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Special feature articles................

This is a new addition to the site. These feature articles will be published here from time to time. They are loosely on the subject of the paranormal and interesting to the inquiring mind.

The first article here I did by interviewing people that I know, to get some different points of view.

Is there still magic left in the world?

Part 0ne….

  I have often wondered if people truly believe there is still magic left in the world. Now I am not talking about witchcraft, Voodoo, or the show business illusions that David Copperfield or Chris Angel do. I am talking about the natural kind, the wondrous kind, the kind that makes the mysteries of the world exciting and still worthy of experiencing. Those things you just can’t explain, but just saw with your own eyes, or heard with your own ears. The kind of magic that is you are paying attention, might just bring you face to face with something unknown, bizarre, amazing, a once in a lifetime experience. Maybe even the very thing you never really believed in or thought existed before? These are the things that make life exciting and mysterious. The things that prove there is something out there bigger than we are, or alien to what we are. Something that lets us know there is a higher power, or that angels exist, or that there is a whole other world out there, maybe in a dimension just a hairsbreadth away.

We live in dark times right now in America. Everyone is disgruntled, worried, and on edge. The world has become a lot scarier in its realities, than ever before for some folks. Many are struggling really hard just to make ends meet and survive today. More and more people are becoming depressed, distracted and tired of it all. Many immerse themselves in the cyber world, or the material world to such an extent that they never even venture out into the natural world very often. We are so worried about all the vanities of the world and the ritual assaults of life’s tyranny, that we are forgetting at times, how to live and enjoy the wonders that life still has to offer. The wonders that don’t cost a dime, that are not available by buying a ticket. The elusive experiences that constitute the magic left in the natural world. There is magic still left in the world. I know this, as I have been blessed to encounter some of it, as others have as well. I decided to do a three part series starting with this article to see what others think. I am doing interviews of sorts and asking three questions to those I interview for this subject.

The first group of people interviewed will be those who are in an interesting, eclectic and spiritual group consisting of many of my colleagues and friends that I respect and love to collaborate with. They are people who move in certain circles where they might be more likely to experience the kind of things, this article is about. They are paranormal investigators, artists, a professor, writers, photographers, a minister, a spiritual medium. I asked many people from different walks of life, these questions in the second part of this article.

The second installment of this article will be interviewing people from other countries and cultures to see their take on it. The third and last installment will be done by interviewing just the average everyday folks of all ages and walks of life. Let’s see what others think about it and find out if magic is still alive and well and if life has more to experience than we ever dreamed of.

Merita King: Spiritualist medium and fiction author from the UK: (

1 - Do I think there's magic in the world? No, but that's because I don't like the word magic. It implies an illusion, something that's not meant to be. What others call magic, I think of as a natural part of the living organism that is the universe.

2 - Where does it lie? It is everywhere, all of the time. The universe is a living, breathing, entire being, in and of itself. It's body rhythms are what we see as our laws of physics. The natural order of the universe is many things, some we encounter often such as the changing seasons, rainbows, up being up and down being down. Others we encounter rarely, if ever, such as those strange synchronistic events that leaves us open mouthed in wonder.

3 - I think people have become too materialistic to notice the more subtle energies that make up those rare events. The universe breathes in and out whether we notice or not, and the effect it has upon us will still occur whether we are aware of it or not.

Dr. Brandy Stark: Professor at SPC University / Artist/ paranormal investigator: (

1. Do you think there is still magic left in the world?

I had to think about this. In the end the answer is "yes". Without wonder, profound discovery, achievement, connection, we are not human. We have to take out judgment, anger, hate, greed....we need to put in compassion, understanding, empathy. We need heroes again. We need mythic stories again. (This is also why I think there is a fascination with comic books and superhero movies....they are the new heroes that function much as religions once did to give examples of those who could overcome adversity).

2. Where does it lie?

I do believe that the natural and supernatural worlds lie within each other. There are connections between these worlds that, on occasion, we as a people or we as an individual experience. These moments are epiphanies, personal, identifiable and yet indescribably.

3. Why do you think people no longer experience it?

I think that it is harder for us to find these moments, especially in such dark times. We are also deluding ourselves that the world should be STEM-based (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). As a long time professor in the liberal studies, it's the fields of arts, religion, and humanities that allow us to glimpse into ourselves, to learn about the archetype, to find the elements in humanity that make us human. Even Joseph Campbell noted that we need the poets and the storytellers, the artists, the dreamers ... we need to find a connection to that ethereal and undefined place that we all sense is there. However, this is why those moments become even more impactful and important. The magic there but we are having a harder time finding it. When we do, it's a personal and societal revelation that changes perspectives. It happens just enough to keep us believing and to keep us moving.

Michael Mannings: Minister, photographer, Hypnotist; (

1. Is there magic in the world. Magic for me is not what people call magic, but more like miracles by faith. Yes magic is still out there. Car accidents that should be fatal but everybody survives. Someone should be out in the street but gets the money to keep their place. What about when someone gets healed from an unknown disease suddenly.

2. Where does it lie, I'm assuming come from.... Faith

3. I think people do experience it, but they have to believe it can happen in the first place: If you think it can't happen it won't.... Laws of attraction. Our readiness to accept magic, or miracles etc and to be thankful for it or them means a person will experience more than others.

Chip Depew: writer/editor/paranormal investigator : (

1. Magic has been defined by virtually every culture that has ever existed and our contemporary world is no different. Like us, magic has evolved and continues to influence our lives and planet despite the “enlightened” mind that scoffs at the notion that magic exists.

2. Magic is the mind and body’s unification with one’s will to affect change. This marriage constitutes all that is necessary for an individual to make choices from the mundane to the grand. Magic is hope and conviction in action, it is as much a verb as it is a noun and that is what so many fail to remember: magic is not only work but working (italicize).

3. 3.Ironically, many folks who believe in Karma, or coin expressions such as “do unto others as you would have done to you” fail to identify the magic that is within their belief system. Magic has been demonized in many religions; it is taboo in many homes and misconceptions fostered by misconceptions themselves can make for painful arguments. Religion is a system of magic, prayers said aloud are spells and congregations are covens by another name. Humanity is a magical race of forgetful creatures whose allegiance has shifted from the universe to a microcosm of self-indulgence, selfishness and technology.

Micha Schneider from Germany; Journalist, Investigator, musician, singer. (

1. STILL MAGIC – yes, if we do accept all phenomenon which aren't explained by science.

2. Lies are made by governments which won't open their secret archives.

3.People do experience it, but the most of them aren't able to see the magic and the hidden wonders in our world.


Part two:

Is there still magic in the world……………the 3 questions:

Judy Dunn Bayberry: From Michigan now a Floridian, retired.

1. Do you think there is still magic left in the world?

I do believe there is magic in the world we live in. The entire Universe is made of energy. We are made of energy. Energy does not go away, it changes. That is a scientific fact. We are also made in the image of God. We are different from the animal kingdom that lives on instincts of nature. We have the ability and the responsibility to learn and use our innate energies for the good of the Universe. What most people consider as magic, I consider directions from Spirit Guides and gifts of learning the dimensions of existence. Thoughts are energy. Dreams are energy. Language is energy. All of these send out vibrations that affect everything around you, just like the ripples made from throwing a pebble in a pond. Being aware and honoring these gifts allow us to know the spirit world. We can receive messages and see glimpses. When I first moved to Florida 5 yrs ago, A Native American came to me in a dream and said this was his land. He welcomed me and said he would look out for me. Rather than ignoring this energy sent to me, I embraced it and learned more about the Spirituality that I have been questioning all my life. This set me on my Magic Path. I will hear one/two word clips of a voice that lets me know an answer to a question I am having. I often feel a hug around me. I smell perfume of long ago. I get intense warmth on my back when I am studying Spirituality. I notice things in my path that have no earthly reason to be there, like an pin oak leaf in a parking lot with no pin oak trees for miles. I have lived in homes with unusual entity activity. Looking back, the entity gave me many messages to protect me. I was loved. During those times, I accepted these incidences without fear. My mistake was to not learn and grow in the things being placed in front of me. I am now 65 yrs old. I feel like a first grader. I am learning the energies and applying them to my growing Spirituality. I am the Happiest I have been in my entire life. I have much, much more to learn. YES, there is magic in the world.

2. Where does it lie?

Magic lies throughout the entire Universe, even within ourselves. It surrounds us daily. We breathe magic. We taste magic. We hear magic. We feel magic. We see magic. It lies in emotions of love and hate. It lies in the thoughts we put out everyday. Our thoughts affect the people around us. Magic is very much alive.

We all have a tiny spot in our brain that I consider "The Third Eye". I believe it connects us to advanced Spiritualism. It is our duty to learn and keep balance of these energies. The intentions of thought can actually change energy patterns. Intentions are a form of prayer. Putting out as much positive energy as you can, will help make up for the negative energies that can sometimes take over the balance. Magic also lies in the many dimensions we are surrounded by. Those dimensions intersect every now and then. Meditation is a way to get to know more about other dimensions. I know one day when my energies pass to another dimension, I will understand.

3. Why do you think people no longer experience it?

When we are born, we are closer to the Divine. Babies are innocent. As we grow, we are beaten down with the education decided by families, religious groups, and community. Our innocent connection to the Divine dimensions diminishes as we grow and fit into the world around us. I experienced many unusual things as a child. Gradually, as my parents let me know that Satan was behind these experiences trying to draw me to the "dark side", I become numb to this awareness. I believe most people no longer experience magic because of

similar upbringing. Ancient beliefs were centered around magic. As various religious beliefs came around, the natural way of things was muted, even persecuted. Centuries of forced behavior has drained the most wonderful gift, Magic. Even now, when speaking of magic, people will look at you as crazy. I now feel sorry for those that follow what men tell them to do. Because we are made in God's image, we have the beauty of expressing the power of magic with good intentions. We are amazing creatures.

Savannha Aretino: High school senior, poet Pasco Library volunteer.

1. Do you think there is magic still left in the world?

2. Answer: Yes, magic is real but as you age the mind tends to change for more survival purposes and we tend to lose that piece within ourselves. I believe magic is stored in the mind of children as their imagination and creativity is truly exquisite, almost unbelievable. Then again people that are described as truly odd or unique have the ability to keep this gift through their adulthood.

2.) Where does it lie?

Answer: Magic I believe truly relies with not only the heart but to be more in depth the soul within us. For instance children tend to have such vivid minds but also those that had to look at things in different perspectives also see the world so differently. I remember babysitting and the kids seeing a stick but in their eyes it was a sword.

3.) Why do you think people no longer experience it ?

Answer: People no longer experience magic because we’ve always been told at the age of adolescence that it’s time to grow up or it’s time to learn how the real world works. In fact you’ll notice those that still have some sort of creativity are somewhat peculiar rather than most of the world that turned away from imagination of the magical belief and went straight towards realistic beliefs like money, items, and praises.


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