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EVP OF THE MONTH 2011 thru 2012

 I decided to share with my readers some of the more interesting evps that we get from time to time. So every month I will post one or two that I found to be unique. This page started in July and I will keep adding to it every month. Just scroll down to continue onto newer entries for each month.

I am well aware that I have help on the other side to resolve haunt cases. I know that I have spirits that work with us acting as liaisons of s sort to help the spirits we encounter at our cases. Well in July I got the proof of that in this evp ,where a man says:

JULY 2011

"You've got souls around you."

At another case we got this man singing a song we don't understand. It sounds like "Papalo mayora, Hmm, hmm, hmmm." We have no clue what this is all about or what he means with this.

"Papalo mayora Hmmm"

AUGUST 2011:

This one made me laugh. It is a female saying "I'm a ghost!" This response was received after I asked, " how she knew something.

"We're not ghosts!"

 "You better not flip out!"


These evps came from our Sept. 2011 cases and are the evps of the month from Sept. The first evp we got from a case said

"I'm not a ghost"

In a comment during a discussion about the ghost hunting shows on TV a spirit gave his opinion about exploiting the dead in this comment, stating that it is an absolute sin. The voice is right at the end slightly over my voice.

"An absolute sin" 

The client had said that she thought that people would think she was crazy for thinking that she had a spirit in her house, to this the spirit

"Who's crazy now?"


   This came from the triple haunt case in New Port Richey this month. This is a female spirit who says "We're not people!" What she means by this is open to many possible interpretations but I don't like the sound of it.

"We're not people."

   This also came from the triple haunt this month: It is a male spirit that is so loud it's amazing and he says "Darn Fools."

"Darn Fools!"


This one came from a case we went to. It seems to be a child spirit commenting about his concern for the family's dog. The dog was making strange noises and the spirit says...

"It's Brutus he chokes!"

December 2011

At a recent case a spirit mistook me for an Italian, and was angry because I spied him coming out of the hallway, he responded by calling me "That Guinea Bitch" I found this very funny. I think the reason he made this assumption is because another team member is Italian and was making a remark about not liking Italian jokes. The spirit, noticing that we both had northern accents just assumed we were all Italian I guess.

"That Guinea Bitch!"

January 2012

"Yeah I'll take a month and cool off !"

February 2012

"That's funny..."

March 2012

" I cut myself straight up!"

"This is Grand Mama!"

April 2012

"Oh nice boots...Yeah!" 

May 2012

"She thinks it's the TV! "

June 2012

"This new drama's gotta go!" 

July 2012

"I'd kill for a coffee!" 

"His name is Chip Dude."

August 2012

"I show off."

September 2012

"I'll find the recorder."

October 2012

"I'll raise the roof up!" 


November 2012

"I push the wave"

December 2012 after client spoke of holy water spirit says

"I'm not fearing the water you know."


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