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PinellasPascoParanormal/Hostile Haunts Specialists

Haunted? Call ...727-938-1305


 I would like to thank all of you for joining our website. I look forward to hearing from everyone on what they like, and what they would like to see at this site. Get to know us, and each other, and have a good time. Finish setting up your profiles, don't be a stranger. Tell us about yourselves. PLEASE FINISH YOUR PROFILE!!!!!!!!!! iF YOU WANT TO RECEIVE UPDATES AND NEWSLETTERS FROM THIS SITE YOU have to finish your profile.All I ask is that you do not use this website for spam. I have had a couple of people doing this and I will delete them. I delete spam members everyday, as soon as I come into the site.This website is for learning ,sharing and meeting people of like mind, not for advertising products and services, or promoting internet scams folks. Anyone who posts spam links at their profile, will be deleted. I do not mind if you post a link to your business website or mention your business, but do not just post "links" in your "about me" :section, and no other info. as that tells me you are just joining to spam. Paranormal teams are welcome to post their links at their profile pages, as are other organizations related to these topics. I will also do link exchanges with you if you want to be posted in the links or friends and associates pages, for paranormal teams. Let's keep it friendly and show respect to each other, and the site. Stop by the BLOGS and share your stories with us. Come by the blog, and tell us what you think. we love to hear from our site members.

You can now post your paranormal photos here in the "Friends and members" album, only! Please do not post in any other album folks. Please NO ORB PHOTOS! Please try to post photos that have a note worthy anomaly and not camera blur or lens flare. Photos that show nothing noteworthy will be deleted. We have to conserve space for interesting photos, so we can not keep photos that show nothing out of the ordinary, unless they are historical site photos. Many of our members have posted some awesome pictures here, keep them coming please. We made this album just for you, our members. So post those pictures!

Thanks again, Laurie Champion


Please help us get the forum off the ground. Come by and post at one of the topics or start your own topic. Share your thoughts, stories, and questions with us. Tell us about your ghost encounters, Bigfoot sightings, etc. We started the forum for our members, so let's use it folks! I am looking forward to hearing from all my members here at PPP Hostile Haunts Specialists website. 


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