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DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU...........even the deceased, as Karma knows no boundaries.

Karmic haunting and revenge haunting??..

We tend to assume that once a person dies they are somehow transported far away to some heaven or realm secluded and separate from the living. We think that we are safe from any retaliation that might be due from something we did to the person in life. We even forget quite often about things we did in the past, to a person when the person passes away. Well they don?t. The dead do NOT forget. During my years of working haunting I have seen countless hauntings where a spirit was literally tormenting someone for something that the spirit felt they did to them, real or imagined on this plane during their corporeal life. Spirits will also torment those who are hurting their loved ones here on this plane also.

There is another scenario too that often leads to revenge haunting. In this life we often think we got away with something because the person never found out. The problem with that is that once someone passes, they now have access to events of the past, present and future and they now know what you did. Their sense of betrayal can be immense and painful, or lead them to intense anger. Oh yes, they know now and they can choose to retaliate from beyond the grave. The old expression ?God?s eyes are everywhere,? is true in this way as spirits can see all and appeal to higher powers for permission to personally intervene via haunting, or to have something done about a serious wrong, committed by a member of the living. In the big picture we never truly get away with anything, as Karma never loses your number, even if you are not at the front of the line, it gets to you eventually.

The Jews had a tradition of confessing wrong doings and trespasses against a dead person at their grave in front of witnesses. This was to insure that the spirit would not haunt them and torment them for that transgression. They would pray to the deceased asking for forgiveness right there at the graveside, when they were interred. They knew the following: Spirits can see and hear everything here on earth after death. Spirits can stick around or return to this plane on a regular basis. They often do visit to see what is going on in their absence. This is why it is also not a good idea to speak badly of the dead either. It turns out that they can hear you and do take offense.

A karmic haunt is pretty much impossible to stop if it is justified. The spirit has to be reined in by the higher powers that be, and so the best recourse is to pray for that end. Then pray for the same higher power to forgive you for what you did to the person in life. It has always been my practice to try and persuade a person who falls prey to a karmic haunt to try and make amends and maybe even offer some form of restitution of some kind that the spirit feels is acceptable. Usually this is the best way to stop a karmic haunting. If my client refuses to try and resolve things with the spirit then I will bow out of the case. If it is not ?my? fight and if the client won?t attempt to make it right, I cannot help anyway. I am just the messenger in that case and my work is then done on that case. Cases of this kind occur far more often than people know. I have also had cases where the spirit has voiced what was done by the client via evp and the client denies ever doing anything to the spirit. Sometimes the spirit is confused and may even be at the wrong house with the wrong person, because they look like the offending party. More often the living person just does not want to admit their wrong doing in the past event. The character of the person being haunted, and what they choose to do, can and does affect the outcome. Spirits can and do participate in the delivery of Karma. My advice is to make peace with your enemies now before they pass. Confess wrongs and be forgiven before the person passes out of this life. Remember the old adage that says ?The only regrets you will have when you leave here are the things you didn?t do, and didn?t say.?