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People always ask me how they can cope, when they are so afraid of whatever is going on in their home with a haunting. I wish there was an easy answer to that question, that worked for everyone, but truth be told...not everyone can get past it that easily at all. The first thing I tell my clients is this: We have been conditioned to think that ghosts, spirits, what have you, are somehow so much more powerful than we are and that they have the upper hand because we can't see them, but they can see us. This is partly true as they can see us, and we seldom can see them unless they want us to, or they run into us by accident, during a stage of real visual manifestation on the spirit's part. As far as them being all powerful and us being powerless, that is simply not true. First of all spirits have the same exact energy that we have, as they are made of the same stuff that our true essence is made of. Truth be told we are all spirits just in a physical body at the present time, before we pass into the spirit world at the time of death. We, of course are carrying this heavy body around, which means we can not move through matter like they can, but on the other hand we, as incarnate life forms, have a higher energy vibration which gives us an edge. 

Spirits usually use psychic energy to get to you or communicate with you. Now since we can control what we respond to, we are capable of tuning them out in many ways. If you hear a voice ,tune it out and put on some music or the TV and ignore it, and chances are it will stop. If a spirit manifests in front of you and you give them the fear fix, then you are letting yourself in for some more activity, as some spirits feed on the fear energy that we put out ,once our adrenalin starts pumping. So how do we not give it to them? Well, here is a way of looking at it, that may help you to stop being so scared of them:

 Picture this ghost as just another person, because that is what they are. If this was a living person who came unannounced into your home and messed with you, chances are you would tell them to get out and direct your most intimidating energy at them. We do this all the time in moments of confrontation, with the living, don't we? You fight psychic energy with psychic energy and spirits can and do feel the energy that you put off, so if it is strong and intimidating, then they are less likely to mess with you. If the energy you put off is weak and scared, than like the school bully, they will know they can get the best of you. Another thing we often think is that we can not hurt or affect a ghost. That is also not true. Bright light flashes such as camera flashes do disrupt the spirits light path, and cause them to have to back off and gather themselves back together in a way. This is not a nice experience for them, but of course it is only temporary. Many things can disrupt their energy fields, for example:

One night, I had come home from a bad haunt case and I was tired. Something decided to follow me home in the hopes of scaring me off. Later, I lay in bed, peeking through my almost closed eyelids, watching a black shadow ghost edging towards my bedside. I pretended to be asleep until he got right to up close to me and leaned over me. Once he was about two feet from my face, I flipped over and made a grab at him. Of course my hands went right through him but he also disbursed into a million little black particles and never returned. Why? Did I disrupt his energy field with my own, when my hands went through him? Did the element of surprise disorient him and cause him to loose his focus, so that his manifested form just fell apart? I don't know for sure, but I do know that ghost never came back. I learned something that night that will serve me from then on. I took a risk and it paid off. I have in the past found many ways to fight back against a spirit that means to harass me. But more important than being able to do that ,is controlling your state of mind in the first place. If you dwell on the fear of something, it then takes over your life. You are the master of your own thoughts. Keep your mind occupied with more productive things and don't get into the mindset that there is something to be afraid of. Trust in God and yourself to be strong enough, so that malevolent spirits don't even want to waste their time with you. People who pay no attention to paranormal activity usually do not have a problem with spirits. For example:

  My husband is the type who is oblivious to what goes on around him when he is home and focused on anything at all. He will be watching TV and the light in the next room will flash, or a shadow walks right through the room and he never even seems to acknowledge it. He just goes on watching TV or playing his video game . This is because he is not waiting for the paranormal to happen. He hardly even notices, unless something really impressive goes down and then he may make mention of it, but still he carries on as if it never happened. If he hears a voice in the house, [which happens a lot around here] he does not react to it anymore than he would to our birds whistling. To him it is just a normal part of his reality that does not have any real consequence. Unlike my husband, some folks have a fear of ghosts long before they ever see or hear one, so they are attributing every noise and shadow to something paranormal or supernatural. The thing is to reel yourself in and stop being paranoid and view mild activity as nothing more than a slight nuisance rather than a full out attack. Most of the time, most hauntings never even get started because the spirit can not get the attention of the person that he or she is trying to get to.


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