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In the paranormal field we often hear the term "elemental spirits" There does not seem to be a lot of information about them, as we know very little about them. Much of the information available, comes from folklore and cultural beliefs. Most people have heard of these spirits as being related to the four elements, such as earth, air, fire, and water. Some add the fifth element "ether" to the list, but I don't think it stops there. I think there are many different types of elementals. I think every living thing has it's own spirit, and also it's overseeing divine spirit, almost like a collective consciousness of that species, that may be appointed by the creator of all things. The Native Americans believe very strongly in animal, elemental spirits. God's world is very complex. Very often I think that elementals are mistaken for demonic spirits because in reality most elementals do not like human beings. Since the humans are the species that destroys the earth for every other creature and has killed and abused the animals, the earth and their own kind so much, it is not surprising that these elementals might have a strong distaste for us. For this reason they often do tend to come off as aggressive or mean to human beings, especially if we venture into their space. Elementals also display in ways that superstitious people would attribute to something evil or demonic, because their eyes glow etc. Many people never think of an animal elemental as a possibility for paranormal activity because their belief system does not recognize animals as having a soul or spirit, so of course everything that is not human in their eyes must be demonic. Here

are some elemental eye photos that were recently captured on a case.

Notice the medicine wheel where this elemental is hanging out. The close ups above also came from this location and NO these are not living animals that put off eyeshine. We debunked that right away. We are still working this case at this time, so we do not have more info. right now. we will add it later as it becomes available. I honestly believe that these photos are the eyes of animal elemental spirits right now. Further investigation may prove otherwise but until then, this i my strongest feeling as we saw animal shapes in the form of black shadows at this location as well.

 I have encountered one specific kind of elemental spirit, during my years of research that posed a whole new line of thinking for me. This was an "animal elemental" that was stirring up some serious trouble at a residential home, on a large piece of property. This spirit was that of a deer, but not just any old deer. This deer was more of a Saint among deer, and was avenging the constant sport hunting being done by the man who lived there. The only way to explain what this kid of elemental spirit is in a way that folks can grasp it, is to compare it to our world.

 Now we as human's have our deities and our saints. For example :the most popular religious Saint or spirit among the Christians is Jesus. He kind of represents to the Christians, God's representative in human form. He is their savior. Well the deer spirit, that was raising a fuss at the home I mentioned earlier, is sort of the "Jesus Christ" of deer. Animal species have their great spirits too, that are almost like the collective consciousness of that species. The man who lived on that property, hunted purely for sport and to collect trophies for his walls. He had so many deer heads on the walls, along with boars, even an alligator. The home was like a shrine to his hunting adventures, with more mounted and stuffed animals than I have ever seen anywhere. The problems started for him when he shot and mounted a certain ten point buck. From there out a haunting of extreme proportions ensued at the residence. The investigation there, not only revealed the animal elementals but also some fire elementals as we got photos of fire, that was not there, and a creature apparition that looked like it was made of flames as well. Then we got the deer apparition. Human spirits had also joined in to the effort with this haunting.

Nature has it's own spirits that we know little about. The native Americans have long known about these spirits. They tell of an animal of each species that houses it's elemental spirit. The animal that houses this spirit, supposedly has within it's body a Mustika Stone or Pearl. This deer that the man killed could have been the elemental for that group of deer.

The vessel for an animal elemental is supposedly, this Mustika Pearl, or stone. These stones form in the body of an animal, when the elemental spirit has been living in that animal for some years, forming a symbiotic relationship, in which the animal is strengthened, and the elemental also learns some unique powers from the animal. These elementals that choose to work outside there own world to form such relationships are most useful to our world. When the animal dies naturally, on it's own, and the spirit wishes to continue to work and evolve, it may pass to another animal of it's assigned species, or at times, may even become a willing partner to its human keeper. That is, if the human keeper is a spiritually progressive person, with the earth's best interest at heart. Killing an animal that houses this elemental spirit, can lead to real trouble. Possessing a Mustika Stone can open a person to all kinds of spiritual help, but only if you get it by the animal's natural death. When an animal is slaughtered, for sport and the stone falls to the ground during the gutting and cleaning of the carcass, then the animal elemental spirit is freed and able to exact revenge, for all of it's kind and deliver karma, to those who hunt and kill for the thrill of it, for sport trophies, or just because they enjoy it. The animal elemental spirits serve to protect their animal species, as a whole. They will avenge any wrong doing to the animal kingdom, and to their appointed species. This is why so many times, people that abuse or mistreat animals often eventually fall victim to an attack by an animal that, really outclasses them, and does real damage.

 Let's look at this for a moment. Everyone knows Steve Irwin, the famed "Croc hunter." He supposedly did a lot for animal conservation in Australia, but................. he also hunted down and harassed many, many, animals for his TV show, for the purposes of entertainment also. He was famous for phrases like" See the Croc over there, he hates me. I am going to grab him by the tail, Let's see what he does!" Then he would go and grab the animal and hold it for the camera, and I saw him taunt snakes many times just to get them to strike. He made a lot of money doing this show. In the end, he died because a sting ray, speared him through the heart with it's barbed tail. Hmmmm....... What are the chances of that happening? I can not help but see the irony and the karma there. Perhaps the sting ray said "There's Steve Irwin, who is always bothering the animals, I think I will spear him, let's see what he does?" Live by the sword, die by the sword? Of course you can only tempt fate so many times, but the animal world does have it's own justice, and I believe the animal elementals participate in the delivery of that justice, more than we know. The trespasses we commit against all of God's creatures eventually catch up with us. Steve Irwin fans please do not be offended here, i liked the guy too but he did hunt down and taunt animals for TV ratings and money and so he was not Lily white in the big picture folks. As I aid the animal world has it's own justice. From their point of view, they would not need conservation if not for "Man" and Steve was a man right? Also our methods of conservation are not always what the animals were meant to have for their lives. Sometimes we capture, tag and traumatize them, sometimes we cage them or bring them into captivity to breed them etc. There is a price to be paid for all that we do to the animal kingdom, from taking away habitat, hunting to extinction, killing and cruelty, you name it.

 Elemental spirits of the earth itself, also seem to play their part in protecting certain areas from human infiltration. I also think that human spirits, and guardian spirits of all kinds work together to bring about certain things, that thwart the destruction of certain sacred places. For example: A real estate developer bought a large tract of land that houses not only an animal conservation area, but a Native Burial ground as well. As soon as they started to clear the land and started to build, these enormous sinkholes staring popping up everywhere. This made the land unsuitable for development, and halted the project in it's tracks. Once the project was aborted the sinkholes stopped cropping up and the land has sat undisturbed for years now. The flora and fauna have grown back and the animals have also moved back into the area. Odd. Was this the actions of earth elementals who wanted this place to be left alone as a refuge for the wildlife and a sacred resting place for the Native Americans? I tend to think so. The land tract has been bought and sold four times now and every owner has just given up their plans and abandoned the land, with a for sale sign posted ad infinitum.

Now let's look at another thing that is related to this subject. Before every major natural disaster such as Tsunami's hurricanes, earthquakes etc, all the wild life seems to take off and head to safe ground or higher ground, to avoid being killed or affected by the natural disaster. This was documented during the tsunami in Indonesia. Whether by instinct, or divine tip off, of some kind these animals fled. Humans on the other hand died in mass numbers. Are animals are in touch with the elemental spirits, both those of the earth, and those of their own individual animal elementals? Could be. Primitive people also seemed to be in touch with these forces, and often escaped the same types of natural disasters by some kind of knowing or forewarning. It seems that we have lost that ability, in the wake of our technological development and our selfish and hostile takeover of the planet and all of it's other animal inhabitants. Maybe we need to get back to being in tune with the natural world, and start looking after mother earth, as a whole, with all of her inhabitants, and not just looking after man's wants and concerns.