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This sketch represents the Florida Bigfoot seen in Pasco county Fl.

It was done in the same manner as a police sketch artist does a composite sketch from eye witnesses. This sketch was done by PPP's sketch artist Lora Humphrey.

The state of Florida ranks fourth for the most sightings of a Bigfoot type creature in the entire country. The top five states for this are: 1. Washington 2. California 3.Oregon 4 Florida and 5. Texas Just take a look at this map to see just how many sightings take place in Florida each year. Mind blowing isn't it?

The Bigfoot sightings listed at this website, on the latest sightings page, do not list the exact location of the sightings, in the interest of protecting this creature from Great white hunters and modern day PT Barnums out there, who would attempt to capture or kill the creature. All of the sightings listed here have taken place in different areas of Pasco and Pinellas county, but no more information regarding specific location will be listed here. While we study and want to learn about this creature ,we have no desire to exploit, harass, or harm him. We also have no intention of leading people to him, that would see fit to harm, capture, or harass him in any way.The above picture caption pretty much states how we feel about the Florida Bigfoot. This page contains lots of information and details about this creature. To learn even more about Bigfoot and why he may not be able to be easily caught on a stealth trail camera, what he can do to a trail camera, and his latest hijinks here in Florida, go to:

The Florida Bigfoot makes many different sounds but one that is heard often is the howl they produce. This is a recording of that howl. Howl of the Florida Bigfoot captured by PPP in Central Florida 2012:

Pinellas Pasco Paranormal 's Laurie Champion became drawn into it in 1992, after sighting one of these creatures. Laurie along with PPP continues to investigate and study this creature in Florida, and has for years.Laurie Champion has answered 37 Bigfoot reports in the past three years alone. PPP did a Bigfoot expedition into the Green swamp, in November of 2010, after a reports of this creature causing a bit of a problem with the daily duties of a local business. She continues to monitor the movements of this creature in three locations in Pasco county as well. The things on this page are based on what she has learned over the years about this creature, primarily the Florida species of the Sasquatch. Laurie herself has seen this creature, which is what started her on the quest to learn more about it. Below is her commentary on the subject.

The Florida Bigfoot, and what some call the "skunk ape", is not a myth. This shy and elusive creature ,whom I jokingly refer to as the Abominable Swamp Slob, is not an aggressive or intrusive creature at all. It is however territorial and will behave accordingly, if it is harassed. It usually prefers to keep it's distance from people in general. The Florida Bigfoot seems to have a habit of getting angry when his habitat is disturbed or destroyed by progress and will take revenge by killing cattle, destroying equipment and putting in the occasional appearance that sends people fleeing in fear. IN reality no one has ever been hurt or killed by a Bigfoot type creature in Florida or anywhere else for that matter. These are not mean, violent creatures at all.

This creature's color ranges from black to dark brown, a lighter reddish brown, and even silver, in the case of an aging creature. Their eyes show red at night as they are very reflective, as these creatures have become mostly nocturnal. In daylight their eyes appear to be mostly brown, with the whites of the eyes being much less prominent than human eyes, as the iris is much bigger in comparison to human eyes. They range in height from three to nine feet and can weigh up to 800 pounds according to the depth of footprint casts. They are omnivorous but prefer fruit and plant life. They will kill and consume prey when other food sources are not available or plentiful. They make sounds ranging from loud, gutteral growls, to a sound that resembles that of a woman screaming. They can whistle effectively and imitate a whistle pattern very well. They howl often. They can also make sounds similar to that of a gorilla. They lived in the Anclote area for many years until recently when construction and development forced them out. They traveled through the Anclote river,wading their way north and disappeared from there. They were seen numerous times in the Anclote river area from 1966 through 1995. After that they seemed to just vanish, with no more sightings until recently in 2006 and the last sighting in that area was in 2010. They are now still living in Hudson, and several areas north, and east of Hudson as well as in the entire Green swamp area in the state.They are extremely intelligent creatures and their senses are far more superior to ours.

A Bigfoot can smell gun oil on a person's gun from a very far distance and easily avoids hunters in this manner. They are curious and will follow someone through the woods, while keeping in the safe cover of the treeline. They detest bright lights and fire, and will not hesitate to kill a dog sent to pursue them. Most dogs instinctively will not even step outside when this creature is around but others, like the more aggressive pit bulls will approach it if ordered to do so. A Florida Bigfoot killed two pit bull dogs by smacking one of them into a tree and breaking his spine and breaking the jaw of the other by pulling it apart at the hinge, after a rancher sic'ed the dogs on it.

The Florida Bigfoot does kill livestock, mostly cows and usually breaks their backs, we do not know whether he uses a large branch or his fist but there had been fourteen cow killings in one area we investigated in one summer in 1992, on a 2000 acre ranch, which is odd since the Florida Bigfoot is more active in the wintertime. We believe that this area was a permanent residence for a group of these creatures. This in itself is also strange as usually from what we have observed the Bigfoot moves or migrates more north in the summer months and back to the southern areas during the winter.The cows were partially dismembered and eaten, with other parts carried away and missing from the scene. This was not the work of coyotes or wolves or wild dogs as huge, heavy, parts of the carcasses had been carried a far distance from the scene and discovered later in other locations, parts that were far too large to be carried that far by such animals. One of the cow kills could have been the work of an alligator, as one of the cow bodies was in shallow water upside down with it's four legs sticking up in the air, when we saw it. The alligator must have abandoned it's kill as the cow was dead but not eaten or dismembered in any way. I would like to mention that the cow killing did not start until the deforestation started on this particular ranch, leading me to believe that it was a possible retaliation for the destruction of the Bigfoot habitat and home base. In this same time frame a large tractor, weighing over a ton was pushed through the sand and deposited about twenty feet into a shallow lake on the same ranch. A message perhaps, to the rancher? Other equipment was also being destroyed in a strange fashion that would require a lot of strength, well beyond that of a man or known forest creature.

From 1987 to 1993 this creature was sighted in an area we investigated 33 times. Along with reports , by 31 different people, from children to adults, who lived in different areas along the wood-line, on a five mile track in Pasco county. These sightings were nothing new .This case was first documented in 1967, when a man encountered the creature in his orange grove several times. Another man, a caretaker for a large ranch, in the same area, shot at the creature in 1991, claiming that the bullet hit the creature square in the chest from a range of about 20 feet and the creature walked away, bleeding but not seeming to be very mortally wounded at all by the bullet. Does the Bigfoot have a solid breastplate like some primitive apes and men? We don't know but the bullet seemed to have a minimal effect on him. This was the same man who sent his pit bulls after the creature, and found them later brutally destroyed as I mentioned earlier. I can only assume that this a a strong, creature that can take a bullet and not go down easily. Even more interesting to me is the fact, that on the following night after the incident someone or something threw large rocks at this man's trailer, at 3 am smashing out four windows in the process. The rocks were coming from the woods with a tremendous amount of force, considering their size and the distance they were hurled with pretty good accuracy. Retaliation perhaps? Maybe.

The creature in the areas we investigated in Pasco county over a 30 mile radius, seems to have marked differences from the Everglades Skunk Ape, but at times, it smells just as bad. The smell of this creature is a mixture,{ if you can imagine} of cat urine, old sweat socks, mildew,and sulfur. It is a smell that once you smell it, you will recognize it from there on. These creatures carry a lot of dead algae in their coats from wading through stagnant waterways and rivers which produces the mildew like part of their offensive aroma. In the winter there are times when the creature will not emit this strong smell at all, perhaps because they are not sweating as much and stay away from the cold water in the winter. It is also possible that this strong odor is only produced by females in estrus ,during mating season. The Florida skunk ape from descriptions by eye witnesses, seems to be a more lanky and ape like creature than the Florida Bigfoot seen in other areas. The creature sighted in Pasco county and in the Green swamp area, as well as other areas from Northern to central Florida, seems to be heavier and more massive than the Everglades skunk ape and varies in color. Facial features are also different by description, between the Everglades area skunk ape and the Florida Bigfoot from other areas in the state.

People who live along the wood line in rural areas of the state, have discovered that the Bigfoot is an accomplished thief. The creature will take off with whatever strikes his fancy from your yard or shed, and will pilfer your fruit from your fruit trees as well. While the Bigfoot loves oranges and grapefruit, he seems to have no use for tomatoes, as one homeowner saw the creature taking the oranges and ignoring the tomato plants nearby completely. I found this amusing, so I included it here just for trivial fun. Overall the Florida Bigfoot, while he may have scared the pants off some folks, has never actually hurt anyone. They seem to be more comfortable in rural areas that are heavily forested, have a fresh water source, and have low human traffic.

The Florida bigfoot has been sighted and investigated for many years in the Anclote Area, Hudson, Aripeka, Brooksville, Elfers, Spring Hill, Land O lakes, Dade city, the Green Swamp,and areas north of Pasco county such as Zephyrhills, Homosassa, Weeki Wachi and Crystal river. There is evidence to support the idea that this creature has been active in all of those areas to some degree. There is much evidence to support a group of them in one area that we have been made aware of recently. I have also been to the Everglades, and spoken with people about what they have seen there, but found no evidence there during that visit. There are other locations where only a rare sighting took place, so I am not listing these towns here.

With more and more development of Florida woodlands the creature sightings are becoming more few and far between now in these areas. The Bigfoot seems to be alive and well in Ocala Florida from reports we have heard from a fellow investigator friend there, but we have not investigated this to say for sure. The Everglades has it's own apelike creature called the "Skunk Ape". This animal is in Ochopee Florida. I have seen the supposed pics and video of the Everglades, and Ochopee skunk ape. I went to Ochopee back in 1993 but did not see the skunk ape. From all the data I have gathered, to me it is not the same species as the Florida Bigfoot here on the west coast. The creature we have seen and studied in Pasco county is bigger, broader, and does not in any way resemble an Orangutan or aging chimp as the Myakka ape photos seem to. The Florida green swamp has long been known to be home to the Florida Bigfoot. Upon our investigation of a specific area of the Green swamp, after being asked to come out and solve a mysterious occurrence, we are pretty sure that this creature does dwell there, and has for a very long time. We did get audio responses from wood knocking and also some sounds that we believe ,could be the Florida Bigfoot. We did observe tracks there as well. At the current time the creature in the Green swamp is still active according to our client and correspondent there.

The Pasco county Bigfoot, when mature, is from 6 to 9 feet in height, comes in four colors, ranging from reddish brown, brown, black and occasionally silverish gray. We believe the silver ones to be old timers who have gone gray, much like human beings do in their senior years. Sightings of the silver bigfoot also described eyes that were milky blue, which could represent cataracts, which are also a result of old age in humans and other hominids. Most times his eyes are described as red at night, when reflecting light, and brown in the daytime. The silver Bigfoot reports in Pasco county Florida, were said to have been of an aggressive nature, which is out of character for the Florida Bigfoot. Could this also indicate an aging rogue creature, with a touch of senility? The silver creature was also reported to have chased two young men, out into the road and stood under a street light, which is also not the usual behavior of a creature who likes to stay out of the open and mostly stays in the cover of the woods, and underbrush.

Footprints of the Pasco county Bigfoot have measured 17 inches in length and their depth implied a creature of tremendous weight , perhaps in excess of 600 pounds. They are human like but display no arch, and the first three toes seem to be a similar length. We have also found what appear to be nests of some kind ,made by a large animal in Pasco county's deep woods. Go to the Latest sightings page to see nest photos and hear audio captures of these creatures.

AS of 2011 the Florida Bigfoot is being monitored by PPP and seems to be very active in the Northern sector of Pasco county as well as two areas in Hernando and one in Hillsborough.

Stats on the Florida Bigfoot:

The Florida Bigfoot is sighted all over Florida, not just in the everglades. He can be found in heavily forested areas where there is abundant foliage and a fresh water source. He does not live just in the swamp, but in other areas as well. This creature does follow certain migratory paths, yet it seems that these migrations are not always yearly or consistent as with some species. Perhaps they stay until the food sources dwindle or the heat becomes too much?

The Florida Bigfoot ranges from 4 to 9 feet tall, and can weigh up to eight hundred pounds, judging from footprint cast depth.

The creature is an omnivore, just like we humans are. He eats meat as well as fruit, vegetables, roots, whatever he can find. He also eats fish and some other marine life. He seems to like citrus fruits, and frequents citrus groves, according to sightings and the evidence we have found, where citrus rinds in deserted areas were eaten in a strange way. They were eaten in much the same way as a large ape eats them. The grapefruits we found were torn in half and the meat scraped out of the rind by teeth and finger nails. There were visible ruts from the teeth and or nails scoring the inside of the rind. Even hogs eat citrus by biting the entire things and consuming rind and all. Fruit rats chew a hole in the fruit and then eat it from the inside out leaving behind a still globular rind. Fruit rats can not tear a grapefruit in half, and they have small teeth and claws. The rinds were found in a high place where no hog could venture, as hogs can't climb.

The Florida Bigfoot has access to many food sources in the Florida forests and wetlands. He can find choke cherries, pine nuts, grubs, taro, endless kids of edible plants, and just about a thousand or so other things that an omnivorous primate can consume. If you consider that the mountain Gorilla eats even stinging nettle stems, then it goes to show you just how versatile a great ape's diet can be. Now if the Bigfoot has similar habits to both people and great apes then he will stay well fed in the tropical state of Florida.

The Pasco county Bigfoot, ranges in color from reddish brown to black, gray, silver, and a sable brown. People have reported green hair on a Bigfoot but this is the result of phosphorescent green algae on his coat, as he does not have green hair. He wades through the rivers and picks up this algae that way. This species of glowing algae, will show up as a green glow in the dark. This river wading habit may also contribute to his strong odor.

Laurie Champion's personal Bigfoot story.

I have to condense this story as it spans years of my involvement with this creature. Let me start at the beginning. I moved to Florida from New Jersey back in 1977. Now I was a city girl and although I was very into spirit research, because of my experiences with a hostile ghost in New Jersey, I truthfully had not even heard much about "Bigfoot" at all. It was not part of my reality or even something I cared to know about at the time. In fact the irony of it is this: I have very few fears in life. I have a fear of heights but I also, since childhood had a phobia of Gorillas and monkeys in general. Although I am an extreme animal lover, I don't like monkeys or apes at all. I used to have nightmares as a child about Gorillas, which were my most dreaded animal encounter. There was no reason for this, I just had a phobia about them. Now I moved to Florida to a rural area and at night I heard strange sounds. I spoke with neighbors about it, and they told me a crazy story about this large apelike creature that they had seen before and that lived in the woods. I laughed about it and attributed it to a local folklore, or the country folk, just trying to mess with the Yankee, who was new to the neighborhood. That all changed in time.

I had heard everyone's personal encounter story and I also kept hearing things at night. My boyfriend who lived there before I moved in with him also heard these things at night many times. One night he was outside really late working on the car and he came into the house in a panic saying he had heard growling and saw something, in the wood line right behind the house. He described what most folks now call a Bigfoot. I listened but really did not buy it. In 1992 I was out hiking with a friend in the woods at night. Something was following us, staying hidden in the wood line, as we walked in the clearing. Eventually we turned onto a path and heard a branch snap and a breathy grunt. We looked to our right and there standing between two trees was an 8 foot tall, dark brown or black creature that looked like a very massive hairy man. We stopped and stared in awe, for a few moments. I was so amazed that I did not really process fear for about a minute or more. Then flight or fight instinct kicked in and I bolted away and onto the road. My friend followed shortly after ,catching up with me. Now he was from the Everglades and had seen something like this before ,so he was not as surprised as I was. He did say that this thing was much larger than what he had seen in the glades.

Now as much as I fear gorillas, this thing did not affect me the same way. There was something in it's eyes that was much more sentient and passive to me. I was not in any way as terrified as I would have been had it been a Gorilla. After some time went by, my friend and I decided to go out and try to encounter it again. We did just that on a few occasions and it never did anything aggressive or hostile towards us. In 1994, I hooked up with Bigfoot researcher who was studying this creature in many areas of Florida and together we learned much about this creature, during four years of constant field work. I have continued to work Bigfoot cases, and study this magnificent, almost human creature ever since. I know that the Florida Bigfoot is real, as I have seen it myself. I want more than anything for it to be protected from anyone who would seek to harm it. I do not want to see one captured or wind up in a lab, or a zoo somewhere. I have left care packages of food and other things for this creature. I have followed his actions in cases where I have seen just how smart he is and what he can do if he is upset. Bigfoot is not a dangerous creature, unless he is provoked or harassed. He only reacts when his habitat or family is threatened in some way. Isn't that the same thing that we do as humans? This creature is as close to human as it gets. It deserves to be left in peace.

Now about the people who get to see this creature:

I would like to address a question that I hear all the time regarding the sightings of this creature. Many people ask..."Why is that that it seems that Native Americans and teenage campers seem to be the ones who see Bigfoot all the time, and yet the investigators can't seem to find him?"

I have the following theories which you may consider;

Bigfoot like all animals has an ancestral memory. This consists of things passed down through the generations that make up a large portion of an animals instincts and perceptions of the world and what is necessary for it's survival. Just as we pass on warnings and information to our children for their welfare, so does this creature. For centuries the Native Americans lived in harmony and respect with these creatures . They did not harass them or consider them to be a threat to them, and most of the names such as Sasquatch came from Native American names for these creatures. Every race has pheromones that are particular to that race and a smell that an animal can detect and remember. The creature learns over the centuries who is dangerous and who is not. So it only makes sense that Native Americans might get to see this creature more often as it does not feel threatened by them. Add to the mix that most of the time Native Americans still live in the rural areas of the country where the Bigfoot also resides.

As for the teenagers camping, like I said before, this creature has an amazingly highly developed sense of smell as well as hearing etc. The Bigfoot hunter or even a group of deer hunters have guns. Guns give off the smell of gun powder and gun oil, and of course make a distinctive sound that spells danger to the wise bigfoot. The teenage camper usually does not carry a gun and while posing curiosity on the part of the creature does not impose danger. It all comes down to the creatures common sense and his uncommon sensory abilities. It is not rocket science here folks!

If you have seen A Florida Bigfoot recently, please send us an email and let us know where you saw it. We are hoping to keep track of where the creature stills lives and how well he is faring with so little habitat left in our nearby counties. It is my personal feeling that this creature has a right to live on the earth as much as we do and should not be harassed for science or killed for science or sport. The expression in the eyes of one of these creatures is more human than apelike, and from information that we have gathered I believe that this creature lives in a Matriarchal society in small groups. They are neither dangerous or aggressive unless provoked. To me killing one of these creatures would be like shooting a person, who has a family, that will suffer tremendously from that loss. There are hunters all over the country whose agenda is to bring back a Bigfoot ,dead or alive. I do not worry much about this as this creature is so smart and has such a sensory advantage over us that I think this will not be an easy task. At least I hope so, because I do not want to see that happen. I have stood twelve feet from one of these creatures who froze and tried to blend in with the trees, as he stared with curiosity at my friend and I who also froze in awe and amazement for a full minute or more. There was no altercation or aggression and the creature was still standing there as our fight or flight impulse kicked in and we left the scene. You face more danger from your neighbor's vicious dog than you do from a Bigfoot, from what I have seen, so why shoot such a magnificent creature who has survived for centuries against almost impossible odds?

Date: Nov 8, 2009

The Great Elder Brother...

In Native culture the Bigfoot is seen as our elder brother. He also is thought to be a messenger, that shows up and puts in his appearances to warn us of something. I often wonder if this is true. What do you think?

Read more about it below.

From : Traditional Attitudes Toward Bigfoot in Many North American Cultures, By Gayle Highpine)

Originally printed in the Western Bigfoot Society Newsletter "The Track Record". Excerpted from "Legends Beyond Psychology", by Henry James Franzoni III. Reprinted with permission from all parties.

"Here in the Northwest, and west of the Rockies generally, Indian people regard Bigfoot with great respect. He is seen as a special kind of being, because of his obvious close relationship with humans. Some elders regard him as standing on the "border" between animal-style consciousness and human-style consciousness, which gives him a special kind of power. (It is not that Bigfoot's relationship to make him "superior" to other animals; in Indian culture, unlike western culture, animals are not regarded as "inferior" to humans but rather as "elder brothers" and "teachers" of humans. But tribal cultures everywhere are based on relationship and kinship; the closer the kinship, the stronger the bond. Man Indian elders in the Northwest refuse to eat bear meat because of the bear's similarity to humans, and Bigfoot is obviously much more similar to humans than is the bear. As beings who blend the "natural knowledge" of animals with something of the distinctive type of consciousness called "intelligence" that humans have, Bigfoot is regarded as a special type of being."

"But, special being as he is, I have never heard anyone from a Northwestern tribe suggest that Bigfoot is anything other than a physical being, living in the same physical dimensions as humans and other animals. He eats, he sleeps, he poops, he cares for his family members. However, among many Indians elsewhere in North America... as widely separated at the Hopi, the Sioux, the Iroquois, and the Northern Athabascan -- Bigfoot is seen more as a sort of supernatural or spirit being, whose appearance to humans is always meant to convey some kind of message."

Peter Mathiessen recorded some comments about Bigfoot made by traditional Sioux people and some members of other Indian nations. Joe Flying By, a Hunkpapa Lakota, told Mathiessen, "I think the Big Man is a kind of husband of Unk-ksa, the earth, who is wise in the way of anything with its own natural wisdom.

"There is your Big man standing there, ever waiting, ever present, like the coming of a new day," Oglala Lakota Medicine Man Pete Catches km told Mathiessen. "He is both spirit and real being, but he can also glide through the forest, like a moose with big antlers, as though the trees weren't there... I know him as my brother... I want him to touch me, just a touch, a blessing, something I could bring home to my sons and grandchildren, that I was there, that I approached him, and he touched me."

Ray Owen, son of a Dakota spiritual leader from Prairie Island Reservation in Minnesota, told a reporter from (the) Red Wing (Minnesota) Republican Eagle, "

The Big Man comes from God. He's our big brother, kind of looks out for us. Two years ago, we were going downhill, really self-destructive. We needed a sign to put us back on track, and that's why the Big Man appeared".

Ralph Gray Wolf, a visiting Athapaskan Indian from Alaska, told the reporter, "In our way of beliefs, they make appearances at troubled times", to help troubled Indian communities "get more in tune with Mother Earth". Bigfoot brings "signs or messages that there is a need to change, a need to cleanse," (Minn. news article, "Giant Footprint Signals a Time to Seek Change," July 23,1988).

The Hopi elders say that the increasing appearances of Bigfoot are not only a message or warning to the individuals or communities to whom he appears, but to humankind at large. As Mathiessen puts it, they see Bigfoot as "a messenger who appears in evil times as a warning from the Creator that man's disrespect for His sacred instructions has upset the harmony and balance of existence." To the Hopi, the "big hairy man" is just one form that the messenger can take.

The Iroquois (Six Nations Confederacy) of the Northeast -- although they live in close proximity to the eastern Algonkian tribes with their Windigo legends -- view Bigfoot much in the same way the Hopi do, as a messenger from the Creator trying to warn humans to change their ways or face disaster

throughout Native North America, Bigfoot is seen as a kind of "brother" to humans. Even among those eastern Algonkian tribes to whom Bigfoot represents the incarnation of the Windigo -- the human who is transformed into a cannibalistic monster by tasting human flesh in time of starvation -- his fearsomeness comes from his very closeness to humans. The Windigo is the embodiment of the hidden, terrifying temptation within them to turn to eating other humans when no other food is to be had. he was still their "elder brother", but a brother who represented a human potential they feared. As such, the Windigo's appearance was sort of a constant warning to them, a reminder that a community whose members turn to eating each other is doomed much more surely than a community that simply has no food. So the figure of the Windigo is not so far removed from the figure of the "messenger" coming to warn humankind of impending disaster if it doesn't cease its destruction of nature.

The existence of Bigfoot is taken for granted throughout Native North America, and so are his powerful psychic abilities. I can't count the number of times that I have heard elder Indian people say that Bigfoot knows when humans are searching for him and that he chooses when and to whom to make an appearance, and that his psychic powers account for his ability to elude the white man's efforts to capture him or hunt him down. In Indian culture, the entire natural world -- the animals, the plants, the rivers, the stars -- is seen as a family. And Bigfoot is seen as one of our close relatives, the "great elder brother"

TO VIEW LOCAL BIGFOOT SIGHTINGS GO TO THE LOCAL BIGFOOT SIGHTINGS PAGE AT THIS WEBSITE. Also read the story of a rare Bigfoot attack, that took place in Pasco county Florida.

If you have seen the Florida Bigfoot. Send us your story and the location of the sighting as we intend to keep a record of sightings and post them here. Just click on the "Contact us" prompt or write to [email protected] and title you email Florida Bigfoot.


If you should be out in the woods and encounter a Florida Bigfoot, you can probably avoid any troubles by acting in the following manner. Stay calm, don't show any aggressive behavior, do not attempt to shoot it, if you have a gun, as he probably will not go down and will then be really pissed! The Florida Bigfoot has been shot by three different men on three different occasions and did not seem to be very injured or affected at all. He just got mad! The Bigfoot is not an aggressive creature and usually encounters start with a staring contest and end with him walking away into the forest. If you are in his territory he may throw rocks at you, if he feels threatened. Dogs usually will not even go near one of these creatures but some dogs, like some people are too brave for their own good. If you have a dog with you, do not let the dog charge at one of these creatures, they kill dogs like we swat a fly, and you do not want to lose your dog. The Florida Bigfoot dislikes bright light so a flashlight may be enough to send him packing. If he does not walk away, then you should just lower your head a bit and walk away. He will see this as a sign that you do not want confrontation and ease his territorial concerns, which will keep him from reacting in a defensive manner. Screaming is a very bad idea, as in the family of the great apes, screaming is a gesture that usually proceeds a charge of aggression. Smiling and showing your teeth may also be a bad idea as a display of teeth in the ape world is a sign of aggression as well. If the Bigfoot follows this same code of signals, and behavior patterns of the great apes, then screaming or smiling, may land you in big trouble.

UPDATE:SEPT. 13th, 2008 After receiving a report which is posted on the latest sightings page, we feel that Bigfoot may be alive and well in Pasco county. IF not something else is running amok, and we plan to investigate to find out what.


Is there a different reason that Bigfoot smells like a skunk????


Most recent sightings are available at our most recent sightings page in the header.

The Pasco county Bigfoot has been sighted this year in 2016, 2015,2014, 2012, 2011, 2010 and in 2009, it was active in more than one location. Florida Bigfoot sighted in undisclosed area of Pasco county in Sept. of 2010. PPP'S NOV. 2010 BIGFOOT EXPEDITION REPORTS, at the latest sightings page at this website.



Florida BIGFOOT videos:

Chassahowitzka National Wildlife Refuge

Port Richey Starkey Park

Lettuce Lake Hillborough county

If you have not seen the Harley Hoffman Bigfoot video please click on this link and view it. Either it is one damned good fake or this is the real thing. This video of course was not captured in Florida but is quite clear and thought provoking.