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Every one of us will have to deal with death, we all lose our loved ones. Grief is a normal and natural thing that we have to go through, and can not be avoided with anti depressant meds or mood altering prescriptions. To get over this kind of grief, it has to run it's course. We do recover and go on with our lives, but the grief period can not be avoided. Love and loss go hand in hand in this life. Many people today are prescribed meds by their doctor when they are grieving, and this just postpones the process, it does not heal it. Nowadays with the awareness of paranormal technology, people are also doing something else that can prolong the grief, not only for the living survivor but for the spirit of the deceased loved one as well. This recent practice is attempting to communicate via EVP with the spirit. Now we would all love to talk to our loved one, whom we feel we have lost and it will, in some cases even give comfort and closure for both the departed and the living left behind. But at the same time, if it is "continued " it may disrupt the spirit from moving past their own grief over their death and the grief of their loved ones, in a way that keeps them from moving on to the next phase of their next life. For many reasons evp communication is not the best thing for grief resolution at all.

Spirits will cling to this plane out of concern for their grieving loved ones or even their own desire to hang onto this life. This applies especially to those, whose lives were cut short suddenly and at a young age. Once a grieving person establishes communication with a loved one, sometimes it is hard to stop and really let go, in order for them to move on. It confuses the spirit and they feel as if they are still part of this life and this world and it becomes an outlet to feed their desire to stay here. When a spirit becomes attached to their loved ones left behind, who are grieving and in a dismal mood they too get stuck in a dismal spirit world, where they continue to grieve and suffer, and do not move on to the next plane, where their own grief and pain is resolved and they can grow and be happy. Another problem with doing evp in an attempt to contact a loved one is that you may not get the spirit you want ,when you make that call. You may call in something else that you do not want hanging around. This happens very often ,even when ghost hunters are playing around doing evp sessions. A grieving person is especially vulnerable emotionally, and often a perfect target for a predatory entity. Spirits with a bad agenda will pose as whoever you want them to be. So, keep that in mind as well, before trying evp contact with a deceased loved one.

 If you feel you must communicate with a departed loved one, give it some time. Let time pass for them to go through the process of crossing over and seeing their new world. This process takes some time and to contact them immediately after their death may only serve to confuse them and make them hang around. If you do establish contact with them ,how do you know when to stop? You have to stop eventually or neither of you can move on. While your loved ones will always be able to come around and visit and check up on you, they still need to go through the initial transition process from this life to the next. To keep them here is selfish and counter productive to their progress. Part of truly loving anyone or anything is knowing how to let go, when the time comes to let go. Grieving people do not want to let go, but we have to realize that if we love the deceased person, we want them to be able to recover from the shock of their death and embrace their new life, so they can be happy. It is not just about the person left behind, it is about the person who passed on too. While you may have lost the person that passed, they have in essence lost everyone on this plane. This is a hard transition for them also. Of course they can watch over us and see and hear what is happening but it is not like they can be involved or talk to us easily anymore.

With all the technology now available in the paranormal field, this may become an ongoing problem, because:

Communicating with a spirit immediately after their death can confuse them and make it seem as if they are still part of this world, so they are stuck with one foot in their world and one foot in ours. They do not know what to do and may get stuck for awhile instead of going to their next step in the afterlife. If you feel you have to do it then wait for at least 6 months after the person's death, so they have time to make their transition. Send your love and your prayers to your loved one but don't keep them here, as if they are still part of your world, because they are not part of it in the same way that you are anymore, and all you will accomplish is stalling them on their journey, and also prolong your own grief.



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