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The so called "Demonic" growls that people hear and get on tape

People google many things that land them at my website and one of the things they google all the time are the words"demonic" growls. I also see stories at paranormal websites about this growling business all the time, and they are always referred to as "demonic" growls. Now first of all spirits of any kind can produce a growl sound especially if they want to scare someone. second of all there is no proof that "demons" always growl either. People just have been conditioned to believe that whatever growls is a demon. This is far from the truth, in fact it is ridiculous. Now let's look at some of the things that people mistake as demonic growls:

Some evps come in so garbled they sound like a growl until you clean them and finally hear the syllables.

People present at the time of taping, are sometimes the real source of these growls, stomachs sometimes protest and create what sounds like growls on tape. Some people have breathing problems that also cause this type of sound as well.

Pipes, drains, settling wood structures, and even appliances can cause these growl like sounds. So can a car in the distance and at my house, my office chair even makes a growl sound as you drag it across the floor because one of the casters is rusted. At one case we discovered that the culprit for the growling sound was actually the refrigerator which made a strange sound as it went through it's defrost cycles., that sounded like growl.

Animals outside or even in the home can produce growls and so can animal spirits, but does that make the growl demonic?

While you may not be able to hear the growling stomach of a fellow investigator or another in the room, the sensitive tape recorder can nine times out of ten, and the same applies for other sounds that we don't hear. This whole growling demon thing got started in the movies folks. So before you assume you have a demon in your home, think rationally. An actual demon, being a supposedly an extremely, powerful entity ,would probably do a lot more than growl if it really wanted to scare someone. I can not even tell you the cases where we had a human ghost making growl sounds to scare the pants off the residents in the home at the time. This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, as human spirits, know all too well the superstitious beliefs of the living, after all they were human once too, LOL. So they know what scares the pants off of people. I have had people send me audio evp files of supposed demonic growls, which I could not even hear well enough to say it was a growl at all, and in one of these files, you could hear a lady's hubby snoring in the background, hence the growl like sound. Paranormal hysteria is at an all time high because of all the TV shows and all the attention that the paranormal is getting with the current craze. Just remember that 90 percent of what you see on TV is embellished, if not made up completely, for entertainment purposes. Demonic hauntings are not common at all and at this point no one has any proof that they even exist folks. People need to stop jumping to the most extreme and most frightening conclusion when they experience paranormal activity. I have done hostile haunts resolution for over three decades and I have not run up against one "demon", just a lot of disgruntled human spirits and a few others that in no way mimic the classic demon role. Many spirits of all kinds are having a good laugh at people's paranoia on the other side. If you want to learn how not to have a haunting escalate to the point of being like a demonic situation, please read the article on the home page titled "How does a ghost become a demon."


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