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Many people jump to conclusions and get very scared over false alarms. False alarms with the paranormal come in many forms. For instance:

Things happen around the house that are usually very normal occurrences. Don't rule it a ghost until you rule out all other possibilities. Pipes bang and creak, floors creak, things fall on their own sometimes from vibration and wind. Many things create shadows Passing cars create strange light anomalies on the walls and ceilings. Fear and paranoia can turn every shadow into something scary and paranormal. Voices can be coming from the apartment next door or from outside. Electronic appliances do sometimes go on the fritz all by themselves because they are defective or fall victim to power surges. Make sure that what you are experiencing can not be explained by normal occurrences. Always look to the logical explanation first, before the paranormal one.

Nowadays everyone is watching the paranormal shows on the TV. These shows are scripted and for entertainment, but they are bringing the paranormal more into the limelight and making people more aware of the topic, as well as the fears that go along with it. This makes people start to pay attention to things more than they did before. Some of these things are just normal everyday occurances that happen in every home at some point or another, that used to be ignored, but now seem to mystify. Not everyone who has the feeling of being watched is haunted. There are more electronics in homes than ever before which cause fields and disturbances which produce these feelings in the human brain. Wifi signals keep more people awake at night than anything else. Our brains are now being bombarded everyday by more and more electrical fields, magnetic fields from electronics, Wifi signals, and even signals from a nearby cell phone tower. All of these cause false feelings of paranoia, insomnia and the feeling of being watched or uneasy. They are very bad for your health on every level.

Children have imaginary friends, and they are not always spirits in the home. Sometimes they are just the creation of a child's imagination. Not every child that talks to "someone" is talking to a ghost folks. Children are also prone to night terrors and bad dreams. The best way to keep your kids from being afraid of the dark is to follow this advice:

1 Don't let the kids watch scary movies and the ghost shows on TV.

2. Don't talk about what you think may be the "ghost " in your home around your kids. This puts the idea in their heads and breeds fear and imaginations running wild, from that fear.

We have seen so many cases where people have talked about their supposed haunting around the kids or the kids over heard a conversation about it and then started experiencing supposed activity too, or had night terrors. Remember, what ever Mommy and Daddy think is real, must be real, in a kids mind. Even of you do have a haunting, bringing the kids attention to it just opens them up to it, and then they may be affected by it, even if they were not before.


People take pictures in their homes and see orbs, streamers, and other common anomalies in the photos. Many of these are just camera artifacts or mishaps with the camera and lighting etc. Those that show real orbs and such are not indicative of a haunting at all. Orbs are everywhere and people get them on film all the time. Streamer photos can be caused by an electric light bleeding across the frame. Other streamers, that are captured in total darkness can represent any energy source and may or may not be a spirit at all.There is no proof that orbs are significant of ghost activity at this time. Just because there are orbs does not mean you are haunted.

If you catch an actual apparition in a photo and there is no other paranormal activity going on in the home, then leave well enough alone. Spirits pass through places all the time and sometimes they get caught on film. It does not mean you are going to be haunted, by what is in the photo. Only if activity starts up in the home should you look into it. Communicating or trying to communicate with spirits can get you in trouble as then you invite them to come in and stay. Many people have invited a haunting by doing EVP experimenting in their homes, because they see it on TV. Don't give haunting spirits this kind of attention. Ignore them and sometimes they just move on.


Don't bring in a steady chain of paranormal teams to investigate your home. This also invites and escalates activity that might have otherwise never developed into anything serious. Everyone has one of those friends who is "into the paranormal" and will offer to check out your ghost by investigating your house. These inexperienced dabblers cause actual hauntings, and make real hauntings worse. Whatever you court you can bring to your door, so don't court a haunting or a paranormal experience.


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