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Are the Bigfoot clans eating people in America?

Are the Bigfoot clans eating people in America?

By Laurie Champion

Human culture has since the dawn of time, had stories of tall, hairy, manlike creatures that came out of the forest and attacked or even killed humans. Some of these stories even claimed the creatures were cannibalistic. These stories and legends come from all over the world, and just about every country has one. From the Bukwas from Canada to the Maero of New Zealand, these creatures haunt our nightmares and our forests.

Many stories of these man eating hairy men come from our own indigenous people, the Native Americans. There are hundreds of different names for the large hairy men of the forest, according to the Native American tribes in every region. The Shoshone natives for example called them the “Tso,apittse” which means cannibal giant. Depending on what tribe‘s legends you follow, the hairy men are either docile and shy, or fierce and cannibalistic. The nature of these beasts seems to vary from tribe to tribe in their stories. But what is the truth? Were these creatures really stealing away people and eating them? Were they indeed cannibals? First off what is a cannibal by definition? Cannibalism is the act or practice of humans eating the flesh of other humans. Therefore a human who eats another human is called a cannibal.

The Native Americans considered the hairy men they encountered, to be other tribesmen, like them, because these creatures were close enough to the form of humans to be considered men by these tribes. Humans are thinking creatures, which are averse to eating their own kind, yet most other species are not. This may be why they considered them cannibals, if they ate humans? In reality though, they may not be humans after all. They may have been a totally different species altogether.

Human beings actually eat apes in many parts of the world and we do not call them cannibals. There is one culture that traps a monkey and bashes its head in with a mallet, killing it right there at the table and then the diners eat its brain. Human beings are at times the cruelest and grossest of species indeed. Of course to me, an ape or monkey is way too close to our own form, for comfort. I could never eat an ape. This is the mind set of most people and most cultures but not all. There are now petitions circulated all the time to stop the ape meat trade.

To most species that are carnivores, meat is meat, and some humans feel exactly that way too.

Now back to the issue at hand: are there large, hair covered creatures that resemble humans that are snatching and eating people? Some folks seem to think so.

David Paulides is a writer, researcher and investigative journalist noted for writing about missing people that vanished from wilderness areas. He chronicles some of these mysterious vanishings in his book “Missing 411.”Many disappearances took place in National parks right here in the USA. The cases are seldom really investigated properly. There is no doubt that something strange is happening but with so many other predator species living in the wilderness, and the violent nature of some human beings these missing folks could have met a much more common fate. Some cases may just be misadventure where the person or persons got lost and died in the forest from exposure. At this time we have no proof whatsoever of a cannibalistic Bigfoot taking these people. Or is there? Many of the followers of the articles and books written by David Paulides believe that Bigfoot may be capturing and consuming people.

I cannot account for evidence of this cannibalism or evidence to support the presence of a North American, giant ape man for that matter, even though I know them to exist, but that is another story. The one thing I do know is exactly how much law enforcement does cover up anything to do with these creatures. In that case, why not cover up such a heinous thing as cannibalism by some woodland monster man?

Maybe some of these creatures are cannibalistic and some are not. If they are human then they are also subject to a varying nature and even mental illness like humans. There have been human serial killers that were also cannibals down through time. I am interested in other’s thoughts on this. I for one believe that while there may be some of these creatures in different parts of the world that do eat people, not all of them do. I also think that like humans, they are thinking creatures that each has their own personality and agenda. Some are benevolent and timid and some are predatory and aggressive. I feel that if the Bigfoot species as a whole was that predatory we would have seen a lot more evidence of such by now, in spite of the attempts at cover up by our government. What do you think?

*** Now here is something kind of off the wall to consider, for the future: Humans as a species will declare open season on any invasive animal that poses an extreme threat to the environment or indigenous creatures there or and to human beings. Basically it is our nature to eradicate whatever becomes a threat to our own safety or interests. What if the Bigfoot species all over the world are humans of some kind? Considering that we, one species of human beings have become the most invasive creature on the planet and are taking over more habitats by the day, eventually they may declare open season on us. At some point nature will strike back, and in reality it will be justified for our greed and disregard for other life forms, as the ultimate invasive and destructive species on the planet. Any other thinking species will see us as the volatile takers that we are in nature. Of course there are far too many of us to ever be taken out by another species, but they may figure that any way they can thin our herd of takers is a step in the right direction.