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CLIENT BEWARE... Things you need to know before having paranormal investigations

Many people experience light, seemingly paranormal activity in their homes and decide that they want to find out. who or what is responsible for causing that activity. With a new "Ghost hunting team" popping up in every city all the time, it is easy to find someone willing to come in and check it out for you. The majority of these supposed paranormal researchers are people just like you . Some probably watched the TV shows and thought it was interesting and want to know more about it. Others just want to have some scary fun and be able to call themselves ghost hunters. Many of the folks on these teams don't know anymore about this, than what they have learned by watching TV. These teams are numerous and desperate for cases so they will come out in a heartbeat to check out your ghost. If they get as much as one evp, or some readings on their equipment, then they are willing to return again and again to keep the investigation going. This is because it may be months before they get another "case" and they want evidence captures for their websites etc. What people do not know is that repeatedly investigating and initiating contact with what may be just a transient spirit haunt, or a benign spirit presence, can often lead to an actual serious haunting. This is because if you put out the call to the spirit world often enough, you eventually attract one of the more aggressive denizens of the spirit world. This happens especially when investigators provoke to get results. Our concern is for the client and not for evidence captures. I have thousands of evps right now from 33 years of working cases, so evidence gathering for me, is only a means to get information about the haunting, to get it resolved if possible, not just to get stuff to add to my collection or show off at my site.

 I am a hostile haunts specialist, and I handle an average of 45 cases a year, so I do not take just any case, I take the ones that seem to be serious. I have the experience to know ,when I talk to a client and ask the right questions, if the case is something that truly requires my help. If I go into a case and I find a benign ,transient, or non hostile spirit or spirits there, I do not suggest any house cleansings or any further interaction with those spirits, because it is not necessary and at times, may make the whole matter much worse. Spirits are everywhere all the time and they do occasionally come into people's homes from time to time. Most spirits move on again pretty quickly, and others may hang around for a while, to see if they can get some attention or have some fun by interacting with the living. Not everyone who has a spirit in their home is in trouble or in danger. Most mild hauntings are better left alone, rather than risking attracting a hostile spirit with continuous interaction or even giving the original spirit a reason to stay around, because someone is taking an interest and communicating with them constantly. Sometimes what people think is a haunting is just a spirit passing through or spirit presence and since they are everywhere, no surprise. In this case also it is better left alone and not given attention.

 If I go to a case and tell the client after the investigation that there is not a hostile spirit, but just a run of the mill ghost looking for attention and to ignore it and go on with life, they sometimes get very upset with me. They want me to validate their fears and chase this ghost out of their home. When I tell them that those measures are not necessary and that if they ignore the activity it will stop after a while, sometimes, some people feel cheated and insist that I cleanse their home. Cleansing procedures are a direct assault on the spirit in the home, and rely on help from the powers that be. Now if the spirit is not truly evil, the powers that be, will not bother with it and all you accomplish is making the spirit very angry. Angry spirits produce even more serious and hostile activity. This is why cleansings can only be done when there is a true hostile and dangerous spirit in the home.

We will stick with a truly hostile case for a very long time, in an effort to resolve it for the client. Truly hostile hauntings are not all that common, although they are on the rise thanks to all the ghost hunting that everyday people are doing for fun and curiosity. If you have light activity in your home, like hearing footsteps, or seeing a one time shadow, then PPP is not the team to call, as to us that does not even constitute a haunting. Now if on the other hand you have everyday, repeated serious activity, feel threatened and anyone in your home is being hurt or terrorized, then call us. We also take murder cases where the deceased is haunting to offer information or find closure, and we take cases where the activity levels are off the chain, to try and help the client find peace of mind. We do not return to a case repeatedly, unless we feel that there is possible danger from a hostile spirit. Other than the truly hostile cases, we can figure it out and wrap it up in one visit.

If you bring in a paranormal team and they get a funky photo or an evp and then start calling you asking to return again, and again, then that is red flag that says... they just want a place to play and investigate, which could cause you to develop a real haunting in the process. Bringing in team after team until you get the answer you want to hear is also just as risky, as you may actually draw more spirits into your home with all the probing and attempts at stirring up something, anything to get results. The paranormal field is still very much in it's infancy and there are not many people who have enough time in the field to really have learned enough to be effective as far as helping with a haunt rather than just trying to document it.

Many of the ideas held in the field even today are outdated, and people stick to them because they don't know any better. People often call in paranormal teams because of something they read or heard on TV that gave them the idea that they were in trouble or even that they may have a "demon" in their home. This is the result of misconceptions and superstitious information and ideas still being handed out right and left by people who claim to be in the know, in the paranormal field. So don't buy into everything you hear on the TV.

The last thing I want to mention is the influence of psychic mediums in haunt case investigations. First I will say that I myself and some of my team members are gifted in these areas, but if the evp does not back up what we see and feel then we do not pursue that line of thought. No psychic is ever always on it. No medium is ever always right and most people who claim to be mediums and such are not even what they claim to be. Many people make this claim of being gifted and will tell you all kinds of things to fascinate, or even make you more uneasy than you need to be. First of all, the last thing any responsible sensitive of any kind will do, is to consider the client's best interest. Scaring the pants off someone who is already scared with some whacked out story about some terrible spirit is not productive or in the client's best interest. So any supposed medium, who tells you some story that sounds like it is fresh out of a horror movie is probably a fake anyway, so don't let these people make you even more paranoid. If I had a dime for every time someone calls me and tells me that someone, maybe a friend brought over a medium friend of theirs to check out the house and the medium said it was"Insert any number of scary conclusions here..." and the person telling me this has bought in hook, line and sinker to what this person told them and is now even more scared than before. Just know this, just about everybody knows somebody who claims to be gifted in some way and people will offer to bring that person in to help. Real mediums are few and a medium and a psychic are not even always the same thing. Many people that use the term "medium" to present themselves do not even know the real parameters of mediumship. A good psychic or medium is a valuable asset to haunts investigations, but not all who make this claim are the real deal. Most show their lack of discernment by making snap assessments of what is going on and relaying immediate elaborate stories about what they perceive in the home with the spirits. This video says it all about amateur ghost hunting groups and the damage they do. It is funny but it is also so, so sad, because some people actually fall for these fakers.

When looking for a paranormal team for a serious haunting, look for a team with years of experience not some brand new group of young people who are trying to emulate what they see on TV. Look for a team with real information at their site and a real case log, of investigations, not a team who has a bunch of cemetery investigations at their site. Avoid those with endless ads for ghost hunts and paranormal commercial events as this is another earmark of the paranormal bandwagon craze. If the person you talk to on the phone is too pushy about wanting to come out there, when you are just asking questions or for advice, this is another sign of a team desperate for a case and not someone with real experience in this field. Lastly, please make sure you really have something worthy of investigation before calling anyone out there to mess around with it. Never look for a haunting that you may not have and never call out a team just because you think it would be cool to have an investigation at your home or just to find out if there are any spirits around. This is one of the best ways to draw them in and wind up haunted. Be careful what you wish for as what you court, you can bring to your door more often than not. I spend a lot of time warning people against ghost hunting and trying to discourage the practice because it often leads to troubles that people never thought could happen. My view, however unpopular with those who are hell bent on doing it, is born of 33 years of experience with spirits and in the paranormal field. I offer this advisement against the practice because I truly want people to stay safe and not find themselves in a horrible and unsettling situation, that sometimes can not even be resolved. For those with serious haunt problems PPP is always there, 7 days a week, all year long. We are dedicated, caring and willing to try and help those in real need, with haunt problems.