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The EMF Meters and why we don't even use one.


On almost every TV show where people are investigating the paranormal, you see them running around with an EMF meter in hand. This has done wonders for the business of those who manufacture these meters, but in reality it has done nothing for the paranormal field. The EMf meters, of which there are many different kinds, are very useful for certain things. They can detect electromagnetic fields, electrical fields, and some even geomantic fields from the earth itself. There is no proof whatsoever that they detect spirit energy, or that spirits even produce electro magnetic fields for that matter, this ia all supposition. EMF meters can and do pick up readings from all kinds of thing such as, electrical wiring, power lines, appliances, electronics, and at times even some living people. Even in a house where the electric is turned off, there are power lines outside, and certain devices that still produce electromagnetic fields. So, here again, how can these meters be a reliable source of evidence in any case, for spirit detection?

The K11 meters you see on the TV reality shows are the most easily triggered of all, and also most easily manipulated to go off on cue, to create an impressive display of ghost activity. Spirits are pure energy and they do have an energy you can feel at times when you are in their presence and in close proximity. You can feel it, and at times it can even make you feel disoriented, with pressure on the back of your head, and even cause you to feel somewhat like being seasick, if the energy is strong enough.Can we measure this energy on an EMF meter? Maybe, maybe not. We can not identify the energy to know what kind of fields it produces or even if we have anything to compare that energy to, to try and classify it. For all of these reasons, we do not use these meters.

With ghost hunting becoming a major craze and pastime, companies are coming out with all kinds of gadgets to sell to the enthusiast. Most of which are unnecessary and ineffective. Many companies are cashing in on the craze, and people are buying whatever they see on TV, or is promoted by paranormal teams and websites. Items such as the Ovilus, and the Puck are high ticket items that are claiming to be able to talk for the spirits, yet how they work is very sketchy and in reality just does not make sense, when you really think about it. Your best tool is your tape recorder, as only the recorder can relay any messages of any kind, that we can understand. Save your money, and don't believe everything you see on TV, my friends.