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Have you seen this kind of entity?

Posted by pinellaspascoparanormal on November 22, 2012 at 8:00 PM

Is this a spirit or an alien entity and have you seen anything like this:

There is a new guy in town folks.He is not the average shadow man, not a shadow ghost, and I am told from UFOand Alien study sources that he is an alien life form. Interesting......

 You know, in this field we who study ghosts and spirits tend to view things that we see through thatcategory, just like Alien investigators tend to view things as possible alien life forms. This is because we each know what we are looking for and tendto group things into certain categories. But in the end, we are all walking in the dark, trying to put a name or a classification on the shadows, so to speak. Now given that, we are all open to error and misconception right?

  I have recently received two reports from people who have seen a similar entity. One of these people isa paranormal investigator, the other just the average Joe who saw something he does not know what to make of. Each one in a different state but saw this thing within days of each other. I find this strange to say the least. So I am posing this blog to see if these sightings are not the only isolated incidents of this kind.

 Has anyone out there seen an entity that looks like this:

A black, shadow like, form, similar to a human in shape, but very thin. It appears to have its joints reversed in both knees and elbows. It moves sporadically in a zigzagging motion, and can run across house tops. It makes noise when its feet walk on the ground just like a solid creature does. It can seemingly teleport from one place to another in seconds or move at a high rate of speed on the ground. It seems to interact with only certain people even though others have seen it. It seems to have some level of PSI ability to communicate. It makes a chittering sound and produces a very fresh rather than offensive odor. I am trying to see how many people have sighted something of this nature to get an idea of how rare or common this particular entity is becoming, in all areas. I have recently had two sightings of a similar creature or entity reported to me, one in Texas and one in New Jersey.

   I have been told byAlien investigators at a high level of credential that this entity is an alienlife form that cloaks itself in this solid black shadow like form. If this istrue, then how many people are seeing this thing and why is it hanging around? In both locations where this thing is being seen there is a military installation nearby, within 2 to 30 miles. One location has a power plant nearby as well. Both locations are fairly rural as far as terrain. Now as I have said before, I am not an alien investigator, frankly I prefer to keep my distance from extraterrestrial, alien life forms altogether. But I am interested in differentiating between spirit related entities and other possibilities in the paranormal field. So if anyone can add to this, with personal experience, sightings and locations of sightings of an entity that resembles the one described above I would greatly appreciate the data and the reports. Thanks Laurie


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Reply pinellaspasco
10:45 PM on February 13, 2014 
LAB548 says...
I have a picture of something on the dirt road to Spring Hill Cemetery..It looks like a figure in a suit.I was taking some pics of the limerock road to began a photo report for someone.

I would love to see that photo LAB548 .why not share it here or with me at [email protected] It sounds very interesting indeed.
Reply Angela
12:31 AM on March 24, 2014 
I have only seen five very different spirits/entities in my life, perhaps the most interesting was during the early 90ies, I awoke during the night looked up to see a man lying on his right side across a red carpet about four feet above the bed,, he was dressed like something out of "Aribian Nights" (never my thing) had curly pointed shoes, full costume and had his right arm across the top of one of three cushions, red, blue and burgandy, the entire time he kept constant eye contact with me, I remember that he did not look familar, a short time later he moved complete with carpet in one movement up, then right, then up and gone like a castle on a chess board. Please, if anyone has seen anything like this I would very much like to know what your experience was and what you thought of this experience.
Reply pinellaspascoparanormal
11:08 AM on March 24, 2014 
Thanks for sharing your story with us Angela. The entity this post is about though is quite a different case. We are trying to get an idea of just how many people have seen this one, in order to get a case log going on this unknown entity.
Reply Angela
1:17 PM on April 4, 2014 
I have had a long history with the paranormal, while living at our home in Honolulu as a child I remember hearing what may have been my 1st haunting, I was 4 yrs old, alone in the house having returned from the beach, it grew dark and I heard the sound of children laughing, I knew that could not be happening, the sounds came from the side of our home and it was quite dark. Children in our neighborhood at that time, were regulated and well watched by their parents, also, there were only a few boys but no girls in our neighborhood, I did hear girls laughing as well as young boys. I was raised by my grand parents and was allowed a little freedom while we were in the Islands. When 9 yrs. old I saw a black shape at the side of my bed and was too afraid to get up or call out. At 15 yrs. I saw a blond boy with bright blue eyes on the left side of my bed, but he only had a head, I said NO ! and the head began to rotate in circles. At 20 yrs. of age, I rented my grandmothers mother-in-law apt. the last tenant had left a cabinet filled with books on black magic along with a black robe covered with strange designs, that 1st night I was shocked to hear the books being tossed with in the cabinet, I have been haunted for 42 yrs. In 2008, the hauntings "picked up" as they do every few years, I had just finished saying my prayers then heard something coming down the hall toward our bed rm. the air currents around it as it moved were noticeable, "it" moved through the room to my side of the bed, reached out (I could not see it) and squeezed my cheeks into my nose, which made my facial bones ache ! I pulled away and when I looked again in that direction it grabbed my face again ! I actually slept after that. That was the beginning of our bed shaking, being obviously pushed from my side by different spirits/entities (during this time a girl spirit actually slept on top of me, wrote about that also on this site) I had contacted Lloyd Arroback , he offered to do an inspection of our home but my husband Bill did not want "that sort of intrusion in our home" Bill finally complained that he had a hard time staying asleep in our bed and I demonstrated the bed pushing and bouncing that had been occurring for a few yrs. at that time, he finally agreed to an investigation, Lloyd was out of town, I contacted the S F Paranormal team and all they were able to record were 5 different voiced talking in our bed rm. (a real hot-spot) I forgot to mention that I could hear ghosts talking the last 2 yrs. could actually hear bits of what was being said. I watched Paranormal witness on TV looking for clues to help me with this horrible problem, I saw "The Coven" a priest gave a family member a bottle of blessed oil, I bought Lavender Oil had a friend who is a Nun bless it for me, I then washed the windows, saged the house and used the Oil to make crosses on each and every window, I had been saying a prayer to St. Michael and stepped it up and also said a nightly prayer to St. Jude, in the morning I say the Our Father prayer (usu. do not forget) the house has quieted down since November ! No more voices, the bed infrequently starts to be pushed but something stops it, you can actually feel it come to a sudden stop. On Tuesday, I had cleared off the kitchen counter area, then turned around to see a large glass of water standing on the counter, I do not use those paticular glasses. Odd things of that sort do occur from time to time.
Reply Jim
9:10 PM on October 31, 2015 
Sounds like some of the characteristics of a creature in "X-Files" episode "Folie a Deux." It's possible that these two disparate sightings are a consequence of strong television imagery being implanted into the minds of receptive and suggestible individuals. I'm not suggesting that the underlying phenomenon that the individuals witnessed isn't real. It's just that paranormal phenomenon are, by their nature, often not easily described in words. People who witness then are often so taken aback by what they see that the shock of the experience can affect their memories. As they try to reconcile to themselves and recollect to others the phenomenon, they're left short of words. They borrow descriptions that best fit what they recollect. That's where powerful media images fill in the gap.
Reply pinellaspascoparanormal
3:04 PM on November 1, 2015 

Jim I agree with you on all points. the brain does store images that have been observed even in dreams. The chance for error in these descriptions is ever present, but since i personally have had this report from many people far away from each other, and of all ages, walks of life etc. I have become curious as to just how widespread the sightings this kind of entity or apparition really are. The whole "slenderman" craze is a classic example of what you described here. Kids are reporting seeing this fiction based character everywhere now. Ahhhhhhh but the power of suggestion is strong.