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Conquering fear…………..

When it comes to haunting or spirit presence FEAR is sometimes very counterproductive. If you have an actual malevolent spirit they feed on your fear and love the reactions they get from you, as well as the energy fix they can absorb once that adrenalin starts to flow. The hardest thing however, is to stop being afraid. Fear is a natural reaction to that which we do not understand or makes us feel vulnerable. What it comes down to is changing the way you view and think about the whole thing. In the movies, books, and TV shows ghosts seem to be very powerful and scary and cause some horrible chaos and even injury to the living. In the real world though, this is very seldom ever the case. While there are some truly bad spirits out there and a spirit can physically interact on occasion if they have amassed enough energy, it is very, very rare.

Let’s compare the fear of ghosts, to another fear that people have: a shark attack for example? People swim in the oceans every day and shark attacks are so rare that the odds are miniscule. We still swim in the ocean though, and most people do not harbor the fear of sharks getting them all the time, even after they have seen a real shark at an aquarium etc. The movie “Jaws” did a lot to bolster fear of sharks. Now just look at all the movies that promote fear of ghosts and spirits, the list is endless. The current paranormal craze is not helping either as the TV shows just never stop coming and passing on more and more wrong information that gets good ratings. We are conditioned to fear these things by entertainment sources, folklore and even our religious beliefs. In real life very few people ever die or are hurt at the hands of a GHOST. You stand a better chance of being hit by lightning or attacked by a shark.

Okay now that we covered this reality, let’s look at other aspects of our fear and how to conquer them. Contrary to the moves and the religious dogma, most spirits that seek to interact with the living are human spirits. They are just people like you and me but without a physical body anymore. They are not all powerful demons from hell, out to steal your soul or possess anyone. In 36 years of working hostile haunting, if these supposed demons were so numerous and common, I would have been toast a long time ago, yet I have never run into one yet. Of course my religious faith does not en courage fear or belief in such things. Now if ghosts are just people, most of the time then why are we so scared of them? If a living person skulked around and did some of the things we think the ghosts are doing, we would face off with them and tell them to get out of our home and stand our ground. Yet when it is a spirit we feel powerless against them. Why?

We are all spirits, and we have the same psychic energy in this life and the next. Spirits rely on psychic energy to interact with us. We also use psychic energy all the time but do not realize it. For example: When you give that dirty look to some stranger that you feel you do not want to associate with and they turn away or change their course, you projected psychic energy. The intent behind the look sends out that energy and people feel it. This is called psychic energy. People sense what you put off, much like animals sense fear in people. The school bully picks his victims by using this same mechanism to find the person who is weak, vulnerable and afraid. Predators of all kinds, muggers, rapists, killers etc. also go for the easy target most of the time, not the person whose energy seems like they would take them on and fight it out. Now if you consider that spirits communicate and read thoughts telepathically, it is easy to see that your being afraid is easily sensed by spirits too.

When it comes right down to it, the way things go down depends largely on what you allow, and how well you can put off your own energy against a spirit antagonist. You can ignore a lot of things and not give the spirit the attention they want, just like you would a spoiled child acting out. On the other hand if you do not acknowledge the activity the spirit may eventually think he or she is wasting their time and go find someone more responsive to haunt. Then there is the old “They can hurt me but I can’t affect them” misconception. Spirits need a lot of energy to pull off physical activity such as moving objects and pushing people etc. they can get it from your fear energy and from other sources. Once they expend even the amount of energy it takes to manifest visually they are usually running on empty after that for a long time. This is why either an object moves on its own and nothing is seen visually, or a ghost is seen and nothing is moved. They find it very hard to do both at the same time. If two things are happening at once then you have more than one spirit present.  

Since they are hard pressed for energy once they use it for just about anything, they are at a disadvantage to us. In our world we just have a lot more juice in our bodies, to accomplish physical tasks than they do. Not to mention that our energy actually vibrates faster than theirs contrary to popular belief. Only when we are in a hypnogogic state such as almost asleep or in meditation does our energy vibration drop to their same level. If you pass your hand through a spirit’s plasma body with force it disrupts their energy field. A lot! They then need time to regroup and pull themselves together again and start their process of manifestation all over again. Many people do not know this. I discovered this by accident when I decided to face off with a spirit and literally grabbed at him when he came up to lean over me one night. I tried this because of something another spirit told me. It worked as that ghost just burst into a million tiny black particles and vanished for good. The element of surprise was also very good combat strategy with that one too. No ghost expects you to try and grab them; they expect you to be frozen in fear.

When it comes down to it, haunting are like any other type of harassment. You stop being a victim when you stop being afraid and muster your best offense and truly believe in your own abilities to maintain control of the situation. I have had clients that did this and had much less of a problem with a spirit than those who cowered in the corner crying and being afraid. It is all about changing the way you look at spirits and ghosts. You have to forget all those movies and all you have been told by mother culture and all the fake, hokey, paranoid, medium wannabes out there. If you have a strong religious faith, use that to find your strength. Know that God would never leave us defenseless against any other spirit life form. We always have a chance for defense and it lies within each one of us. It comes down to what you are made of, for example: after the death of a loved one by a drunk driver, one person went on antidepressant drugs and wallowed in his or her grief, while another went on the campaign trail, fighting all the way to the White house until they had a law enacted to stop drunk drivers. We all have the potential for this kind of strength, if we believe we do and muster the courage to apply it. The old saying “There is nothing to fear but fear itself,” is just as valid today as it was decades ago.


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