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Why them and not me?

Posted by pinellaspascoparanormal on January 3, 2012 at 10:50 AM

 "How can that person get so many evps and photos and I get nothing but a lone orb now and again? They must be totally fabricating their evidenence, as no one gets that lucky.".....

I have heard this before in the paranormal field and still do all the time. I have even been the object of this kind of criticism many times. It does not bother me. I have always been very observant of people and events, and also a deep thinker that notices similarities and patterns, that tend to point to different conclusions than some folks. This blog relates someof the things I have noticed and concluded over the years. It will mean squat to some but may really shed some light on ths question that we all have, for others. "Why do some people seem to get all the paranormal response when other do not?"

 There are so many people trying to get into the paranormal field ,for a myriad of different reasons but the most popular reason is that it is the current fad. People are always wanting to take on other people's interests and callings and make them their own because they have not found theirs yet. Especially a practice that could even get you some air time on TV, as most folks really want that 5 minutes of fame. I think that like everything else, there are some people who were meant to do this kind of work and others who are not. If someone is doing it just because they want to, or think it is cool, then they do not have a true calling to do it. In that case, paranormal responses, to them will be few or completely denied, so that they do not waste their lives pursuing something that was not their calling and finally move on to something that is.  But there are other reasons that people go into this. Some of them really want to have a paranormal experience, some want to prove to others that spirits exist because they have experienced it and still others want to prove to the world that it does not exist because they are the hard core skeptics. Well like anything in life, I think that what a person experiences or does not experience is a direct result of the person's individual ability to handle it, and also what they will do with it. They say "God does not give us anything ,we can't handle." I believe that is true to a great degree. Let's just take a look at some of the reasons why some folks may have paranormal experiences and others don't. Let's examine it from a different perspective and consider some possibilities.

1.    Let's take the skeptics out there. Skeptics seem to have less experiences with the paranormal than believers...why? Well first of all many people who deep down have a real fear of something, supress the idea that it exists, thereby avoiding the possible reality of the thing which actually scares them the most. Sometimes the folks who claim to have no fear and downplay the existence of things out of our realm of control do so because they are actually scared deep down. Also people like this can actually shut down their psychic senses to block even further, any possible experiences by putting up that wall of resistance. This works well, as human beings have an amazing capacity for blocking out things this way. Now if a higher power deems that someone like this can not handle seeing or experiencing the very thing that they fear, and yet seek..., he may also intervene and make sure that this person does not get a response from the spirit world, for their own good. Maybe if they did have an experience, it would really mess with them and have a very adverse effect. Maybe it would take away their security in thinking that they have ocntrol over things, or shake their faith to the core, or cause them to have nightmares for the rest of their lives. Now, skeptics are not usualy able to admit fears of any kind, and they tend to put out this fearless, no nonsense personna to convince us and themsleves that they have no fears. They carry that aire of superiority, which is their armor against anyone who tries to open their minds to something that they do not wish to acknowledge or accept. Is it any wonder that these kinds of folks never seem to have paranormal experiences ,even though they claim to be seeking them?

2. Then there is the skeptic who is not afraid, but in reality,  truly believes only in science and rejects the idea of anything supernatural or divine in the world. This is the smug type who refuses to even acknowledge anything out of their realm of logic and intellect and see themselves as superior to everyone and have no concern or belief in any highe rpower whatsoever. Let's use a simple analogy from the mundane world to get this point across:  Now if you had a neighbor, right next door,whom you ignored, pretended did not exist, treated as if they were nothing, do you think that your neighbor would want to have anything to do with you? Would they seek to interact with you? Probably not as they would want no part of your self absorbed ass would they? So why would the spirit world want to communicate with someone like this either? Enough said.

  Now let's  look at the believers. These folks come in classifications too.

1. There is the believer who thinks that because they experienced something, they are meant to work with the spirit world. They may see themselves as a medium because they assume that only a medium could have had such experiences. So now they become obsessive in their own way, much like the skeptic but to the other extreme. They want so badly to keep having experiences that they find them even when they are not there. If they get an EVP they are so excited and have to tell the world about this response from the spirit world, even if it says just "Leave me alone." Most of the time these folks have had some minimal paranormal experience which started them on this whole quest, but in reality they are also afraid of the very thing they think they want to see, or may have the idea that every experience will be benign and safe. I feel that these people also will find their experiences limited because they also are now obsessive and due to that ,will not really bring any true help to the community on either side of the veil. If this person is a nice person with pure intention but a misguided idea of their own destiny, then again the powers that be will not allow them to gain access to the spirit world in the way that they want, for their own protection, and the protection of others from their obsessive influence.

2. The rational believer, with a calling.  This is someone who believes but maintains rationality and has had experiences all their lives. They may have come through some trials with bad spirits that that survived and learned from. These folks hold too much respect for the spirit world than to exploit it in the ways others in the field do. They accept the existence of the spirit world, but may not feel the need to convince everyone else. They do not seek notoriety and do not want to be on TV, or make the papers. They feel blessed for having been given the chance to communicate with spirit and have found a calling that they were well prepared for by previous life events. These are the folks who are out to help people, on both sides of the veil. These folks seem to get the most amazing amount of communication and have the most unbelievable experiences in the paranormal field. These are the folks that many others either envy, or refuse to accept as genuine, This is because of the jealousy factor, and because they can not believe that anyone else can get this kind of response if they themselves can not get it. But that is okay because the rational believer with a calling could care less what anyone else thinks anyway. They have a higher agenda, and focus on that, in spite of the critical attacks from others.

  Now let's look at the religious seekers out there. They also come in different kinds.

1.There are the zealots that feel that everything, not from this world is a "demon" or evil spirit out to bring harm to them and everyone else. This is "FEAR" at it's greatest degree. If they did experience anything it would be automatically deemed evil and be quickly vanquished by their religious mind's fail safe. They will attempt to pray it away, and most of the time they will succeed because it was never anything bad in the first place. Maybe it was not even there at all, but their fear created it? For instance, many hold the theory that a bad spirit creates bad smells in the environment. So let's say the house has a bad smell, then it is a demon for sure, so they have to irradicate it. It may have been the gas from the cellar, sewer drain or a burping spetic tank, but to them it is the "demon." Now if the powers that be actually allowed spirit communication with these folks from the next world , what would happen? They would either reject it outright as evil, demonic, attacks, or they might have their faith rocked to the core and lose all of their assumed security in life. So maybe these folks are better off without any real interaction or imparting of information from the spirit world ha?

  There is another type of religious believer investigator out there too.

2.These are the smug, fakely pious control mongers who want to control people through fear, in order to bring them over to their side of the fence and their religious beliefs. Now these folks will have experiences all right and in the end they will have a big wake up call, when they find a spirit that will be quick to show them just how inept they are, at controlling things out of their range of dominance. In this case, all the prayers in the world will fail and the spirit will win the day. The powers that be seem to give spirits a carte blanche to mess with people like these. I have seen it more times than I can count. It seems to be God's way of saying..."You arms are too short to box with me and you do not have the power you think you have."

There is another kind of paranorma investigator out there too, and there are many of this kind. They also come in two types.

1. Now we have the neutral truth seekers. These folks sit the fence and try to go out and find the truth because they are not sure what it is. They do not know for sure what exists and what doe not exist. They are out to observe and document paranormal happenings for the sake of proving to themselves and everyone else what exists or does not exist. As if it were just that easy. These folks try to keep the peace between the skeptics and the believers and try to stay in the neutral zone, weighing all possibilities. These folks seem to get just enough interaction to keep them coming back, from the spirits. Maybe it is because they are reaching out for some kind of validation, without being preassuming, or smug, but in  innocent curiousity. Maybe they are seeking to find a reason to believe in a higher power or a world that they can not determine is real. I think what happens with these folks depends largely on how they react to the interations that they are gifted with by the spirit world.

2. The notoriety seekers that claim to be neutral truth seekers. These folks are evrywhere you look. There is a new team of them popping up every day. They are the paranormal sheep. The ones who watch the TV shows religiously and aspie to be like their heroes on TV reality ghost shows. They are the ones who always post their videos of moving orbs and advertize paid ghost hutning events at their websites. teh ones who attend all the paranormal conventions to hob nob with the para-celebrities. The ones who are always testing every new piece of equipment and going out of their way to get on the local news. These folks are the ones who mud sling at other groups who might pose competition in their area where they investigate. They have a TAPS badge or a GAC badge at their websites, to associate themselves with their Tv heroes, and gain credibility through that association. These are the trekkies of the paranormal world. They publicize everything they do and are out to convince the world that they are the next TAPS. These types of investigators are the bane of the paranormal field and the ones that will ensure that the study of paranormal science never gets any respect. they also get no real interaction from spirits as their agenda is so shallow. They will post every video they get and every evp they can decipher, to make the world aware that they are thebomb, even if they have to fake the stuff to do it. They are the first to criticize all the others and are in it for notoriety or money making opportunities, with commercial events. 

There are many seemingly exciting or well respected passtimes and professions out there, that many people would love to undertake but know they are not cut out for. For instance, I could never be a sky diver as I have a fear of heights. Many people would love to be a rock star but can not play an instrument, can't sing or are just not musically inclined. Many people have atirst for knowledge of the world but do not have the academic prowess, or maybe the intellectual ambition, to become a scientist. Not everyone can be a major league basball or football player, but they love to watch the game. We all have interests and aspirations that we know are not our destiny so we experience these things vicariously through others or learn from others who do these things. It seems to me that in the paranormal field, everyone assumes they have the potential and the necessary requirements to be a rock star of the paranormal. Because this field is largely unknown, it attracts everyone, and everyone seems to view it as a possible outlet for accomplishment, or a hobby that will bring them some sort of attention. Not everyone would step into a cage with lions and try to be a lion tamer, yet people are o eager to step into this field as if it is something so simple and so designed for the average person. TV and movies have added to this misconception to a great degree. 

Now all of the above will disagree and some will debate forever the points that serve to foster their own way of looking at the paranormal. All except one, because that rational one "with a calling", has no concern for debate, or for proving anything to the world. They know the things that are and are not, and are simply following their destiny, to learning as much as they can about it. Their seeming apathy to the concerns of the other types, will serve to make the other types reject them and seek to discredit them. But that is okay because the value, of the increased amount of communication and acceptance, they are getting from the spirit world, is worth so much more than anything a self important, living, man has to offer them. They are beyond many of the concerns of the ghost hunters of the world. Many of them are gifted in psychic ways but do not make that, their claim to fame either. They help when asked, offer information and theories when requested and try to provide a sane source of reference for the everyday people that are experiencing paranormal activity. These types of investigators are always grounded, and never view anything with a closed mind, whether it be religious restriction or scientific limitation. It seems that down through history, every time we think we know the limtis of our world, we discover something to challenge what we thought we knew before. This applies to the paranormal just as much as it does to the natural world. Then again..."What is the natural world?" The answer to that question lies in each one of our own perceptions and opinions of that world. Perceptions based on what we have experienced or been allowed to experience in a world that we assume to have conquered and assume that we are able to control. Mankind is know for his illusions of superiority and dominance over everything. Mankind is very egotistical, and self deluded in both of these notions. Not every furry creature in the forest is a blood thirsty bear, as the fearful may assume. Not every furry creature in the woods is Bigfoot as the paranormal enthusiast would hope. No specific religion bestows the power of control over the spirit world or even our own world here on earth. NO scientist has all the answers about everything in heaven and earth. We all ive largely in our own cnstructed reality. Constructed by our beliefs, individual experiences, influences of family and authority figures, and of course mother culture. No one has all of the truth about anything beyond the world we can see and hear and touch. 



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Reply Mariah de la Croix
4:12 PM on January 19, 2012 
Wonderful post, Laurie. You are absolutely correct - no one person has all the answers. You ask some religious fanatics if they have all the answers, though, and you've just opened yourself up to a litany of explanations as to why they're right and everyone else is wrong. LOL I guess we should just count ourselves as being blessed to be in their know-it-all... err... all-knowing presence. :)
Reply Shawn
4:41 AM on May 3, 2012 
I love the classification system. I can honestly say when I started, I was more on the side of 'Neutral truth seeker' than anything else (though I don't think I ever considered myself neutral, LOL) but have move very much toward 'rational believer', whether or not it's with a calling or not, I let fate decide. Great article!
Reply Pinellaspasco
2:46 PM on May 3, 2012 
Thanks for coming in and reading this Shawn. It is good to hear from you. I am glad you like the article too. We need more rational believers.
Reply Lindaadalm
4:39 AM on July 30, 2018 
waiting for your answers here:
don t forget clipart