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   You know it is human nature to feel protective and sympathetic towards lost children and children in general. So when a person gets the impression that the spirit of a child is around or in their home etc. they tend to automatically feel a certain type of empathy for the supposed child ghost, and want to try and help or comfort what they think is some poor,lost baby in need of whatever. This is all well and good and it is human nature to react this way, especially for women who have that built in maternal instinct. However, anyone who thinks they may have a child spirit hanging round needs to be aware of and consider the following:

Please be advised that spirits are oppurtunists and they can and will try to gain your interest and your trust through devious means of necessary. A spirit who wants to interact with you, gain entrance into your life or has any unsavory agenda can and will impersonate a child, as they know children always appear less threatening and always draw more sympathy and trust. The spirit you may think is a child may just be presenting itself as such to fool you into doing whatver it wants from you, Even evps that sound like a child can be another spirit who is doing a very good performance in deception. Non human spirits known as IMPS also masquerade as children. Never make any automatic assumptions about a spirit and open up to it, just because it presents itself as a child, as it may not be a child at all. Even people who are sensitives can sometimes be fooled by this ruse, on the part of a spirit, so be careful. If you don't know for sure what you are dealing with ,do not encourage the interaction.

INFACT: Child spirits are rare, as most of the time I believe, there are special provisions made for children to be met and escorted by loved ones to the next world by a loving God. So child spirits that hang around may be doing so only because they are clinging to the spirit of a former deceased loved one, and are in the company of that spirit. That is not to say this is true in every case, as it is possible for a child spirit to decide to remain for other reasons. Also keep in mind another interesting point...

In my experience with over 30 years in this field I have learned something that some folks do not know or hear about. That being ,that a spirit can appear as an apparition looking as it did at any age during it's corporeal existence. This means if a person died at the age of 67, they can show up looking as they did at any age during their life. If you consider this, than it is easy to see how any spirit could show itself as a child.

My advice is simply this;

If you have a spirit in your home or place of business that is causing you alarm or is incessantly trying to get your attention, call someone with experience in the paranormal field for help and guidance on how to best deal with the situation. This advice goes double if the entity is interacting with your child, as imaginary friends may not always be imaginary and children are often the favorite prey for attachment spirits, and other predatory spirits as well. This applies to teenagers as well as small children.


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