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ASSUMPTIONS …..A cautionary essay for everyone dealing with paranormal situations and or spirit visitations.

You have heard the old saying that the word “Assume “makes an ass out of U and me. This is true in many instances and when it comes to the paranormal it is even more applicable. The people who are searching out paranormal things and trying to debunk, resolve or understand them are all guilty of “assumption, at some point in time.” The problem is that this happens way too often. People tend to look for the simple explanation, the easy solution and the answers that ring true to their personal beliefs. In doing this no one is getting anywhere and often much misinformation is being passed on as fact. These ingrained ideas and responses really limit the capacity for true learning about the paranormal, the spirit world, the afterlife etc. Most people never seek beyond the satisfactory answer that they want to hear or the familiar possibilities offered to them. You see this again and again with the paranormal. Below I am going to list some of the most popular assumptions and at times totally unfounded conclusions that are being presented right and left to the public and also to paranormal enthusiasts. These are the cookie cutter answers that many folks apply when there is paranormal activity in a home or a location of any kind. They are also the same answers that I have found to be invalid on many occasions in my 35 years of spirit study. You see this offered up all the time on TV programs and on line at paranormal sites, blogs etc. Here is the list of the most popular snap judgement conclusions offered for haunting:

1. The location is on “Native American “land. First of all every acre of this country was once native American land. They lived and died everywhere so in that case everyplace should be haunted by them right? Wrong. In fact I have only encountered two Native American spirits and they were both found in the woods not in any building belonging to white folks. This legend came about through white guilt and fear of a culture that has a damned good reason to want revenge. Luckily the very spiritual nature of these Native people prohibits these kind of evil, harassing attacks from the other side. If anyone is at peace in the afterlife it is the Native Americans. EVPS in Native languages are rarer than any other type of EVP. Most spirit sightings and apparitions seen are usually people from one’s own culture, not some Indian chief in a feather headdress. Can we finally give this old nonsense a rest?

2. Spirits who do not go to heaven or hell and choose to linger here are : hiding out in fear of judgment, lost and can’t find their way to the light or to the doorway to the other side, evil and wanting to harass the living, or don’t know they are dead. So all human ghosts fall into these set categories. Really?

Think about this:

We know nothing about the geography, rules or options in the afterlife. The whole concept of heaven and Hell is a religious idea. We also do not know when, where or how judgment takes place.

I doubt that a spirit is lost as I am sure they have guides on the other side and do not need our navigation to get to a place we have never been to or seen, since we are still here in the flesh. People are good and evil in this life and in the next, so yes it is possible that a spirit may have bad intentions, but not all spirits that interact with us are necessarily that way. Last of all...once a spirit’s body dies and they are out of their body watching everything that follows they know what happened. Spirits know they are dead. How could they not know, when they see their body taken away, put in a casket, watch their own funeral etc. This concept is just really hard to accept if you consider it logically.

3. It must be the ghost of the person who died in the house or on location. This is a form of spirit profiling. This may sound feasible and at times it might even be the case but I have worked many a haunt case, where someone did died in the house but the ghost that was present and causing the haunting was someone else entirely. Very few spirits want to hang around the place they died. What for? If their death was unpleasant most times they just want to put it behind them, such is the whole idea of resting in peace? Murder victims may be the exception to this rule as they may want to wait for their killer to return to the scene of the crime or exact some kind of revenge or get justice in some way. Even so they usually follow their murderer to wherever he goes if they want to haunt him.

4 It is the famous person who lived in the home or came to the location often. Well of course what ghost is more exciting than a famous person? Finding the spirit to be the ghost of the chamber maid or the janitor is not nearly as exciting and does not make for good entertainment value. How often do we seem to assume the most appealing or exciting conclusion for what might otherwise be mundane? Nowadays it happens all the time.I'm a paragraph. Click once to begin entering your own content. You can change my font, size, line height, color and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.

5. When investigating a famous haunting must we always go with the legend? If Bluebeard supposedly haunts there then it must be him right? Because only one ghost could possibly be there in that case right? Again this is assumption and then once this answer is accepted no further consideration or investigation is needed and so nothing further is ever discovered either.

6. Research of the location showed a man who 150 years ago owned the home and the land and was well known in the town, so it must be him. Because all long dead land owners feel the need to haunt their old homesteads forever right? Maybe but unless he announces himself by name in an EVP then how on earth can anyone assume this for sure? Well it works on all the TV shows and makes for good stories right?

7. The spirit is a child that is lost and needs help. This one always comes into play if a child passed in the home or location. So are we to believe that God is so cruel that he would not have someone waiting in spirit for the child upon their arrival to the other side? Sorry, to me that just does not make much sense. If I believed that I would have to believe that god does not love the children and that is not acceptable to me. Child ghosts do exist I am sure but I have seen in my experience that they are always in the company of another spirit that seems to be watching over them. The world is just not full of lost, dead children as some people seem to believe.

8. Since the spirit is cursing in the EVPS and moving objects, being generally hostile and scary…it must be demonic! People curse all the time, spirits of all kinds can move things and most people find any haunting to be scary, so in that case why does it have to be demonic? Because demonic is more exciting and then the people who are working the case can appear to be paranormal superheroes marching into battle with said demon. This has become a big craze and an outlet for many people to find their claim to fame among their peers. In reality it is nine times out of ten complete assumption of the worst kind for all concerned.

I truly believe that if we are to get anywhere with learning about the afterlife we need to stop assuming and start asking more questions, and working harder with EVP, rather than just researching allocation, bearing the hype in mind and letting our religious ideas limit our vision of a larger picture. Let’s break free of the cookie cutter style investigations and resist the popular conclusions based on assumptions, passed onto us by the army of ghost hunting clones that have become the loudest voice both on TV and on the net