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EVP of the month 2013 

 I decided to share with my readers some of the more interesting evps that we get from time to time. So every month I will post one or two that I found to be unique. This page started in July and I will keep adding to it every month. Just scroll down to continue onto newer entries for each month.


January 2013 "You have no power." have no power.mp3
February 2013 " Big time Bruja." Big time Bruha.mp3
March 2013 "It's not overwith Laurie!" Its not overwith laurie clean.mp3
 April 2013 "Whatcha gotta do!" what you gotta do.mp3
"They wanna prove this!" wanna prove this clean clip.mp3
 May 2013 "I can't move on." i can tmove on.mp3
" That little girl is not thinking at all." that little girl is not thinking at all clearly SM.mp3
"They would come haunt ya!" They would come haunt ya.mp3
June 2013 
 From our civil war Soldier in the photo in the case updates..."That would be Tyler." ...when asked his name would be Tyler.mp3
"I"m still paying for it!"   spoken by a person who committed suicide.. Im still paying for it clean.mp3
July 2013
"Why does God do that?"   this one was amazingly loud and clear and came from what we think is a child spirit. does God do that.mp3
"We're not leaving!" from a case with some truly hostile ghosts... not leaving cleran version.mp3
August 2013 
"We're angels" re angels.mp3
 "She sure is one tough cookie!" BDR she sure is one tough cookie.mp3
 "I'm the Boogie man and I will go on" the boogie man I will go on etc mp3.mp3
September 2013 
Finally a spirit owns up to creating the water drops out of thin air...male spirit says "I'm just gonna produce this  slow drip drip drip drip til  you get pure water. just gonna produce this great big drip drip drip basic water.mp3
Spirit identifies himself as "Matthew"
October 2013 
Spirit says "We finally get to talk but not really." we finally get to talk but not really.mp3
First time ever a spirit talks about facebook...this made us laugh endlessly. He says...
"You spend an hour looking at facebook." you spend an hour lookin at facebook.mp3
November 2013 
Spirit says "We'll probably hold out for one more question." probably hold out for one more questions.mp3
From a spirit who may have been murdered..."That wasn't the right detective." was him right detective.mp3
December 2013 
From what may be the spirit of a missing and murdered woman...this evp says in a spanish accent "Aye Mommy, they fingered him!~" We believe she is letting her mother know they have the right man responsible for her fate. Mommy they fingered him.mp3