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Have you seen this kind of entity?

Posted by pinellaspascoparanormal on November 22, 2012 at 8:00 PM

Is this a spirit or an alien entity and have you seen anything like this:

There is a new guy in town folks.He is not the average shadow man, not a shadow ghost, and I am told from UFOand Alien study sources that he is an alien life form. Interesting......

 You know, in this field we who study ghosts and spirits tend to view things that we see through thatcategory, just like Alien investigators tend to view things as possible alien life forms. This is because we each know what we are looking for and tendto group things into certain categories. But in the end, we are all walking in the dark, trying to put a name or a classification on the shadows, so to speak. Now given that, we are all open to error and misconception right?

  I have recently received two reports from people who have seen a similar entity. One of these people isa paranormal investigator, the other just the average Joe who saw something he does not know what to make of. Each one in a different state but saw this thing within days of each other. I find this strange to say the least. So I am posing this blog to see if these sightings are not the only isolated incidents of this kind.

 Has anyone out there seen an entity that looks like this:

A black, shadow like, form, similar to a human in shape, but very thin. It appears to have its joints reversed in both knees and elbows. It moves sporadically in a zigzagging motion, and can run across house tops. It makes noise when its feet walk on the ground just like a solid creature does. It can seemingly teleport from one place to another in seconds or move at a high rate of speed on the ground. It seems to interact with only certain people even though others have seen it. It seems to have some level of PSI ability to communicate. It makes a chittering sound and produces a very fresh rather than offensive odor. I am trying to see how many people have sighted something of this nature to get an idea of how rare or common this particular entity is becoming, in all areas. I have recently had two sightings of a similar creature or entity reported to me, one in Texas and one in New Jersey.

   I have been told byAlien investigators at a high level of credential that this entity is an alienlife form that cloaks itself in this solid black shadow like form. If this istrue, then how many people are seeing this thing and why is it hanging around? In both locations where this thing is being seen there is a military installation nearby, within 2 to 30 miles. One location has a power plant nearby as well. Both locations are fairly rural as far as terrain. Now as I have said before, I am not an alien investigator, frankly I prefer to keep my distance from extraterrestrial, alien life forms altogether. But I am interested in differentiating between spirit related entities and other possibilities in the paranormal field. So if anyone can add to this, with personal experience, sightings and locations of sightings of an entity that resembles the one described above I would greatly appreciate the data and the reports. Thanks Laurie


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