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CLEANSINGS {This part still under construction}

 People often ask me what is meant by the word "cleansing" when it comes to a haunting. A cleansing is a sort of prayer ritual or banishing ritual, that is used to rid a home of evil entities. There are many different ways to do a cleansing, and many different types of cleansings for different types of entities and such. If we feel after an investigation, that there is a hostile entity in the home, we offer our clients a cleansing of their home, in the hopes of getting rid of the trouble-making entity.Not all entities that cause problems are "evil." In fact many are" not evil " ,but just frustrated or determined to make their needs or wants known.

The cleansing methods we use are ancient Judaic in origin and most of the time, they work very well. We have many different prayers and cleansing methods. We do use white sage in the home, to break down the spirits energy levels and dispell negative energy, to keep ourselves and everyone else safe during the cleansing. Some spirits are hard to get rid of and cleansings do not "always" work.

Sometimes you have to find out what the spirit wants, and try to give them resolution so you can have peace. Human ghosts can be the hardest to get rid of as they, just like us have free will if they harm none. Demonic entities are not of God, so things like exorcisms and holy water, may affect them. Human beings on the other hand ,are of God, and perhaps just disgruntled and behaving badly as a result. We have several cleansing rituals and prayers and several ways of going about doing it. We have the right people to do the cleansing, as myself and Michael , both of whom, have beaten a very hostile entity before, on our own, work together as the cleansing team for most cases. Sometimes it takes six people to do a particular type of cleansing for some types of hauntings. In some cases, we may ask the clients to participate in the cleansing to reclaim their home. We customize our cleansing to whatever we feel will work best in each individual case.

I have been to many a case where a minister or clergyman had already been there, and failed to rid the home of the spirits. Many times this occurs because clergy sometimes just bless the house, to make the client happy, but do not believe themselves ,that such a spirit exists or is really there. You can not fight something you do not even acknowledge to exist! 

Cleansings are difficult when one person in the home, has integrated with a spirit ,as that person will open the door for the spirit again, and again. Cleansings are sometimes easy and sometimes very complex and take awhile. There have been a couple of stubborn cases, that we have cleansed several times, before the spirits stopped returning. In some cases it is a battle of wills. I guess he finally got sick of us, making his environment miserable and ruining his hold on the client, and decided to move on. When a home can not be cleansed, sometimes the only alternative is to move away from the spirit. We have had four cases in 32 years where we advised the people to move, simply because we knew that the entities were dangerous and cleansings attempts failed miserably. We have had hundreds of cases where cleansings have worked very well. We have had many where cleansing did not work at all. On a couple of occasions a spirit has returned as far off, as two years after a cleansing and we had to go and reinforce it once again. We usually will try more than once if necessary. No matter what our efforts sometimes we just can not win, and the spirit refuses to move on.

People sometimes attempt to cleanse their home by themselves with disastrous consequences. This is why we do not advise people to try and do this on their own. There are many, many reasons that cleansing your own home is not a good idea. You do have to reclaim your home and take a stand, but do not try it without the right people and tools to assist you. In some extreme cases people who attempt the cleansing of the home, are attacked physically and psychically. If you need help, get help from a person who does cleansings all the time and knows the ins and outs. Believe it or not, the person doing the cleansing is even more important than the words uttered or the efforts offered. A cleanser can only be successful if he or she has the right energy to put into it. Usually one male and one female are needed for a cleansing, due to the necessity of a balance of positive and negative ray energy. Sometimes you need more people ,also with an equal energy balance of male and female. There should always be a balance of male and female energy for a cleansing. Any person who has a fear of spirits should not attempt to do cleansings. Spirits can read your mind and they know if you are afraid. Your fear gives them energy to borrow to resist your attempts at driving them away. Make sure you get the right people to do a cleansing in your home. Look for those with experience in cleansings, not ghost hunters who are just investigating and winging their house clearings.

ometimes a haunting that is not hostile or extreme does not require a cleansing and to do a cleansing might even make things worse. We always carefully consider which cases require a cleansing and which are better left alone. Not all hauntings are really that bad and many resolve over time by themselves if it is just a transient spirit that wanted to communicate.

Never pay anyone money to cleanse your home!!!!! A person who charges you to help you is not of pure intention , but is seeking monetary gain and therefore not equipped to deal with it in the first place! These people are entreprenuers of the New Age, who line their pockets by your fear and desperation! The same goes for mediums who charge money to come to your home.

Don't let a spirit frighten you into not doing a cleansing, if they are making your life miserable. A spirit with evil intent will try this, and if it works, then they have free reign and total control over you and your household. Many people are afraid that a spirit may inflict more harm on them after a cleansing. An evil spirit will get angry when cleansings are started and sometimes a real stubborn or strong entity can withstand the first attempt and then put on a show of intimidation to discourage another attempt. The problem is that if you do not attempt to rid your home of a truly evil entity, he, she or it, will eventually wreak the same havoc anyway. It takes strong determination, absolute faith and no fear to win the day with an evil entity. It sometimes takes more than one cleansing in rare cases. It in the end is a battle of wills, and of good and evil. In some cases there is a posse of spirits to deal with and cleansings will knock out a couple of them and then the rest remain. Then you have to cleanse again to run off the remaining ones. You have to break the haunting down, until their power in numbers, is depleted. For more information on cleansings write to Laurie Champion. Laurie will assist others, out of state to do cleansings of haunted homes, from time to time.