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What is a frequency?

By Laurie Champion/ Fotinos

What is a frequency? 

Well let?s look at one definition that applies best here to my subject. Physics says frequency is:

the number of crests of a wave that move past a given point in a given unit of time. The most common unit of frequency is the hertz (Hz), corresponding to one crest per second. The frequency of a wave can be calculated by dividing the speed of the wave by the wavelength.

There is a universal energy of frequency and vibration. Everything vibrates: This universal law states that everything in the universe moves and vibrates. Everything is vibrating at one speed or another. Nothing rests. Everything you see around you is vibrating at one frequency or another, all the time. So are we. Each person also has their own vibrational frequency. Some German scientists measured human energy many years ago using angstroms. They discovered that human beings usually vibrate at 450 million angstroms per second, but that that frequency can and does change at times. Some people have learned to change it at will, others do it by accident and at times it just happens

 Some people can change their vibrational frequency at will such as the Tibetan monks, Yogis, etc. They do it using breathing techniques, deep meditation and focus. Some people do it accidentally. I believe our frequency can be affected by emotions, environment, physical health, and even our moods. I also think that everyone has their own unique frequencies that may even be responsible for our attraction to other people. Maybe like attracts like. Maybe we are attracted to others with a similar frequency, and at the same time repelled by others with a frequency that does not resonate with ours. Then there also seem to be certain people whose frequencies seem to go along with special abilities. 

One of the main reasons I became so interested in this is because I was researching a rather strange trait that I myself seem to exhibit. I have always had problems with electrical things, electronics, and glass has been known to shatter in my hand, for no apparent reason. It happened again this morning. I was holding a glass coffee mug in my hand putting dishes away and it literally exploded into what looks like crushed ice. This has happened to me before. This is what is left of the mug:

If you look at the close up you can see that the mug shattered and did not just break. There are tiny fractures all through each piece. 

 Nothing else was affected. The other glasses in the dish drainer and the cabinet were fine. Just the one I had in my hand at the time shattered. This and similar events happen to me all the time. China plates crack in half in my hand, glasses seem to explode into what looks like crushed ice, lightbulbs blow up when I throw the light switch. I seem to be especially dangerous around crystal glass, and lead crystal. I am not alone. I wrote an blog article years ago about this and got many comments from others who seem to have this same problem.

Decades ago, after a very intense experience with a spirit, I started looking into the paranormal. I discovered that spirits can and do communicate with me. I can take a tape recorder and get countless evp responses, some clear as a bell, others not as clear. At first I thought that everyone could do this. Later on I realized that I seemed to get more evp than anyone else and if I left a room during a session the evps slowed down to a halt. What is it about my energy that seems to feed this phenomenon?

Well now, older, wiser and with much more information and discovery under my belt, I know it is not my energy at all, it is my frequency. It was not me, that they was attracted to, it was my frequency. My frequency was conducive for them to create their evp. EVPS are created I believe by the spirit riding an existing sound wave or vibration wave, and creating constructive interference and mine seems to be a good one for them to ride. Perhaps that is why I was meant to do this kind of work. Maybe it is not so much a calling for me, but an inborn antennae of sorts that I have which serves as a conduit for attracting spirits and such.

There is so much that we simply don?t know yet about frequency and the role it plays in all things. It is something that is invisible to us yet so ever present. Tesla, one of the most famous inventors and scientists once said: 

?The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.?

 I think he knew many things then, that we still have yet to figure out. The supernatural is a door that we have comfortably kept closed. I think we are finally starting to open that door, and daring to peer inside. Our progress is slow because in a way it is a scary endeavor. Scary because we are used to thing we can measure and control. The things that exist outside of those parameters, we, as human beings with a huge intellectual ego, tend to evade or deny the existence of. Sometimes the most educated among us are also the most fearful, when it comes to even considering a wider world, outside of their own grasp or understanding.

The paranormal, the supernatural, whatever you want to call it is one thing that we know very little about. There are no textbooks, no degrees, no pre-set rules to refer to in this study. This is why science ignores this field. Maybe too much education on the way we think things are is in essence a hindrance to studying these liminal subjects. Maybe it tends to foster a closed mind that will never even be able to conceive of such things. Maybe this is the one field where we can not rely on what we already know or think we know, to probe that which is as of now, totally beyond all that we have to work with. This is our new frontier. This frontier may be the most challenging as in this one, we can not feel the ground under our feet. This one requires our minds to step out onto thin air, not knowing where we will land.


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