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Many people especially Ghost hunters record evps in the attempts to communicate with spirits. Few of these folks actually know enough about EVP to know when they are in over their heads with a very volatile entity, or even a non-human entity. I have created this section to offer a guide that may help people to know trouble when they hear it. The EVPS below are from very volatile entities and some even from non-human entities. I have collected quite a few of these over the years and learned to recognize those which represent these hostile entities. Entities like these can not be dealt with by a novice or even a researcher, but only by very experienced people with the right knowledge to stay safe and keep their client's safe. These are the kinds of entities which can and will physically attack, follow you, make you physically ill, terrorize whoever they can, and even integrate with and possess people.

Certain types of entities display a certain kind of sound and voice pattern. Non human entities fall into this category.

Human ghosts can be just as dangerous in some circumstances. I have learned from trial and error, that a human ghost can be just as volatile as an unknown entity. A big red flag is the human ghost who sounds like he has touretttes syndrome, in other words the spirit that does nothing but curse you out or repeat obscenities over and over. Many spirits will give you the old classic"GET OUT!" EVP but the ones who do nothing but spew obscenities are often very angry , and full of hate and ill will. So if you get nothing but a steady string of cursing and profanity, you may not want to proceed with the case and call in someone who can cleanse the home. Listen to some of the evps below to get an idea of what truly hostile spirits and entities can sound like and take note of the aggressive nature of some of these evps, and the strange nature of some of the others. Some are from non-human entities, some are from very bad human spirits.

 Below are EVPS from all sorts of hostile spirits and or entities. Listen to them and take note of the characteristics of the voices, this way you know the sound of spirits that spell real trouble.

1. The Hooded Entities that seem to be found at hostile cases and cemetery borders. They usually are very, very loud, or exhibit a very scratchy, demonic sounding voice. These EVPS have been amplified and cleaned for better sound quality

This one says "Follow me" and came from a cemetery border hooded entity

This one says "Suck a breath" this was said after a horrible smell came upon us and I commented on the smell

This one says "Get the woman" and came from a case where we captured a photo of this spirit. A photo of a hooded entity You can see this pic on the latest case updates page.

2. The IMPS: IMPS are non human entities that team up with malevolent human ghosts but are not demons themselves. They are sort of neutral chaos creatures that just like to cause trouble but can be dangerous. Their voices sound somewhat like that of a human dwarf, and often it is hard to understand them. Below are 2 EVPS from these creatures captured at a case where we saw the creatures ourselves. To learn more about IMPS go to the non human entities page of this website

This one features two imps talking , and contains profanity. This is what IMPS sound like......

This one is also an IMP but is unintelligible. 

3. Unidentified NASTIES that could be unknown entities, elementals etc.. These voices have represented hostile and dangerous entities.

This came from a category 4 hostile haunt case and says"I gotta eat1"

This came immediately after the EVP above and says "You smell like a virgin!"

This came from another case and the spirit says "get out of this house!" Notice the quality and volume of this voice...

This came from a cemetery right outside the home of a hostile haunt case. It also contains profanity, the horrible sounding voice says "Behind you" and then says a curse word (C word) meant to insult women.

 This one came from another case and this is the voice of a spirit that has stalked me from case to case in the same area of Anclote. He says"I want you!" He is addressing me and his voice sounds very different from the other spirits, with a dragging, whine that goes through you when you hear it,. I have had other EVPS similar to this in very hostile cases.

3. EVPS that say things like "I'm coming for you, "I'll get you," or any other threat should be taken seriously and perhaps the case should be turned over to someone equipped to deal with it should this entity make good on that threat. When in doubt...GET OUT. I have too many of these to list here. I have albums and albums of these kind of EVPS. Spirits sometimes do make good on these threats and attack people or follow them home to harass them and their families.

4. EVPS that are captured, where a human spirit is referring to something else as "IT!" Example...

"It's back!"

"IT'S watching!"

"IT'S right in the camera, wait!" This was captured after we took the picture of the hooded entity that is in the case updates file at this website.

NOTE: If a spirit is talking to you and refers to something else as "IT" then just imagine the possibilities? Any mention by a spirit in an evp referring to something they call "IT" is a big red flag that you are in over your head and need to not mess with this spirit. Call in a pro and do not interact with this kind of spirit.

5. Last are spirits that threaten to "eat you" as these are animal elementals usually and are very strong, moody and not to be trifled with. Like this one that says "If you cheat, I will have you for supper" I have no clue what it means by this at all.

If you are going to do paranormal investigation, be aware of the things that can hurt you and know when you are in over your head. These entities exist and they are powerful and someone who does not have the experience and the right energy to win the day ,can place themselves, their team and their clients in danger. Know when to call in outside help. You have a responsibility to your client and your team members to keep them safe and not exacerbate a haunting by making a dreadful mistake.