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 It is a common practice now for people, especially aspiring ghost hunters to go to cemeteries to try and contact spirits. It seems like the perfect place to find them and has potential for a spooky adventure. The problem is sometimes the adventure may follow you home. First of all very few people are actually aware of the kind of spirits that frequently hang out at graveyards. Unfortunately most of them are not benevolent or progressive entities. Very few wise or advanced human spirits hang around their dank, depressing grave, or their rotting corpse. The human spirits that do hang out in graveyards, are usually predatory or bored spirits that get their kicks from scaring or preying upon the living. The rare spirits that do cling to their corpse's location also cling to the material world and all of the things, they are not ready to let go of. These types of spirits are either bitter or trying to find a way to live off the living in some way. Occasionally a nice spirit may happen by, in order to try and dissuade the others from this bleak waste of the afterlife. Since the nice spirits that may happen by are outnumbered by the nasty ones by about 100 to 1, the odds say that you will encounter one of the more common and less wholesome inhabitants.

Now for the non human things that hang out at the cemetery: There are non human entities ranging from parasitic plasma type entities, to some kind of hooded Guardian spirit that seems to be very hostile. There are imps, and a horde of other things that we can not identify. Parasitic plasmas, feed off the decay from the rotting corpses and flowers. There are other types pf parasites which attach to living people and use them to experience things that they normally would not have access to. Ghost hunting at a graveyard is not a good idea, if you want to deal with progressive or benevolent entities who could possibly pass on some real spiritual communication. There are imps and other spirits, that pose as children to get you to interact with them and exact an energy exchange, which they feed off of.

Graveyards also hold a lot of depressive energy from the outpouring of human emotion that takes place there, in the wake of people's grief. There are entities that feed off of this type of negative energy as well. Years and years ago we conducted a study at a cemetery. The entities encountered during that study were mostly negative ones. We also conducted our study for the EVP project at a cemetery because we did not want to invite spirits into our homes or anyone else's, therefore it was one of the locations we used. We also used an empty mobile home, known to be haunted for decades. The responses from the cemetery spirits were mostly negative and hostile. The responses from the mobile were much less so. The only one at the mobile that was hostile was one that had followed us there from the cemetery. We were able to recognize the voice and the accent that this male spirit displayed. We were able to detach this spirit from ourselves and the mobile but it just proves my point about the dangers of ghost hunting at graveyards.

Many new ghost teams, have entire graveyard photo albums at their sites, as this is the only place they can find to ghost hunt. They are taking a tremendous chance by doing this. there are many reasons why the old saying "Let the dead rest in peace," came about. Personally, knowing what hangs out in graveyards, I am apt to agree with the advice of that old saying. We have had many cases where people brought things home from a cemetery because they decided to go out there and play ghost hunter. People will do what they want no matter how many advisories I post. But at least I can say that I did provide a cautionary segment on this popular but very risky practice. The other side and the things that dwell there are very much, largely unknown to us. What you don't know can hurt you and even what you don't believe in can still affect you. There are many spirits with bad intent just salivating for the wise ass skeptic types. There are others just waiting for the sweet, sentient, trusting type to attach to and fulfill their agenda.

The kinds of spirits that dwell at cemeteries consider it to be their turf. They resent the intrusion of the living, especially ghost hunters and teenagers that go there to party and create mischief. The increased popularity of this practice these days has them even more annoyed and fed up. So now you have some not so nice spirits to start out with who now, are extremely pissed off. This is a recipe for disaster. You might want to consider this before you venture out into the cemetery to look for spirits to interact with. Advanced, benevolent beings do not hang out at the graveyard folks. It is the last place they want to be. Graveyards attract and house lower life forms , low life human spirits, and some powerful elemental and guardian spirits that do not welcome the intrusion into their turf. Proceed with caution, or find a better place to seek out spirits if you feel you have to seek them out.

I am writing this article because I am tired of having to go and help people who bring things home from the cemetery. I have also noticed that at least four people everyday come into this website by googling things like "How can I call out spirits in a cemetery?" Every one wants to ghost hunt, and now it makes so much extra work for us, that it is getting ridiculous. If people hear that a particular cemetery is bad then they go there just to see what happens. Ignorance always dances attendance to it's own funeral folks. There are three very dangerous cemeteries in which to ghost hunt in this area. Two of them have gotten a lot of press due to their volatile spirit inhabitants, and yet people continue to go there to play around. They often get more than they bargained for and then they call us for help. We have done an early study of one of the three and from what we have seen it is the worst of the three. Please stop prowling the graveyards looking for spirits folks. It's intrusive, and foolish, and can land you with a big problem if something decides to follow you home. No great revelations will be revealed there as no higher spirits ever hang out there. If you are stalking the boneyard, you are just another shallow thrill seeker and even if you say prayers for protection, you will not get it because YOU are the stalker not the victim when you go out to disturb the dead. The powers that be will not protect you while you go out probing into God's world for your own shallow purposes. Seriously think about that. Imagine God's reaction to your prayers as in reality you are asking "God please protect me while I go out to harass the dead and look for ghosts at the cemetery." Now put your self in God's place and tell me he would ever approve of that, let alone protect you? This is why so many people wind up haunted after these cemetery jaunts. The spirits follow you home either to teach you a lesson in manners and respect or sometimes a really bad one finds his or her perfect victim in you. Please avoid this sacrilegious and dangerous practice. Let the dead rest in peace. If you disturb theirs, they can and will disturb yours?


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