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LAURIE CHAMPION HAS A NEW BOOK ...It is called "Bringing the Paranormal field Out of the Dark ages." If you find this website to be informative, then you will love this book. This book goes beyond what is featured at this site.

I hope everyone enjoys this book. It took me about three months to write the book. It was in the process for years but was just a bunch of notes and essays that were all in my PC somewhere.The hardest part about writing this was trying to find a way to present my theories in a way that people might actually consider them, and also trying to get everything in there that I wanted to cover. This book was done from my own research, from over three decades of working haunt cases. The title is a bit long but I chose this title because it best conveys the intent of the book. This book will not be popular with the mainstream para fan community because it rocks the boat too much. But somewhere along the line we have to raise the bar for research and move beyond our superstitions, religious dogma and the myths passed down to us by mother culture over the ages.

This book is not like any other paranormal book. There is nothing taken from any other book. There is no boring repetitive glossary of related terms or instructions for gadgets of any kind. It is new information gained by over three decades of real research with real hauntings, and spirit communication. The methods herein are tried and true and have been determined by what works and what did not work to get spirit communication. The book features information obtained via EVP. I have offered a wealth of information in this book for those who really want to make headway in this field.

Be warned..........this information may be very contrary to what has been offered to you time and time again by TV shows, and paranormal celebrities and so called experts. You may not like some of the things the book validates or what it repudiates for that matter. This information may challenge your religious ideas of the afterlife, and the spirit world. This information may offend those who are in the commercial end of the paranormal field.

Do you have a truly open mind? Are you able to look beyond what you see and hear on TV reality shows? Are you are tired of the same old hype? Are you ready to move beyond the cookie cutter methodology that has become the modern and popular craze in ghost hunting ? Do you truly want to learn about spirits and find out what it takes to achieve real communication and interaction from the spirit world? Are you a rational believer? Do you look outside of specific religious dogma for answers? If you can answer yes to any of these questions then this book if for you. 

The cover shows someone peering out with one eye from under a blanket being afraid, and that is exactly what the problem is. People are afraid of the whole idea of ghosts and spirits and so they cling to the old legends and dogmatic fears that we still promote today. In another way the paranormal community likes to stay under a blanket of certain ideas that are handed out on TV shows and accepted by the mainstream of what has become the ghost hunting craze of the 2000's. There are also others who are only willing to peer out into the paranormal realm with one eye, through the limitations of their religious beliefs and faith systems.

During the course of writing this book I learned that even though I may understand what I have discovered, it is hard to sometimes put it into words to get it across to others, in a way they can understand. It is even harder to put it in a way they will accept. I have tried to include as much information as I could from my 36 year journey in this field. If I could offer some advice to my readers, and the seekers into this phenomenon it would be:

"No great profound answers will ever be found from "Ghost hunting" as in stalking a cemetery or some haunted venue. That is not research. This kind of thing is a thrill seeking science project, or in some cases a parlor game. It is an intrusion with a demand for interaction. It does not work and is not well received by spirits at all. You can not buy a ticket to a paranormal experience. You can not demand communication from the other side. Any communication you may receive from the next world and the spirits who dwell there will depend largely on your agenda, not on your desire to receive it. Open your mind and search your soul, to see if you think you are ready and can handle the answers that you seek. Be ready to accept the fact that those answers may not be what you thought, or wanted to hear. No progress will be made until you are ready to step outside of what you think you know. I hope you enjoy this book. The kindle version is now on sale for just $3.99, so this is the time to get it. Paperback is also on sale right now at a substantial savings from the original cover price. If you read the book and have any questions you can write to me at holidayghostt[email protected]

To get this book go to:

This book is available in paperback and on kindle.

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A review by Chip De Pew, author and paranormal researcher.....

From the author of Never Forever Dead comes her second work, Bringing the Paranormal Field Out of the Dark Ages. While there are thousands of books on researching paranormal phenomenon, there is one aspect of studying hauntings that seldom is discussed: resolution of hauntings.

Falling back on her own nerve-wracking experiences growing up in a haunted home in New Jersey, Laurie Champion explains offers up perspectives amassed over three and a half decades of working hostile haunt cases.

True to form, Laurie tackles some of the most important questions that seem to be grossly overlooked by the majority of the paranormal community in a blunt, no-nonsense fashion. Is there such a thing as “evidence” and if so, what good is it? Does sage actually do anything constructive in a haunted location? Is the Puck or Ovilus worth the shipping and handling on an investigation?

These are but a few of the questions Laurie poses while discussing her own discoveries working to resolve hostile hauntings in southwest Florida as she crusades to challenge old ways of thinking and struggles to bring the paranormal field out of the dark ages…

More Reviews:

Detailed information on this book: 

This new book is an informative and thought provoking account of Laurie's discoveries, from over 3 decades of haunts study and resolution. This is a more expansive and detailed follow up to "Never Forever dead" Laurie's first book on hostile hauntings. You do not have to have read the first book to follow this one. It is a separate work. This new book is about every aspect of spirit study. This book will cover just about everything, that is related and dare you to open your mind. "Bringing the Paranormal Out of the Dark ages," will rock the boat, that the paranormal community has been sitting comfortably in, and drifting aimlessly , for over a century. Laurie hopes to challenge many of the long held concepts, that she feels are keeping the paranormal field from moving forward. This book will cover the following:

Outdated Ideas Hauntings Cleansings Technology and Equipment Psychics and Mediums EVP

Stages of Spirit Manifestation Spirit Communication Animal and Elemental Spirits The Afterlife

This book will be a controversial work, which will no doubt thrill some people and upset, or anger others. So, if you are willing to open your mind and consider some new theories and ideas, then by all means get this book. If you want to stay in your comfort zone, then this is not the book for you, as it will challenge many things currently being presented by the paranormal community. It is available on Kindle now. The book is available in paperback also. You can get a great deal also from the author on a signed copy of this book that will save you shipping costs, for a short time. Inquire about current book specials by writing to Laurie at [email protected]


The stages of spirit manifestation

Spirits manifest in many ways and have different stages of manifestation. Some of these stages are visible to us at times with the naked eye. The most common stage people tend to experience is the wispy shadowy form you see out of the corner of your eye that seems to vanish as soon as you notice and focus on it. Sometimes our minds and the light in the room play tricks on us and what we are seeing is not a spirit at all but a quick visual hallucination. Not every shadow we see is paranormal, some are just tricks of the eye but others are hard to pass off as our imagination. People do catch glimpses of spirits here and there, it is a very common event. I have seen many spirit manifestations ranging from black shadows and black masses to a full blown apparition in living color that looked as solid as I do.

Since these sightings are numerous and we really do not understand everything we see, I want to try and offer some ideas about spirit manifestation from the most subtle to the most extreme. Spirits manifest in stages and when we catch them in those different stages we see different things. As I said before the shadow ghost is probably the most common thing many people see. Since we tend to associate dark with evil and shadows with fear, people are alarmed when they see these types of spirit manifestations. In realty any spirit can show up as a shadow ghost, even your most loving departed relative can display this way. The shadow ghost is just one stage of manifestation spirits exhibit.

Another very common manifestation is what I like to call the creeping darkness. This happens when you are in a dark room and you start to see what looks like particles of black swirling in the air and which then come together to form a dark mass that seems to move closer and envelope the room. It is as if the whole room grew darker in a matter of seconds. Sometimes they form the image of a person standing in the room. This swirling energy is what I believe might be the first stage of manifestation. I have seen this phenomenon more times than I can remember. I wrote an article about it and received a flood of email letters from people who claimed they too had experienced this same thing. This happens from time to time in any location as spirits tend to pass through different spaces and some spirits just stop in to check up on us. This phenomenon in itself is not really a cause for alarm unless the activity is accompanied by other activity and starts to happen nightly.

Another seemingly dark entity people claim to see is the shadow man or shadow person. Depending on the individual’s concept of these terms they could be seeing a shadow ghost or they could be seeing another kind of shadow entity that appears solid and blocks out everything behind him. These entities are often very tall and seem to have square shoulders at times and long legs. Some are reported to wear a hat. I feel the hat is just a matter of the spirit’s personal attire and has no meaning in itself which might imply a specific entity. They have a different way of reacting when they are seen as these entities do not vanish. At times they will stand their ground or even move about seemingly unconcerned that you can see them.

Encounters with these dense black entities can last for minutes rather than seconds like the shadow ghost sighting does. Again these inky shadow men are not necessarily evil simply by virtue of their dark appearance. Many entities exhibit this way and some are benevolent spirits who are the watchmen of the spirit world. Very often these shadow men are seen during a bad haunting at some point. Strangely enough, after this black shadow man shows up the haunting often stops. This could be because some of these entities are the bounty hunters for the spirit world, come to collect malevolent spirits who are causing trouble for the living. They seldom speak but have been known to communicate telepathically with people. I myself have had some encounters with them and none of them were threatening or menacing. Because of something that happened to me many years ago and some reports I have received from others, I truly think many of these entities may be more protective than predatory.

Another common type of spirit manifestation is the glowing white or blue diaphanous form. These entities seem to give off their own muted light and more often than not are seen floating just about a foot or more off the floor. Some people believe these are higher spirits akin to angels because they float above the ground rather than walking on the earth. Right now we have nothing to substantiate this theory but it is interesting. These glowing entities who seem to give off light, whether it is white or colored in some cases, do seem to show up in many different scenarios. They have been seen inside, outside in supposedly haunted locations, and in non-haunted locations.

One of the less common apparitions seen is the one that appears to be solid and appears as if the person is literally there in the flesh. This happens more with spirits who are seen in broad daylight rather than at night. They also seem to happen more outside than in buildings. These entities appear real in every aspect and have been known to interact with people before just vanishing into thin air. I call these broad daylight ghosts and have encountered a few. They look like a living person and you have no clue that they aren’t real people until they vanish.

To continue reading this chapter, check out this book.

WARNING: This book challenges concepts currently held by science, religion, television shows, ghost hunters, demonologists, New age enthusiasts, and many other groups. Content is presented for individual consideration, and is only the theories and opinions of the author, based on her long journey in this field.