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PinellasPascoParanormal/Hostile Haunts Specialists

Haunted? Call ...727-938-1305

Client resource page

This page is for our clients. It is additional information about the services we provide:

Please read this if you are or have been one of our clients. We try to provide the best service to all of our clients. We do not abandon them once the investigation is over. You will hear from us within three days as to evidence findings and we may call during the review to ask questions. We want to hear from you before, during and after the investigation and or cleansings if necessary, and be informed on events and activity levels at the home. We want to know what is happening all the way through the process. You are not bothering us, you can call us whenever you have a question or feel uneasy about activity in the home. PPP is a nocturnal organization so you can reach us even up until 1 AM any evening. If something is happening and you are scared or concerned call us. Also, if you have children who have suffered paranormal trauma, we can help with talking to them and doing our best to ease their fears and help them to get through these experiences. We also know a psychologist who works with kids who have gone through paranormal trauma.

There are many articles with real information at this website. Before you even call for help read these articles: On the home page....How does a ghost become a demon? In the articles section....Lesser known phenomenon.....under hostile haunts info. in the drop down menu.... articles titled: 1. When you should panic. 2. What causes bad haunts.

If you are about to have an investigation we suggest you read the following:

Our protocol... Our haunt rating system... Our stance.... Hostile haunts profile.... Resolving a Haunt .... PPP staff sensitives Before a scheduled cleansing read the following: Under the Hostile haunts section in the drop down menu...under "The aftermath." the header, read "crossing over"

There are many other informative articles here in the blog and in other sections at this website. If you have questions not covered here just call us anytime.