because both parties stagate and neither lives the life they have now, [one here and one on the other side], to their full potential. There is a lot of truth in the old saying that "if you love someone truly, then you have to love them enough to let them go." 

5 The Doomed Location haunt:

 This kind of  haunting happens because the location is just a permanent energy portal of some kind, that is a permanent part of the astral or etheric terrain, that will not be changed, moved or affected by the living on this earth. Bascially this means that there are some places where we are not meant to be living, because they serve as a thoroughfare for other entities, or a portal of some kind between the worlds, where things come and go on a continous basis. For example, let's say that your or someone else built your house on land that was once a cemetery, a burial ground, or a power center of some kind, that serves to be a transition point or a travel pathway for spirits of all kinds.  Or perhaps a very tragic and monumental event took place there like a disaster or a battle in which many people died and had much emotion and or angst before they died there. Portal exist wherever there was a need for a tranistion door, due to a massive amount of death in that location. There are also other types of areas that are conducive to paranormal activity because they contain several features, which feed energy of all kinds into that location. For example: I kow of a very haunted area in a small town. This area has an interface, a power plant, Native American land and burial grounds,  two other graveyards, and ley lines running right underneath it. Talk about a power center? Trying to live in a home in an area like any of these is like trying to live in the middle of the airport. You are going to have much people traffic there all the time. Dead people can be just as disruptive to your daily life as living people, so you may have no choice but to move if you ever want to have peace.

When it comes to resolving any haunting, the first and most important responsibility lies with the person being haunted. In order for any haunts resolutionist team to help, the cleint has to be honest and upfront with the team, about what they feel may be going on and why. A haunts specialist can't just come in and solve your problem and chase off your spirit, if there is some underlying circumstance that you fail to mention, out of fear, guilt, or you're considering it too personal, to relay some type of information. While most hauntings are benign and many may be totally unrelated to the cleint at all, "some" hauntings are the direct result of the client's actions in one way or another. This can happen even without the client being aware of it right away. It may be something that happened ages ago that you forgot? You should always voice any thoughts or ideas you have have about who or what might be present in your home and why. Maybe the thing you thought had nothing to do with it, is exactly the thing you overlooked? If you are experiencing what you think could be a karmic, haunt or some other kind ofhaunt that directly involves you then it is in your best interest to level with the person who you call  in to help, and also to listen to their advice, once the identity of the spirit and their agenda has been verifed. Total honesty and total co-operation are essential elements to resolving the haunting together. Also remember that in the course of trying to resolve a haunting the spirit may divulge some things that you failed to mention to your haunts resolutionist. Better they know all the facts and possibilities to the best of your knowledge, if you think you know who or what may be haunting and why, directly from you. This way, everyone is on the same page and better prepared to deal with whatever comes out or arises during the course of the investigation and attempted cleansing of the case.


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Hi everyone, this is Merita King here, doing the first Psychic Development blog.  I apologise for not getting this up sooner but it seems that this site just won't let me in most days, I have to take pot luck whether I can get in or not!


So how does one begin to get in touch with their psychic senses?  It's actually quite straightforward but it takes time to build, just like working a muscle needs repetition and practice to become strong.  The first thing to understand is that psychic sense are just like your normal 5 physical senses except that the messages you get from them are much more subtle and easily missed.  The next thing to remember is the easiest way to kill any psychic development is to analyse it or apply logic to it.  When working with your psychic senses, you must not question or think about what you're receiving from them.  If you get an image in your mind, a feeling in your body or a word pops into your head, don't think, just speak!  Let the information flow into your head and straight out of your mouth without stopping.  This is one of the single most important things to grasp, and one of the hardest for all of us.  We all tend to wonder "is this information coming to me from spirit or am I just making it up"?  I still feel this all the time myself.  The thing here is, it doesn't matter, just say it anyway.  The more you practice this, the more you will discover how accurate what you're receiving is and the easier it will become to build this trust with your higher self/guides.


Lets take an imaginary reading session and go through it bit by bit.  A person asks you for a reading and you agree to do it.  You are the reader and the person who wants the reading is the recipient or sitter.  You sit down comfortably, facing each other and you begin your reading.  The first thing to do is blend your own aura with theirs, effectively become one aura.  This will allow you to read your sitter.  The way you do this is easy.  Close your eyes and imagine your aura expanding in all directions, enveloping your sitter so that they are completely enclosed in your aura.  Become aware of their aura blending with your own into one combined aura.  Now you can open your eyes and begin to read.  The next thing that many budding psychics don't realise is that you must ask questions of spirit.  Don't just sit there waiting for information to fall into your head, you're in control here so get straight in with a question.  Most readings will start psychically and progress to mediumship as the reading goes on.  Ask questions such as "what is my sitters major issue right now"?  "Are they happy/sad/angry/depressed"? "what is their energy like at the moment"?  Did they have a good childhood"?  You want your guides to tell you about your sitter and their life, problems, issues etc so ask the types of question designed to bring those answers.  When you ask a question, immediately speak whatever comes into your head.  It doesn't matter if it is vague and it doesn't matter if it seems silly to you.  The evidence isn't yours, it's your sitters and that silly phrase or image might be the best evidence they could wish for.


At the start of a reading, the information will seem vague and bitty, but as you continue to verbalise what you're receiving and your sitter responds, more will flow.  It's a 3 way conversation between you, your sitter and your guides.  Your guides are already working, but without you and your sitter taking your full roles, the circuit can't be properly completed.  Your sitter must verbally respond, nodding just won't do.  Yes, no, I don't know, I'm not sure, I can find out etc is all that is required from your sitter.  Encourage them NOT to explain anything or expand on anything until after the reading has finished.  Believe me when I tell you that it is a hundred times harder to read someone when you already know stuff about them.  When you're taking your first steps into psychic development, total strangers are the preferred recipients/sitters.


You might like to ask your sitter to choose from a deck of divination cards.  There are thousands of different decks out there, choose one that draws you and get your sitter to choose just one from the deck.  Look at the card they've chosen, let your eyes go all over and right inside the images.  Allow the symbols and colours to soak into your mind.  What is the very firs thing you notice about the card?  Don't think about it, just say it without thinking.  It may be the colour, a particular part of the image, an emotional overtone.  For instance if you are first drawn to a part of the image that shows a person dancing.  What kind of dancing?  Are they dancing alone or with another person or group of people?  Does the dancer/dancers look happy, sad, or in a world of their own? What does this tell you about your sitter and their emotional state?  Again, once you begin to verbalise what you're getting from the card, and your sitter starts responding, other impressions and feelings will flow.  Continue to verbalise everything without questioning it or analysing it.


I cannot over emphasise the importance of not questioning the information you get.  This is so fundamental to psychic and mediumistic work that do ignore it at the beginning is setting yourself up for trouble later on, believe me I was that soldier!


Ask for guinea pigs to be sitters for you, you will be suprised how many people will be delighted to sit for you for the chance of a free reading and  practice, practic, practice.


In the next psychic development blog - mediumship basics, getting a spirit link during a reading.