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PinellasPascoParanormal/Hostile Haunts Specialists

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Photo Gallery

TAYPORT TAYPORT Close up of window figure. No living person was upstairs in this home to have been in the window. The close up looks downright creepy. 202694167 The figure in the window. No one was upstairs in the loft at the time this was taken. We have no clue who this is. 202694153 The ghost lady in the yard. The camera started malfunctioning and the flash stopped working. This frame was almost black before I lightened it up on my PC, once I did that, there she was. This we believe is the spirit we were dealing with all night both inside and outside. Many photos were taken in this area and I have put them all here so people can see that this is not a fluke or trick of the light. She is not in the others. Not from any angle whatsoever.. 202694155 Close up of ghost lady in yard. 202694156 Enhanced filter ghost lady Is that a baby in her arms? 202694157 Original no filter crop of ghost lady 202694158 Original photo no filter lady in yard Before any filters this is what the frame looked like. 202694165 Porch with nothing there to create anomaly 202694154 White figure floating near roof over porch 202694159 Misty pillar on stairs 202694161 Blue light, unknown. 202694162 Dim light anomaly in pitch dark . 202694163 Another shot of area where ghost was. 202694212 Area where ghost appeared, before she showed up. 202694213 Figure changes position slightly. 202694215 Another shot seconds later, figure still there. 202694216 Another shot of area where ghost was. 202694217 Area where ghost lady was, now not there. 202694219 Area where ghost showed up, nothing there now. 202694220