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Dreams and hauntings

Many people call me every week, seeking advice or help with what they think may be a haunting. Quite a few of these folks will mention bad dreams they had or their child had as part of the assumed haunt experience, that they feel is going on. Now spirits are indeed capable of communicating with us in our dreams to a point, but most times bad dreams are just that bad "dreams!" The movies often depicts bad dreams as part of the haunt scenario in the movies because it makes for a great scene. As a rule we seldom even remember our dreams so the chance of a spirit invading them nightly would not be very satisfying for them. Spirits who want to convey messages and loving sentiments often do it when we are sleeping because we tune their telepathic inspirations out in our busy every day world. On the other hand spirits that are actively haunting you are more apt to raise hell when you are wide awake to experience it. They want that fear fix, that adrenalin infused energy that they can use and expend. I know that occasionally a spirit can and will enter one's dreams if all else fails, but usually as I said before "Dreams are more often than not just dreams!"

When we are afraid we tend to attribute every bad thing that happens to the actions of the spirit we think is after us. This is human nature. people have told me they blame the spirit for everything from them getting a cold to losing their job, to their dog dying from a snakebite. Here again, most of the time these are just unfortunate life events that have no spirit action to blame whatsoever. With the paranormal as with all things, we must always rationalize things and first seek the mundane answer or possibility before assigning the most fantastic or supernatural one. There is an article at this site called rationalizing the paranormal, and also "How does a ghost become a demon?" that i also recommend reading before panicking or jumping to a paranormal conclusion. Here are three articles that will help with this : 


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