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 I have been studying EVP communication now since 1974. I base some of my theories on what I have learned in this long journey. More and more questions also enter my mind all the time that make me ponder even more possibilities. It seems to me that these possibilities are infinite, as I am always finding another clue that gets my wheels turning, to yet another question. Some of the things that EVP study has made me wonder about are:

1. Just how much memory of language and life experience do spirits remember or retain? 

This first question comes to me time and time again when I hear certain things on an EVP , for example: I had a spirit say they could not remember their name, when we asked for it, and yet others that were able to say their name right away. I must mention that if I consider all of the times we asked spirits for their names, they gave their names only about 25 percent of the time. Most of the time they either did not respond or responded with something other than what we asked. Sometimes they even ask a question to us rather than stating their name. Are they avoiding the question or just unable to answer it? Why do some seem to know immediately and state their names, while others don't seem able to? Does their given name on earth even matter anymore where they are now? Who knows.

From my experience spirits of relatives however, always seem to remember their relationship to the client, for example many a spirit will say "That's my daughter" in reference to the living client or "I love you so and so, "as they always seem to know their living loved one's names. Just so no mistake is made here, I am not talking about malevolent spirit posers here, trying to impersonate a loved one on the other side, to gain trust. Most of these answers came from very nice spirits that were not causing any real trouble at all, in fact some of them offered some very helpful information that benefited their loved ones.

Many spirits have been able to make reference to specific locations for example, I had one spirit say "I am from Tampa!" another said "This is New Port Richey." I even had one that said he was from Fairfield, New Jersey and this spirit was talking to us on a digital recorder, right here in Florida. Some spirits appear to be somewhat confused about things, where others seem to have perfect cognizance and recollection of everything past and present. I have been told things by spirits about what was to happen in the future that came true, so some of them have access to knowledge of the future as well. About 7 years back, I had a running communication with a spirit who claimed that she had been a psychic in life. She was able to tell us her name, and the business that her husband ran for decades, all of which we could verify. Then she told of future events, and 5 out of the 6 things she foretold did happen. One of these things she predicted was the death of Michael Jackson which took place the way she said it would, long before it actually did happen. Of course she put it this way "Michael Jackson will kill himself with drugs and shock the world." She also predicted things about some of us present during the sitting, which also took place down the road as she had said they would. Why do some spirits have access to this knowledge of the future and others do not?

Judging from the hundreds of comments I have captured on EVP, spirits seem to be able to observe what goes on here and in our lives. They seem to know everything that goes on and at times a even more about it, and what goes on behind the scenes than we do. When one of my team members, Sean asked a spirit "Can you see me?" The spirit said "Yes, but I don't have to." What did he mean by this? 

During my team's participation in the National EVP project, we had three spirits imply that they did not know or remember what "time" was. Then again I have talked to spirits who knew exactly what was going on here and now and also knew the past and what they had experienced here in this life. Very few spirits seem to be able to answer the question.."When did you die?' One spirit answered with "That's not important." In one case, I have had a spirit who clearly stated that she would come back "tomorrow" to talk to me again. In one instance I had a spirit say "Give me fifteen minutes." So their varied concept of time is kind of strange and inconsistent it seems. How is it that some seem to have a time concept and others don't? Does the amount of time a person has been deceased make a difference in what they are able to recall? I doubt this as I have talked to a spirit that passed decades ago who gave me their full first and last names, and other information about their life here on earth. Again all of this poses more questions that we cannot answer.

2. What kind of spirits may be talking on the other end of that tape recorder?

Having studied and considered not only my own spirit EVP communications but those of other people in the field over the years, I have noticed some interesting things. Many spirits seem to repeat the same phrases over and over, often they will spout the same profane phrases too. In my article "The spirit repeaters" I addressed this at length and offered many possibilities for this seemingly common trend with EVPS. In many cases a spirit voice will even repeat what someone present during the recording session has said, almost as if they are repeating the words, as if to command them to memory or perhaps try to remember what they mean. In some cases of course it is simple mockery of the living inquisitor. I can tell a lot by the inflection and the tone of the repeating spirit, as to whether it is mockery or they are simply contemplating, or questioning out loud what was said to them. It is possible that some spirits have lost some of their memory of spoken language or that perhaps this is a non human entity trying to learn human speech to communicate with us or has a darker agenda and wants to impersonate a human spirit. A non human spirit may also have very limited knowledge of our language and therefore may also throw out the same responses time and time again, in an attempt to communicate as best it can, using phrases and words they have learned in past communications. We tend to assume that non human spirits are evil, dangerous or scary, so we perceive them as demons and other monsters out to get us. This just may not always be the case, so you have to keep an open mind. There are so many species of life here on this earth, in this world and there may be many more on the other side as well. As the Kabbalah says "As above, so below?" Some of these non -human entities may very well be superior beings to us that are very benevolent such as angels of sorts or what have you. Who is to say that an angel or what we picture as angel has to know our language? Most spirits communicate telepathically anyway so they might not need this spoken word and when confronted with an EVP session they have to try their best to impress words upon that recording to interact with us. Spirits in other countries have given EVPS in English to people who speak English. That opens up a whole new line of thought and questions too.

At one case years ago I got my first recording of what I believe to be the kind of spirits that we refer to as IMPS. I know IMPS were present because we saw them ourselves during the investigation. That was the first time i had ever seen one myself, even though I had heard of them. IMPS are believed to be non-human spirits. Many people assume IMPS to be demons or some other evil entity. I view them as neutral chaos creatures, based on what I have seen of their nature and actions. These EVPS I captured from these IMPS were very strange, as the spirits spoke in perfect sentences but very rapidly and had a strange tone in their voice, much like that of a human dwarf. These spirits used a lot of profanity, while conversing not with us, but with each other, in a panic. They argued with each other and seemed to feel very threatened by us and by our attempt at intervention in their haunting of a family in Clearwater Florida. They were anxious to get out of there and away from us. Since then I have also recorded similar sounding voices with the same strange tempo and tone in locations where IMPS were reportedly seen. You can hear these IMP EVPS on the page at this website titled "EVPS that spell trouble"in the drop down menu under the title EVP.

3. Just how much distortion of voices happens during EVP sessions due to a myriad of conditions and interferences unknown to us, in the science of sound as it travels from dimension to dimension or from world to world?

If you are a para investigator reading this article, just consider how different EVPs sound in voice quality, speed, clarity and even the amount of static produced, when they come in. Some sound metallic, some sound scratchy, some are clear as a bell at times. Many EVPS are proceeded by some sort of static blast or pop or click , audible on the tape and others do not have that feature. It is hard to say sometimes what is on the other end of that recorder because EVPS can be so distorted and convoluted by the time they reach our instruments. I have an EVP of a voice that is loud as the living and has a dragging, whining sound to it sort of like someone who was deaf, or had a speech impediment. The voice is slow and sounds as if we slowed it down yet we did not. The voice was being kind of aggressive yet sounded pitiful at the same time. Was this some other entity other than a human spirit or a human spirit with some kind of speech problem that they have maintained into the next life? Another possibility is that the voice was slowed down by some kind of interference in the ether that distorts EVPS and we do not understand or know anything about at this time. Here is that EVP, you can hear it yourself and form your own conclusions. This EVP says "I want you." This EVP was obtained at a case in an area where I already had a spirit stalker, and I was alone outside when it came in, so it made me a bit uncomfortable. In reality it could have been any spirit and it may have had nothing to do with the spirit stalker. Several things were happening at the time in the location when this came in and I was already in kind of a shocked state, so I may have reacted negatively to the EVP as well. Now I can view it with a more rational and objective ear than I did that night. The voice that comes in over the spirit at the end of the clip is me as I did not know anyone was talking at the time. This spirit was not audible to me at the time. He was audible only on the recorder after the fact.

Now let's look again at a response that many paranormal investigators claim to get with EVPS......Profanity. Many people in this field have told me that they are often receiving very negative response when they do evp sessions. They say that they are cursed at often. I do not think that this is because most spirits are angry, malevolent or evil at all. In some cases it may be the case but most of the time I believe it is because the spirits are offended and do not want the harassment or the intrusiveness of ghost hunting for the sake of it. Your agenda is everything when it comes to communication with anyone living or dead. Spirits do not appreciate the shallow past time of ghost hunting and therefore even otherwise nice spirits will react negatively to something they feel is pointless and disrespectful. Even if the investigator is being polite and trying to come across as nice the spirit is still opposed to the whole idea that they are being bothered by people with no real spiritual goal and no real knowledge or respect for the afterlife. Like it or not we just do not have the right to probe and dissect everything for our entertainment or even for science. Spirits are not moved by our feelings of entitlement and most do not care about our science as they are in a place and at a level of existence where it simply is not consequential to them anymore. They have a better understanding of how things work on a moral and spiritual level and what is important to our spiritual evolution. Given all that they simply do not feel the need to engage us in our desire to probe their world.

I have had some nasty spirits that curse and seem to be annoyed but most of the time I do not get that response. I think it is because I do not have the same goal as most people in the field. I do not want to hunt ghosts or seek them out for any reason. I only want to help when they have reached out to the living. I know that when they do ,there is always a reason and that something needs to be resolved for people on both sides of the interaction.

Everyone who knows me and my work knows that I do not consider or entertain the idea of demons from hell or demons at all. This is not because I do not think there are evil entities in this world and the next, but because I do not believe that we know exactly who or what these entities are. Therefore to give them a name and an agenda based on any specific religious dogma and fear is counter productive and not objective. To take it even further and then apply some specific, supposed religious solutions to deal with them is even more pointless. Often many religious rituals and such fail to drive away spirits. They fail more often than they work. There is a reason for this though most religious folks do not want to acknowledge that. The reason is a true lack of real knowledge of the after life and the denizens that dwell there, beyond what our many religions may claim. Being a spiritual person with a loving and pure heart will get you far in this field with spirits. Wearing the blinders of your religion and the air of superiority that goes with it will do just the opposite. The same applies to those who go into this with that smug skeptical attitude of the scientist wannabee. Many people in this field are not scientists anyway they are just playing scientist, to make their hobby seem more on the up and up. If I were a spirit, I would probably be nasty to such people too.

There could be another reason why spirits do not always seem to want to communicate pleasantly with paranormal investigators. This is something very similar to what we ourselves do in this life. Think back to when you were about 15. Most kids at fifteen are not very interested in hanging out with or entering into deep conversations with younger kids such as 6 or 7 year olds, or even an 11 year old. Why? The answer is simple it is because they are at a very different life stage and they find the juvenile immaturity of the younger kids to be boring and just not worthy of their time. The younger kids know nothing and can not even begin to understand the things that concern the older child. It is the generation gap. The same gap exists between people of many ages and life stages. In college you wouldn't want to discuss your relationships or your job with a middle school kid would you? Why they would not even understand half of what you were talking about as they have no life experience to relate to it. At 45 you don't go to an 18 year old for advice either do you? Now if you apply this same kind of thing to those who have passed onto the next life stage, it is easy to see why perhaps they might consider us to be below their level. Perhaps to them we are as annoying as our little brother or sister who always had to be around bugging us with pointless questions and wanting our attention, when in our minds, we had much more important things to do.

I will be adding to this section down the line as more things come up that are relevant to this topic. If anyone has anything to share or add to this, by all means write to me and share your thoughts with me.


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