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Okay the most recent event in Florida that has captured attention is : A Large Thunder bird type of crypto being spotted in Florida. The last sighting of this bird was in April of 2016. The report was made by a woman and her husband who saw the bird flying over the Main street area in New Port Richey. The lady said that this bird looked similar to a black vulture but had a 20 foot wingspan. They were able to ascertain the size because the bird was flying very low at the time. The bird was gliding at the time with it's wings outstretched. The witnesses seem very credible and were amazed by what they saw.

Lettuce Lake Bigfoot footage There are those who say this is a hoax but as a Floridian I can assure you that very few people would be wading in the swamp like this. Alligators, snakes and quickmud are all too common for this to be a safe bet. Florida is also a gun rich state and whoever does this risks being shot. So you decide if this is real or not, here is the footage:

Okay What the hell is this animal that is in Pasco county Florida's woods????? It looks like a grey Panda bear but what is it?

Amazing hybrid bear found, that is a cross between a polar bear and a grizzly. This was a true cryptozoological find! This bear might be one of a kind, or a forerunner of a new species. So what did they do? They killed it of course. That is what man does with everything that he comes across that seems odd or rare.

This is a damned shame, and the man who did this in the end got the bear back for his trophy case and escaped a fine. Both species of bear are on the endangered list but this guy got away with this. This made me sick. To see the whole story, go to:

The Nocturnal Winged "Who knows what" Of Florida

Sightings from 2002 through 2010 In the Anclote river area in Pasco county people, myself included have seen something that we can not wrap our heads around. Whatever it is it flies at night and also lands on the ground and in trees.

One man told me in 2002 that he was driving his car and he saw fly over the road what appeared to be a black, winged thing that he said looked like a giant bat or the Grim Reaper itself. It shook him up a bit and he did not stick around to check it out.

Two men at the Anclote cemetery who were out testing out some new paranormal equipment, heard a rush of movement in the tree above them on the wood line and looked up to see something large with a tremendous wingspan take off and fly over their head and into the forest. Later as they were leaving the cemetery they walked near the fence and must have startled that same something again as they claim it was flapping about in a large tree and then it sounded as if it fell, out of the tree and hit the ground. They did not cross the fence to see what it was or where it landed, they decided to just leave well enough alone.

Over the years I have had several folks in my neighborhood, ask me if I knew what large birds flew at night in this area. This is because they had seen something large flying about after dark on occasion. In my neighborhood, small pets like toy dogs, and cats have a tendency of falling prey to large owls, if the pets are left out after dark. This is common knowledge around here so we all keep our pets inside at night. I myself did lose one cat to a large Owl. The Owl swooped right down and picked the cat off of my roof, and my neighbor witnessed the sad event. After that ,none of my cats are allowed outside. I know the night birds here in this area. The only birds that fly at night are Owls, and the occasional night hawk, which is not really that large at all. A Horned Owl has a wingspan of about 6 feet perhaps at the largest. We have large peacocks here that roost in the trees at night but they do not fly at night ever. Recently the peacocks must have relocated because I have not seen one in awhile. Now for my experience with the winged weirdo...

One night I went out into my front porch, very late to grab a pliers out of my tool drawer, from a small cabinet, that sat near the side door, that led from the porch, down three stairs to the pool deck. It was not an overly bright night but there was some moonlight, which illuminated the pool deck area a bit. I had a small flashlight in my hand to use while looking in the cabinet. I was in a rush because I wanted the pliers to turn off the water, in the tub because the handle had broken, and I did not want the tub to overflow. I came out into the porch and made some noise when I opened the cabinet and turned on the flashlight. I must have startled something nearby, because I heard a bit of a clamor coming from my left, from the pool deck area.

Now also right outside the porch to the left is a large, monster Window unit Air conditioner, which was not turned on, as this was in the fall and the weather was cool. The noise sounded like it may have come from that area, perhaps on the deck right below this window unit. That area is blocked from view by the lattice panels on my porch that are covered in wild grape vines and Kudzu. I did turn immediately and step towards the doorway to look out and as I did I heard a loud whooping sounds, like large wings flapping. This startled me, as it was so close to where I stood just inside the porch. Whatever it was took off and flew up over the porch roof and I got a look at the underside of it. It's wings were big enough to cast me, and the door of the porch in shadow. It was dark but I could make out the approximate size and shape of those wings. They were huge! They appeared black or dark grey and I could not see any feathers along the edges whatsoever. They made such a loud whooping sound, and I could actually feel a slight wind from those wings as this thing passed so close, on it's way up. The wings edges looked sort of bat like but, I could not be sure. It took off and flew over the house and out over the street but it was so fast, that by the time I crossed the porch and ran out to look up into the sky above the street it had already vanished from sight. I can only assume that it went into another tree.

I have no clue what I saw that night, but it did set every hair on my arms standing up and gave me a weird feeling. The strangest thing was the sound that it made when it took off. Owls fly totally silently. They make no flapping sounds whatsoever, this is one thing they are famous for. It helps them to silently swoop in to catch their prey, without announcing their approach from the air. This was not an owl, as I see them often and they are not this big. This was not a peacock because it had no long tail trailing behind it, in fact I saw no tail fathers at all. It was not a displaced whooping crane because they never fly at night and it had no legs tucked up and dangling behind it either. So I may never know what it was. The experience stuck with me though as I am one of those extremely curious types that wants to know about everything in my environment. Maybe some night someone will get a photo or video of this thing and we will all find out what it is. I only saw it once, on that night and I have lived here for 30 years now, so it obviously is not around a lot. If anyone out there has seen something similar to this thing, please let us know and share your story with us.

UPDATE: There have now been three sightings of this creature, in this same area, one in 2011 and two now in 2012. Latest sightings have described the thing's ability to fly at high speed without flapping its' wings at all. It seems to just move along like a plane never losing altitude. It has flown low to the ground and still kept its speed. If you have seen this thing please go to the forum and tell us about your sighting.

Update 2014:My husband and I saw this same creature yet again in 2014 while in our car late one night in same area in Anclote. The thing was in a tree and then swooped down over the car. The wings were visible from the windshield as it flew over and both us saw that the wings had skin not feathers, and we could make out bone structure under the skin.

Update 2015:

We just learned about yet another sighting was reported in Dunedin Florida a few years ago of a similar creature by a couple who were out late one night, in their back yard. This one was pretty much described the same way as the other, as a man like creature with enormous wings and the wings made a whooping sound and produced a lot of wind when the thing took off.

Update 2015:

Another sighting has been reported by a man and his nephew and the nephew's girlfriend, in Lehigh acres Florida, in February. All said it was like a man sized creature with wings.

The Florida Seamonster: Sightings from 1999, through 2010

We have heard stories before about many different unidentified ocean going creatures out of Florida. Some have turned out to be mistaken perceptions of known sea going animals. I have known several commercial fisherman in Florida for many years and I have received many reports about things they have seen out in the Gulf of Mexico. I am going to share this one because it seems that not one but three different commercial fisherman have sighted the same thing. Their descriptions of this creature are pretty much the same in the details. All of the sightings of this particular creature have taken place from about 60 to 80 miles out into the gulf of Mexico, where these fishermen go to fish for large fish. What they are all describing is a creature that has a long neck, and a back that looks like stair steps or some kind of peaked or corrugated fin running down it's back.

One fisherman reported that he thought the creature he saw was about 30 feet long with a 7 or 8 foot neck protruding up out of the water. He saw this from a distance, but was able to estimate the size because he is used to seeing other ships masts, whales and other large sea creatures from many different distances. The first fisherman claims to have seen this thing more than once and is now carrying a disposable camera on the boat, in the hopes of getting a photo of it. The second fisherman told me a similar story but he was closer to the creature and estimated it at only about 15 feet long, at least the portion that was at the surface that he could see was about the length. He also described the back of the animal as having the same stair step style fin on it's back.

The third fisherman is a real old timer with many years on the Gulf of Mexico's waters. He said that he saw a creature which he described as looking like a sea turtle, but with a very long neck and a spiked, or corrugated looking back. He said that it was far too large to be any species of turtle, and that it was moving at a rate of speed too fast for any sea turtle. He estimated the size to be comparable to a medium sized whale. None of these men were able to see the part of the animal that was below the water, but all stated that it moved at a good rate of speed, with a slight up and down style, undulation.

I have no clue what these three men are seeing but their stories match so closely that I have to wonder just what lurks in the Gulf of Mexico, that is yet to be discovered. New sea creatures are being found all the time, and the warm waters of the Gulf seem to be the breeding grounds for many oceanic species. Maybe there is one more that comes to breed here or to winter here that we are not yet aware of. I will update this section if more reports come in, in the future.


April 2016 a large bird resembling a black vulture but with a 20 foot wingspan was seen from a low flight altitude in New Port Richey Florida near Main street.

New species of giant ape discovered in the congo, this is real go to this link to learn more:

Facebook has a new page called "Facebook find Bigfoot" the site has many videos and news on the Bigfoot creature, like this video on the albino BIgfoot...go to: