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Florida Bigfoot

Posted by pinellaspascoparanormal on July 18, 2011 at 12:15 AM Comments comments (5)

   Given the amount of development that Pasco county has had in the past ten years or so, Bigfoot sighting have become more prominent, because the creatures are being forced into tighter areas where there is human traffic. The creatures also are coming into residential areas more often in search of food, ad food becomes more and more scarce for them. Some small grups of these creatures that once migrated between two or three  areas, seasonally in the past fifty years, are now finding their old route impassable without going out into developed areas, so they are kid of boxed into where they are. There are Bigfoot clans in many areas of Pasco county, and luckily for them most people who know about them, don't let on to where they are. This is because people do not want some Bigfoot hunters traipsing through their property or they want the creature to be left in peace. Some folks even leave food out for these creatures, and that is good and bad. It is good because they can use the food for sure, but bad because it brings them into contact with residential areas and into a dangerous situation if someone should see them that wants to capitalize by killing one.

   PPP studies this creature but does not feel that it should be hunted, harassed, or captured. We feel it would be a sin fopr one to be killed by some fortune hunting, gun toting human predator. This creature never seems to hurt anyone and it does not kill people's pets unless they attack it first. It does steal fruit, veggies, fish, and occasionally objects of interest, but in reality does no real harm. People do not need to fear this creature coming into their homes or hurting them in any way, unless the people are harassing the creature. I have spoken with more campers, hikers, and residents who have encountered this creature than I can count, and yet no one has ever been seriously hurt or harassed by this creature. If you enter into this creature's territory it might throw a rock or branch, but that is to let you know that you don't belong there and to move on. If you move along peacefully it will usually leave you alone. 

   Right now it is in the paranormal news that a hunter supposedly shot and killed an adult Bigfoot and a baby. This may well be a hoax and I hope it is. If this were true then it would be a travesty, and a tragedy in my opinion. Read the story at this link if you want to know more about this rumor. I personally believe that this, like so many others will turn out to be a hoax, but someday it may happen for real and that will be a crying shame. If the Bigfoot is a close relative of human beings, then killing one would be murder. 

   A well known anthropologist stated that he believed that if a Bigfoot is found that it will most likely be in Florida, because the cmilate and terrain is perfect for them to live in. Florida is number 3 in the country for Bigfoot sightings. Other states have already laced a act into law to protect this creature, so this animal will be safe. Florida needs to do the same. In fact Florida needs to be more concerned with all of it's widlife and start putting a limit on development. If we don't then Florida like many other places will become one big asphault plain. How sad will that be folks? We all need to support and promote wildlife anf forest conservation in Florida. Many former wildlife preserves are being sold, cleared and built upon, so where does it stop? The real estate market is saturated with homes that people can buy and that people can live in, so why keep tearing up wild lands to build more homes?


Posted by pinellaspascoparanormal on June 3, 2011 at 1:20 PM Comments comments (5)

Hi everyone, this is Merita King here, doing the first Psychic Development blog.  I apologise for not getting this up sooner but it seems that this site just won't let me in most days, I have to take pot luck whether I can get in or not!


So how does one begin to get in touch with their psychic senses?  It's actually quite straightforward but it takes time to build, just like working a muscle needs repetition and practice to become strong.  The first thing to understand is that psychic sense are just like your normal 5 physical senses except that the messages you get from them are much more subtle and easily missed.  The next thing to remember is the easiest way to kill any psychic development is to analyse it or apply logic to it.  When working with your psychic senses, you must not question or think about what you're receiving from them.  If you get an image in your mind, a feeling in your body or a word pops into your head, don't think, just speak!  Let the information flow into your head and straight out of your mouth without stopping.  This is one of the single most important things to grasp, and one of the hardest for all of us.  We all tend to wonder "is this information coming to me from spirit or am I just making it up"?  I still feel this all the time myself.  The thing here is, it doesn't matter, just say it anyway.  The more you practice this, the more you will discover how accurate what you're receiving is and the easier it will become to build this trust with your higher self/guides.


Lets take an imaginary reading session and go through it bit by bit.  A person asks you for a reading and you agree to do it.  You are the reader and the person who wants the reading is the recipient or sitter.  You sit down comfortably, facing each other and you begin your reading.  The first thing to do is blend your own aura with theirs, effectively become one aura.  This will allow you to read your sitter.  The way you do this is easy.  Close your eyes and imagine your aura expanding in all directions, enveloping your sitter so that they are completely enclosed in your aura.  Become aware of their aura blending with your own into one combined aura.  Now you can open your eyes and begin to read.  The next thing that many budding psychics don't realise is that you must ask questions of spirit.  Don't just sit there waiting for information to fall into your head, you're in control here so get straight in with a question.  Most readings will start psychically and progress to mediumship as the reading goes on.  Ask questions such as "what is my sitters major issue right now"?  "Are they happy/sad/angry/depressed"? "what is their energy like at the moment"?  Did they have a good childhood"?  You want your guides to tell you about your sitter and their life, problems, issues etc so ask the types of question designed to bring those answers.  When you ask a question, immediately speak whatever comes into your head.  It doesn't matter if it is vague and it doesn't matter if it seems silly to you.  The evidence isn't yours, it's your sitters and that silly phrase or image might be the best evidence they could wish for.


At the start of a reading, the information will seem vague and bitty, but as you continue to verbalise what you're receiving and your sitter responds, more will flow.  It's a 3 way conversation between you, your sitter and your guides.  Your guides are already working, but without you and your sitter taking your full roles, the circuit can't be properly completed.  Your sitter must verbally respond, nodding just won't do.  Yes, no, I don't know, I'm not sure, I can find out etc is all that is required from your sitter.  Encourage them NOT to explain anything or expand on anything until after the reading has finished.  Believe me when I tell you that it is a hundred times harder to read someone when you already know stuff about them.  When you're taking your first steps into psychic development, total strangers are the preferred recipients/sitters.


You might like to ask your sitter to choose from a deck of divination cards.  There are thousands of different decks out there, choose one that draws you and get your sitter to choose just one from the deck.  Look at the card they've chosen, let your eyes go all over and right inside the images.  Allow the symbols and colours to soak into your mind.  What is the very firs thing you notice about the card?  Don't think about it, just say it without thinking.  It may be the colour, a particular part of the image, an emotional overtone.  For instance if you are first drawn to a part of the image that shows a person dancing.  What kind of dancing?  Are they dancing alone or with another person or group of people?  Does the dancer/dancers look happy, sad, or in a world of their own? What does this tell you about your sitter and their emotional state?  Again, once you begin to verbalise what you're getting from the card, and your sitter starts responding, other impressions and feelings will flow.  Continue to verbalise everything without questioning it or analysing it.


I cannot over emphasise the importance of not questioning the information you get.  This is so fundamental to psychic and mediumistic work that do ignore it at the beginning is setting yourself up for trouble later on, believe me I was that soldier!


Ask for guinea pigs to be sitters for you, you will be suprised how many people will be delighted to sit for you for the chance of a free reading and  practice, practic, practice.


In the next psychic development blog - mediumship basics, getting a spirit link during a reading.

Paranormal critics

Posted by pinellaspascoparanormal on April 24, 2011 at 9:48 PM Comments comments (6)

 The paranormal field like most other fields is full of critics and people who think they are the experts. In this field there are no experts. It is a field where we know next to nothing about what we study. Unfortunately the paranormal field attracts egotists, megalomaniacs, and religious hysterics, as well as scientific skeptics. There are very few people in the "field" who are actually out there everyday in the trenches studying and making any real headway. There are however thousands of those who host radio shows, ghost tours, ghost hunts that sell tickets etc. Most of the people in this field are there because of commercial motivation or wanting to become famous. These are the same types of people who make it their goal to go out and criticize everyone else's work to make themselves look "in the know." I do not criticize others photos, as we do not have any real method of determining if a photo is paranormal at this time. People who do this, do so because they want to try and impress everyone with the idea that they know more than whoever is posting the photo. Many people are camera experts and can identify the artifacts produced by the camera. The problem is that nowadays ,everyone seems to be a camera expert, whose sole calling is to go out and try to tear apart everyone's elses'photos. I will never understand how anyone, who is doing any real work in the field, could have time for this kind of thing. Who cares? I look at many pictures on the net and may think to myself that the photo is easily explained by camera artifact or operator malfunction but I do not go to the person's site and try to throw my knowledge around and discredit their photo. 

   People in the field will also criticize others' evps and video captures etc. I had one man write to me saying"There is no way you get that many evps! We don't get that many and either do the TAPS guys who are the experts.You have to be faking the evps." Really?  First of all the people on TAPS are not experts they are paracelebrities. The real experienced, serious and respected researchers are not doing reality shows. They want no part of the media circus, that is being presented as the "paranormal field." Second of all, the amount of evo you get depends on your methods of investigation. and even more importantly ,your agenda, for recording in the first place. Spirits do not go out of their way to talk to people with a TV crew trailing behind them, so that they can get evidence,to wow the world and make money and ratings. Spirits have a much higher agenda to be concerned with. They communicate more with those how are not in it for fame, fortune or science, but those who seek spirit for spiritual reasons and concerns. Any communication from the spirit world is a gift and they know your agenda when you walk in the door. they will give that gift to those who they feel are deserving and seeking for the right reasons with a higher calling than just making money or a name for themselves.

   The biggest problem with the "field" is that no one ever seems to want to learn from each other. They say they do and you hear all this hype about paranormal unity but it is just that, "Hype!"  Anything that they themselves did not discover is discredited, and ignored if not attacked and discarded. There is too much big ego and too much religious bias and to much rigid skeptic science tunnel vision to ever get anywhere as a group working together. Most of the time spent by supposed researchers is spent arguing, and bad mouthing each other, or promoting commercial paranormal events.The most easily recognized egotist types are those who start their lectures and presentations and interviews with the words "We ,in the field," as if they are part of some distinct select group of experts. "We" stand for those who stick to the same old rigid views and ego mongering, that has kept this field down for a century now. There is no "We" in the paranormal field because few of the folks in it ever agree on anything. There are thousands of people delving into the paranormal for hobby, curiousity or because it is the latest craze, or the last frontier for science.

  I have met and found several people just like myself who are really working hard at paranormal research and research for haunts resolution, but they are very rare. I try to keep a list of these people for case referrals in other parts of the country. When a person is haunted, they do not need a photo expert, a science professor, or a ghost tour guide, they need someone who can actually make some effort to help them resolve the problem. When law enforcement is trying to get some information that can lead to catching a murderer, they do not care about any of those things either, just about getting the right person to make the contact and get the information they need. 

   Another sector of the "field" that is very critical of others research is the religious investigators. This is because they view everything and anything in the paranormal realm, through the dictates of their particular faith. For some, anything haunting is a demon. For others everything is a spirit guide or some angelic being. Each religion has it's views on the spirit world and what lies beyond this life, but no ones knows for sure, and assuming that you do can only get you nowhere. I have studied many religions. I believe in God, but do not assume to know God's name or God's origin. I have studied the Kabbalah, which is a theosophy not a religion, and I also have studied the Native American beliefs systems of my ancestors. Out of all world religions I tend to find more spiritual substance in these. This is because both teach respect for the creator and all parts of his world and all creatures in that world. They both promote the idea that we do not know everything and that no religion has the whole truth about anything. They both open the mind rather than restrict it or close it to any other considerations beyond that particular faith. As a person who is seeking to learn about the spirit world and the next realm and even our own realm at times, I have to have that kind of open mind, in order to be objective in my research.

    There will always be critics in this world, because there will always be ego in this world. The best advice I could give anyone, as a result of what I have learned in this journey, is this." If you read something or hear something and somewhere deep down, a bell goes off and you know that, that one thing is true," go with that feeling for now. We all have the ability for discrimination and for knowing things instinctively. Just make sure to discern the difference between what really rings true from your spirit, from what you have been conditioned to believe or think. That is the hardest thing for any of us to do, especially with so many people from all sectors trying to influence out thoughts and beliefs. An open mind is the best asset when trying to learn about anything. You can have an open mind and still have a rational mind as well. Many people who have an open mind also have a rational mind but some folks take the open mind thing to a less than rational proportion. In all things balance is the key to success. Balance is also the key to enlightenment. Maybe someday we will have balance in the paranormal field and in the paranormal community. Then we can work together and make great strides. Until then, people will continue to be influenced and guided by the "Hype", on TV and in the media. After all, everyone loves a TV star right? There are three times as many commercial paranormal personalities out there as there are real researchers. According to the old adage "Whatever I tell you three times is true,' people tend to believe what they are hear most often. Remember that "Critics" often have the loudest voice in the crowd, as they have the most to prove, or convince you of.  The voice of true spirit often comes in a whisper, just like most evps. People who have real knowledge let others light their candles from it, they do not blind them with their leading torch.


The Barrier

Posted by pinellaspascoparanormal on April 4, 2011 at 11:15 PM Comments comments (2)

The it a blessing?

  You know we often talk in the field about the "barrier" between the living and the dead and suppose all kinds of things and theories and beliefs,concerning it. I have learned so much in the past three decades from both the living and the dead, and at this point, I do have a theory. I think the barrier is a blessing of sorts, not only to protect us, from the malevolent spirits that would other wise prey upon us, but to save us from ourselves. I think there are rules in the afterlife, just as there are in this life. I also think that since we humans live hard, love hard, and die hard, we are prone to try and break the rules on both sides of the veil, at some point. It is our nature. We may do it for a million reasons and "love" is a big motivating force,a great one at that, to move us to break them. Before I get too far into this,I want to show some examples to better explain what I mean.

EXAMPLE: I know many psychic people and even average people thatsee spirits all the time. Almost every one of them longs to see one spirit in particular, the one they loved the most, and lost. It drives people crazy whenthey can experience a spirit, so often, but the one they really want to see or contact evades them. Now, being the emotional and stubborn creatures that weare, we have a lot of trouble accepting loss. We grieve very much over ourdeparted loved ones, some people grieve for too long. Now, how much worse would it be to move on if lost the love of your life, but he was always around in spirit, watching your every move, and professing how much he missed you. If he was there, so close but yet so untouchable, because of course he has passed into the next realm. 

 You might waste your life hanging on to a ghost. You might miss the next step, of your own destiny, in your own life, because of this attachment that you just can't let go. You might never find love again, and your life is not over. You are not done yet on this plane, in this life. That would not be a good thing at all. I think this is why we often do not get to see or hear from our loved ones, as we would like to. Sometimes we get lucky and our loved one breaks the rules or gets a special Visa, for whatever reason and we do get to commune with them in a dream or through spiritual contact. It is usually always brief and most times leaves us feeling as if we had some closure. that is for some people at least. Other people might be set back into their grief and live for the next encounter with that loved one that might never come. I think this is why the barrier is there, not just to help someone move on, who has lost a spouse, but also a child, a parent whatever. The living have to go on and they can't always do that with that loved one so accessible in spirit.

My experience:

  I do think there are special circumstances when this contact is allowed even if brief. If the living person is able to deal with it,and capable to go on after it, and it serves as some sort of closure or reassurance that helps them to move on. I had such an experience myself, so I know something about it. Sometimes the dead come around to remind us that we are alive, but not living life to the fullest. Sometimes we may have somethings shut down as a result of losing someone, and maybe some part of us never wants to go through that again, so we stop participating in the things that make life wonderful. 

 When a spirit gets to the other side, they miss us too, but they know, that we are meant to keep living life to the fullest. It hurts them too when we do not go on, to do just that. We may even hold them back from where they need to go, as they are too worried about us to leave. So now everyone is miserable. Since they usually have much more of a view to what goes on with us, they actually suffer even more than we do, as they have to witness our pain. So the best thing you can do for your departed loved one, is to goon, and let them do the same. True love means wanting someone to be happy, even if that means they can not be with you. This is one of the reasons for thebarrier. It serves people on both sides of the veil.

  When people on both side of the veil, are hurtingenough, desperate enough and stubborn enough, they are moved to break the rulesand breech the barrier no matter what, and some do actually pull this off.Sometimes they find each other, but other times, one of the living findssomeone else when they break through, who is not their loved one. Someone withbad intent and that is how many spirit attachments and bad haunts get started.Hence, another good reason for the barrier.

  Let's look at it from another angle now. What if the deceased person was the worst thing for you, and you still loved them and were influenced by them. What if they had been directly responsible for taking you down the wrong road, that led to your own downfall. It is said that " the greatest sin is not murder but to be the direct cause of another's sinning as in that case, you don't just hurt them in this life but in the next as well."Some people continue to love and hang on to people like this, to their own detriment, you see it with the living all the time. How much worsewould it be if even after the person who did this, has passed on, they were able to keep that detrimental influence over the living person. What chance would the living person have to change their path, with  the continued detrimental influence of that friend or loved one who was still able to exert that influence through contact. Again, another good reason for the barrier.

  I could go on and on with scenarios that serve toprovide more and more good reasons for the barrier between this world and thenext, but i think you get the picture.

  Psychics and mediums have the wonderful gift of being able to breech the barrier, and nine times out of ten, they too can not reach the person they most want to contact for all the reasons above. Paranormal investigators also want to breech the barrier for a myriad of reasons, not all of them always wholesome, or in any way spiritual. Man is just a creature that feels he has to know everything and will die trying to find out. Some people seek to understand death so they can understand life. Death is life on another level folks. 

 I think true wisdom , true inspiration, and true answers come to those who, not only are ready to receive them but also can accept that there are rules and that not everything, we want can be granted us. I think truth is something that is given to those who are listening with a humble and earnest ear, and who have some understanding of what a real gift, it is to havea communication with spirit.

  Ghost hunters are trying to punch holes in the barriereveryday now. I guess we have exhausted every other great thrill with theadvancement of our great technology, so now we are looking to the world beyondthis one, for that next great thrill. The afterlife has become the lastgreat frontier of sorts, and inquiring minds just haveto know. This is a shallow endeavor, that will be met withfolly,denial, or a hard lesson for some. 

  When the dead need help, resolution, or anything for that matter, they will reach out to the living. This is why I do haunts resolution. But seeking them out, in the name of cold science or for entertainment is going to take it's toll in the end. In a way we have come full circle, reaching out for that forbidden apple. A man who never appreciates what he has, because he is too concerned with what he may be missing, is never happy. In this life or the next.

  That which we seek with haughty, obsession, because we feel we have a right to know or find it, is often the very thing that eludes us. The barrier between this world and the next is there for a reason. Just like we put up a toddler fence around a swimming pool, for children who can't swim to remain safe from drowning, as a result of their curiosity or desire to enter the water unattended. When it comes to dealing with all the things, that lie beyond that barrier, we too are in our infancy. Thereare dangers in the depths, in which we too could drown.

   Respect the fence, the barrier is there for many good reasons folks. Also, know that your loved ones who have passed are always still with you, and their love never really leaves you, even if you can not see or sense them. You will see them again, when your journey is done. 

  At every funeral we pray for the person to rest in peace. For the dead... to rest in peace. They are not resting folks, they are living, in a whole new incarnation that we will someday achieve. I even have an evp that states this. Sometimes they find a way to visit us on their own, to let us know they are Ok, and that they want us to be Ok too. There are also those spirits who visit us with bad intent, but it does not happen all that often if we leave them alone. In the mean time, let's let them live in peace.Wherever they choose to dwell, whether it be in an old hospital, an old historical building or in their old or new home. If they are not bothering us,why should we bother them? In seeking our scientific advancement, we are displaying our spiritual lack of advancement here folks. 




Broad daylight ghosts

Posted by pinellaspascoparanormal on March 30, 2011 at 11:13 PM Comments comments (14)

  I myself have seen two spirits in broad daylight that appeared solid, like living people, until of course they faded away into nothing. I have talked to many, many people who have also had experiences with these solid looking broad daylight ghosts. It does not happen often I guess, but it does happen, and enoughpeople have seen this sort of thing to make it worthy of discussion. My experience did make me wonder just how many times, we may glance at someone or nod our heads in greeting, as we often do to people we don't know, and actually be interacting with a spirit and not a living person. The spirits I saw looked so real that I did not even question their appearance until they faded away gradually into nothing. I thought I had seen living people at first, and so did many of the people who have witnessed this phenomenon. One of the spirits I saw, I waved to and he waved back, in my own neighborhood. Now this old man, I had waved to for years as he always was out in the front of his home, either walking the dog or going to the mailbox. I was still interacting with him here and there for three months, and then and only then was I informed that he had passed away, three months back. I guess he was just repeating his routine, and since he had always greeted me with a wave, he felt no reason to stop now. The second broad daylight ghost I saw was a child who for some reason kept coming into my yard and would show up by the pool, or the pond. I even caught this little guy, looking in myfront door window, one day while I sat at the table having my morning coffee. I have not seen this spirit in quite awhile, so I guess he has gone elsewhere or moved on to something better than just playing around in my yard. This poses so many questions in my mind.

1. Why is it that spirits who appear in broad daylight sometimes can look as solid and real as any one of the living?

2. What are the conditions that make it possible, for them to be able to appear solid like this, at times?

3. Just how many people have had an experience like this and never told anyone for fear of ridicule? It seems that when I bring this topic up many people will tell me about a simiar experience they had with a broad daylight spirit.

  If you have seen a solid looking broad daylight ghost, please tell us about your experience. Details like, how long you were able to see them, how exactly they vanished, whether they faded or blinked ouot like when you turn off the TV, or whatever. Thanks and please let us know what you saw. Also this is open for discussion if anyone has any ideas about this at ll, we would like to hear about it. Just put youcomments here at the blog. Thanks Laurie

Information from the other side...

Posted by pinellaspascoparanormal on January 16, 2011 at 2:49 PM Comments comments (0)



Information from the other side….

Having collected evp communication since1974, I have gotten many responses that serve to send my mind reeling. I can never look at anything quite the same way again, after having my mind opened to so much possibility. All of the religious teachings about the resurrection, and the states of heaven and hell seem so simplified and so incomplete.

I do not accept the traditional Christian concept of the “resurrection” day for all souls, as being some far off date, after the end of the world. This is because these souls I have talked to are not in some oblivion, lost to us until some future judgment day, but very much alive and dwelling on another plane, maybe many planes, near but separate from ours here on earth. They are not waiting to live again, they are living. And still in possession of their personalities, and their ability to communicate. They are not “all” demons trying to deceive us or drag us asunder by misrepresenting themselves as spirits of the departed.

I have received evps where spirits make mention of being in their “new home”. I have received answers to questions like “Are you in limbo?” where the spirit answered, “Goodness no!” I have learned that spirits do have to deal with their problems, created in this life, well into the next one. They can and do observe what goes on here after their death, and are greatly affected by it.

I think many spirits use the word “heaven “because it is the word that we, here on earth tend to use to refer to the afterlife, and they do not know how to describe their world to us. Fr example, I asked “Why are you here?” to a spirit that I assumed to be lingering on the earth plane. He said “Heaven!” What does this mean? I think it is his way of trying to make me understand that he is in the afterlife and that he is not only okay, but still with us in some way, that we cannot understand.

I have talked to people that I knew in life, and gotten their voices on tape. I have talked to spirits both friendly and malevolent, just as people are in this life. I had a spirit tell me that spirits can read our minds and hear out thoughts. I have recorded voices of people’s loved ones who said “I love you, I’m okay.” They seem to give this reassurance to their loved ones all the time.

I have never had a spirit tell me they were in hell, or that they were being punished, so perhaps the types of spirits that would be evil enough to warrant such extreme types of containment and punishment, truly do go to a different place where they cannot interact with ushered. I have also talked to some very mean, disgruntled and even hostile spirits that seem to be dwelling in their own negative emotions, but at the same time seem very limited in their abilities to manifest or really affect us, on any real scale, unless we encourage them through interaction, fear, or provoke them.

I believe that we all have to work out something in the afterlife that we did not accomplish here. I think that spirits interact and participate more than we know in our affairs. I believe that some are truly guardian angels of a sort and some are truly severe intercessors, to show us the error of our ways. When spirits interact with us they do so by choice, their choice, not ours. Ghost hunting is frowned upon by many of the spirits of the afterlife, and this is apparent if you look at some of the responses that ghost hunters receive from spirits. For more on this see the article..”How spirits view ghost hunters” at this website.



Serial Hauntings

Posted by pinellaspascoparanormal on January 12, 2011 at 12:15 AM Comments comments (0)

  A Serial haunting is when one spirit or a group of spirits haunts several homes in the same area. We have run across this before. For example: We get called out to a home and find certain spirits or one spirit to be haunting there. So we cleanse the home and run off that spirit or spirits, only to find that rather than leaving this plane or even the area, the same spirit or spirits just move on to another home nearby or to another host victim. When we get calls from several homes in one location and find the same spirits haunting at some of them, then we classify those spirits as serial haunters. This happens more than paranormal investigators realize. For example, we found a hooded entity haunting several teenagers in different homes all within a two block radius of a lake in Hudson. All of these teens described the same entity, the same scenarios and the same activity. We also got the same voice on evp from all three homes. It is as if we chase the entity out of one place and it finds another place to haunt within weeks. This particular entity, always chooses a teen, either a boy or a girl and focuses it's attention on that youngster. We worked another serial haunting in the Anclote area and continue to see this spirit raising hell from time to time again in that area. This spirit has been at it for years.

 Few paranormal teams work enough in the same area, to catch on to these serial hauntings. It takes years of observation and several calls from the same locations to catch on to serial haunts. If stories match as far as description of the entity, the pattern of the haunting matches and the evps match then you are left to conclude that the same spirits may be responsible for those nearby hauntings in the same area. This is something that many teams do not know about and seldom get the opportunity to observe but it happens. Investigators should always be on the look out for this, if they get several cases in the same area. Spirits that do this kind of serial haunting usually are easily driven out of one home but will take up residence in another rather quickly. They usually avoid the discomfort of cleansings and just move on, as they want to continue to haunt without being interfered with. After you run them off enough times then they may seek to retaliate, by following you or trying to scare you off, but usually this does not last, as they tend to return to their own area, where they seem to have a stronghold, without being harassed by other territorial spirits from your home or area. Serial haunters are usually runners, not fighters, preferring to take up greener pastures, rather than risk being banished by a cleansing. 



The Ouija Board

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   For years now people have been talking about the dangers of the Ouija. The board is not evil in itself, nor is the practice of trying to contact  spirits. The problem is not the board but the state of mind and the strength of spirit of the people using it. The Ouija board is no different than a "ghost box" {a modern machine meant to capture spirit voices} and it is also no different than sitting down with a tape recorder to establish contact with the spirit world via evp. All of these things open the airways to whatever is hanging around and hears the call. Now, all of these things are basically a game of roulette. You may get a nice spirit or you may get a bad spirit with a predatory agenda.

   Spirits who attach to people and who haunt people, do so for their own reasons and their own desires and needs. Some spirits are predatory and want energy from the living, that they can use to act on or affect the material plane. These particular spirits look for people who are afraid of them and will give them the fear fix, that produces that high octane energy that they want to absorb. Some of these spirits want more than the fear fix, some want to integrate with a member of the living, and attach to them so that they can live on the earth plane, experiencing things through that person, much like possession. These spirits look for people who are spiritually weak or spiritually undeveloped. As a society we are moving further and further away from anything truly spiritual and more towards technology and the idea that we rule the world. This makes it very easy for spirits of this kind to find someone that is th perfect prey for their agenda.  Religion in itself is not going to protect you from the spirit world.

It is not about religion but about sentience, awareness, respect. faith and strength. True spiritual strength is what we use to get through life's trials and assaults of all kinds, whether mental. emotional or physical.True spiritual strength is also what we use to keep us safe from predators from the spirit world. In a society where we take pills to get through life's normal trials, there are not as many people with spiritual strength or sentience. This is another reason why hauntings are n the rise and have been for years. Spirits have access to our thoughts and our feelings and so, they are able to see who is the weakest link and zero in on that person. When practicing spirit contact of any kind, it is important that everyone involved have a rock solid spiritual strength and sentience. I believe there are some people who have this strength and were meant to do this work and those people seem to stay safe most of the time. 

 Skeptics who are out to prove or disprove something to themselves or anyone else, are also another target for bad spirits, because the skeptic basically is saying "Show me!" The spirit then decides to take up the challenge and teach that person some respect. Since the average skeptic has all of his psychic lines blocked off, th spirit then focuses on the weakest link around the skeptic, usually someone near and dear to them whom the spirit torments or hurts to show the skeptic just how little power he has over the spirit and how much the spirit can affect his world and those he loves. This is worse than if the spirit did center on the skeptic, as most people who take this skeptical stance, do so because they want to maintain control of everything and do not want to acknowledge anything beyond their control, and their knowledge for that matter. In this case their disrespectful actions cause harm to those they love, and having to watch it and not be able to stop it, is their lesson. Disbelief and over confidence do not protect you from the realm of spirit if you decide to go poking around and testing those in that realm. Most hardcore skeptics are so stubborn that they still would not admit the existence of the spirit if the spirit slapped them in the face. They would find a way to assure themselves that it was the result of a hallucination or some natural occurrence This is why the spirit usually goes after their loved ones, as this is how they can cause the skeptic true anxiety and show them just how out classed they are by the power of the  spirit world..

 The obsessive believer is in just as much danger as the skeptic because they are so enthusiastic and so willing to accept anything that comes through that they open the door wide to spirits of all kinds. Some of these folks just want to believe that the spirit coming through is their dead loved one or some angel or spirit guide. Spirits answer this call and will behave accordingly for a while if it suits their agenda. In spirit communication, balance and strength are the most important things you need to have in order to stay safe. There are some other believers that center their ideas on the dark side of the paranormal and think everything is a "demon" or of the devil. these folks are even more at risk because"Whatever you court, you bring to your door." If you look for demons you will draw them to you, and if you fear them ,you will also draw them to you. Many so called demonologists do not believe that a human spirit is capable of haunting or creating impressive activity. In that case anything they run across that is exhibiting hostile energy, they will assume to be a "demon." When a malevolent human spirit wants to stir up trouble and scare people, and the spirit is addressed as a demon by the demonologist or whoever, the spirit is more than happy to assume the role and play the game, as now they know they really have the person or persons that are messing with them right where they want them. The other people around who are experiencing the haunting are now even more afraid because now, they think it is a demon ,so they feed more fear energy to th spirit. The person that only believes in the power of the supposed demon that is causing the trouble, will not have the help of the other benevolent human spirits around, as they will not be drawn to him by the power of his thoughts when he needs help. So this is a bad situation all the way around.So if you decide to go seeking contact with the spirit world, remember that you are not only risking your own welfare but that of those around you, if you are a hard core skeptic, with a haughty attitude.

 People in this life and the next are also attracted to what is like them or to what they like. Now, for example: if you have a spirit who was a substance abuser in life , they may attach to a substance abuser that is still alive in this plane. Like attracts like. Certain people are more susceptible to spirit attachment because they have some weakness that the spirit is attracted to. Negative spirits feed off negative energy and vice a versa. 

 These days everyone is picking up a tape recorder to play ghost hunter. Many of these people are not in possession of any real knowledge or the  spiritual strength required to deal with what may come through. The tape recorder is the new Ouija board folks. Keep that in mind when you decide to play around at ghost hunting. If you extend an invitation and call upon spirits, you may get more than you bargained for. I am so tired of going out to help people who did this and are now haunted by something or someone they can not get rid of. I wish they would stop making reality shows about the paranormal, as the shows are anything but reality, and lead people, especially young people to initiate practices that land them in a mess of trouble.

  Spirit contact through all means available is best left t those who have some experience and the right energy to handle what may happen. If you yourself have the wrong agenda, you can get into real trouble. It is not a game or some pastime for kicks and thrills. It is not something that can be studied in a lab or classified in scientific terms. It is not something that should be done for notoriety or to capture some amazing evidence to make a name for yourself. It is not about battling supposed demons to foster everyone's belief that you are some kind of saint or religiously enlightened icon. You have to seek spirit with a pure and strong spirit of your own, so before you seek contact with the next world, work on your own spiritual strength in this one. Analyse your motivations for wanting to do this in the first place. Be honest with yourself as to whether you have a true calling or just want to be like the guys on TV, and follow the latest fad, because it looks" cool and exciting."

Advice on Investigating hostile haunts cases

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     So you are a paranormal investigator and you want to investigate hostile haunts cases. Well then you need to know the following:

A.  A hostile haunts case is a case where people are terrorized with extreme activity, being hurt, physically, and or have a spirit that is integrating with a member of the household, similar to a possession.

B.  Real hostile haunt cases are dangerous, and can get you and your team hurt or haunted as well. Hostile spirits go after the weakest link in a household, IE your kids. You may want to think about this carefully.

First you have to ask yourself the following questions, before even considering walking into a hostile haunts case.

1. Do you have the knowledge and experience with hostile entities, to know that you can actually help the client and not make the problem worse for them?

2. Do you know how to help, rather than just investigate? For that you know how to investigate a real hostile haunt without making the mistakes ghost hunters make?

3. Do you and everyone on your team, have little if any fear of entities? Your team is only as strong as it's weakest member, in a hostile spirit environment.

4. Have you or anyone on your team ever really encountered a hostile spirit? Do you know for sure how they will each react if things get rough?

5. Do you and everyone on your team have a real strong spiritual energy of their own, to be able to push with that energy to fight off an evil entity?

6. Do you think that religion is enough to protect you from a hostile spirit, human or non human? It helps but it is not all you need.

7. Are you prepared to answer to the client, if you make mistakes that make the haunting worse when you leave?

8. Can you protect your own family, team members and friends who visit you from anything that follows you home?

9. Do you want to work hostile cases because you think they might be more exciting or you might see more actual activity? Be careful what you wish for ,if this is true in your case.

10. Have you ever faced off with a "REAL HOSTILE ENTITY?" The kind that had the power to physically attack you? If not then you are not able to predict how you will react in this event.

  Many paranormal teams and ghost hunters are now trying to take hostile haunt cases, and in doing so are making a grave mistake. Very few people are prepared for what can and does happen when facing off with a truly hostile spirit. Commanding a human ghost to leave in God's name is not effective because they are usually not in God's realm, but still in yours. They are affected by this than your living neighbor would be if you were t command him away in the name of God, or Jesus or whoever. This kind of thing usually works best for actual evil entities, non human or demonic. A strong human spirit can hurt you and psychically affect you just as much as a non human entity. Of course they don't tell you that on TV. Most of the novice teams in this field learned everything they know from the TV reality shows ,which are sadly lacking in any reality, where this field is concerned.

  Whenever you walk into a haunt case, you do not know what you are walking into until you get there. If you do get there and find something hostile, then refer the client to someone who has the experience to deal with it and try to help them. Don't try to wing it, because you want to keep the case. Put the client's well being first and be responsible about what you do. In the overcrowded and over rated paranormal field, there are in reality very few people who are versed in dealing with real hostile haunts cases. If you can not find one in your area, contact us and we will refer you to one. If we do not know of one in your area, then you can try asking for help from the clergy in your area. Sometimes and in some cases this can help. But please do not try to deal with a hostile spirit or spirits on your own.

Lesser known phenomenon that may signify spirit presence

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    We talk a lot about paranormal phenemenon, and things that might be signs of spirit presence, all the time in this field. We talk about things like shadows seen from the corner of your eye,  cold spots and night crusher episodes {old hag syndrome} but these are old and well known things that are associated with spirit presence and hauntings. There are many more that I and many of my colleagues have experienced over the years which people are not aware of. I am going to address some of them here. First of all, if you read the article titled "The creeping Darkness" at this website, that will certainly explain one of these phenomenons, that people often experience but do not understand. Since I already donated an entire article to it, I will not cover it again in this one.

    One common but often overlooked phenomenon is what i call "Ghost webs". For instance: you are walking in an open field. There are no trees or other objects within at least 30 fett of you but yet you walk into this sticky weird cob web like substance. You at first think, "Oh this is just a spider web," But then when you try to brush it off, you notice that it is somewhat wet and you can't feel it come off between your fingers, like cob webs at all. In fact it sticks to your skin and or clothes and then just seems to melt away by itself. You can also experience this inside at times as well. Most people chalk it up to spider webs and do not realise what they just encountered. Spirits leave this weblike substance behind them or in front of them when they move through an area or when they run right through you, in passing. It is an ectoplasmic substance that can be felt, and sensed and then just dissolves away into nothing.

    Our second phenomenon that we will address is what I call the "wind tunnel." Picture this: you are walking down the hallway in the middle of the day or night. there is no draft or fan or wind in the hallway, yet as you walk you feel as if a small wind is whipping past your ears. It is slight but strong enough to feel annoying. It even makes a sound like a small wind, whirring past your ears.This is energy produced by spirits or an open doorway to the other dimension, that is moving towards you, as you move through it. This is something many people experience in haunted houses and even in their own homes all the time, but they do not know what it is. Experiencing this does not mean your home is haunted, as spirits pass through all kinds of places, all the time, including our homes.

    Next is the water drops, that fall from thin air. Many times I and other people I have talked to, have experienced this strange phenomenon. You are sitting in your chair or lying in your bed, or anywhere for that matter, and suddenly drops of water fall onto your arm or your head or whereever, seemingly out of thin air. You look for a roof leak, then realise it is not raining. You look for other sources but can not find anything that could explain it .This has happened to me while I was lying in my own bed. It has happned to some of my clients over the years. This is paranormal phenomenon of a sort. It is my belief that spirits cause this on purpose. When they really want to get your attention, they condense the humidity in the air, by producing an extreme cold spot in one small area, then the small drop or drops of water falls on you and, it certainly gets your attention. It is often cool or cold water and usually is never more than a drop or two at a time.  There are some folks who think that this is caused by a spirit that cries and rops a tear on you, but I am more inclined to go with the first theory about the condensation.

  Last is what I call the "Invisible Bee sting." You are inside and out of nowhere you feel a very painful small sting on your skin. It feels like a bee stung you or someone put a hot match on your skin. It leaves a mark that looks like a burn. It is usually very small like a bee sting and usually hurts for a few minutes, then the pain stops and the mark lasts until the next day. I do not know what this is, but I do know that I have experienced it more than once, and there were no bees or anything around to cause it. Many people have experienced this and have no clue what happened. This is something that happens a lot to people who are experiencing a haunting. It can happen anywhere at any time, and I do not know how a spirit does this but they do.\

  Spirits know that we are sensory creatures when in the flesh and that not everyone is a sensitive or psychic that can hear them or pick up their presence. When they are desperate to make their presence known they will cause these strange types of phenomenon to get our attention. Most people never catch on that these things are associated with paranormal activity and therefore just blow them off as a random odd occurence. We often just don't pay attention to these things, because people are not aware of their source. As we discover more of these types of things, I will add them to this blog. There is mor einformation on paranormal activity elsewhere at this website.