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PinellasPascoParanormal/Hostile Haunts Specialists

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Photo Gallery

Our team in Action Our team in Action Michael dowses for spirits Mike dowsing for spirit energy 52751501 Laurie with her dowsing rods 52751502 Sean finds something interesting Sean finds something interesting 52751507 Lexi and Wendy doing an EVP session Wendy and Lexi do evp sessions in a bedroom. There is an orb in the room as well,behind them on the wall above Lexi's head. 67166562 Wendy on the trail of the ghost out back of the house Wendy on the trail of a spirit that insulted her on the recorder in an EVP. 86005556 chris Chris takes a photo of a footprint on a Bigfoot case 109785357 Laurie Laurie with unknown green light anomaly on her head. This anomaly showed up in other pictures that night and changed size and shape. 109786128 Pete trudges through the swamps on a Bigfoot expedition. 109786129 Savvy This is Savannah our ghost seeing dog. She is staring at some ectoplasm in the lower left of the frame. 109787224 Wendy and Dave Wein on a Bigfoot expedition with us. They are actually looking at an enormous alligator coming across that lake. 169961897 Ryan calls my attention to an orange light anomaly that he sees, and I got it on film. 126552600