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PinellasPascoParanormal/Hostile Haunts Specialists

Haunted? Call ...727-938-1305


 Visit our friends at Asia Paranormal, if you need help overseas in Asia. Links are below:


Let it be known that PPP does not endorse or hold any association with any teen ghost hunting group whatsoever. We will never support kids ghost hunting teams, nor will we ever post any links to them at this site or any other of our sites. Our stance on kids and ghost hunting are clear in the article at this website titled"Kids and ghost hunting."



Merita King - Psychic Medium/Paranormal Investigator

Merita King is our main correspondent in the UK. She and Laurie have a website together called "The UK/USA Intuitive Alliance." She is a gifted medium and psychic and a good investigator. We often consult with her on our cases, as she provides us with more insight into many things, with her psychic abilities. She has worked with many groups in the UK, and has rubbed elbows with Colin Fry and other well known people in the field in UK. She teaches psychic development and helps others to hone their gifts. She has a wonderful site with lots of blogs on these subjects at:

Merita has written a science fiction novel called The Lilean Chronicles - Redemption which is now available to buy. Click this button to purchase a copy  

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

Hostile Haunts National List for Paranormal Teams:

Teams across the country that can actually offer haunt resolution are rare. Most teams are research teams trying to document the existence of ghosts, and nothing more. Few people have experience with hostile hauntings or how to resolve them. Very few states actually have this kind of a paranormal team. We are trying to compile a list of such teams for case referrals for our out of state clients. If you call us, we will try to find the right team to help you with hostile hauntings.

Other teams associated with PPP for" hostile haunts" in the United States; If you do not see your area on this list call us and we will direct you to the right team. We can provide you counsel in the meantime until they arrive. Still under construction at this time, list to be posted gradually over time.

If you would like to get on our referral list as a team for hostile haunts, please write to us.

PPP'S HOSTILE HAUNTS NETWORK FOR OTHER AREAS: These are teams that I refer cases to for hostile hauntings, that are out of my service areas. If you do not see a team here in your area, call us and we will find you the right person in your area to help you with hostile hauntings if possible.

Texas Paranormal Society;Albiline texas/hostile haunt capable/quick response, ask for Jimmy Morris and tell him that the hostile Haunts leader Laurie Champion sent you.

Arizona : Lori Mcdonald

Florida East Coast; George Lopez PPP refers cases to George Lopez often and he does a great job.

We would love to expand this list and we will as we find teams that are qualified to handle hostile cases.

When we look for another team for a hostile case, out of our state we look for the following:

A team with years of experience, that has channels to cleanse a residence from a hostile presence. We do not look for just research teams or commercial teams. The search is conducted by me, Laurie Champion. When I go to a website looking for a team to refer a case, I look for people that think outside the box. I do not look for a "member of the TAPS team emblem" on the page. When I see such an emblem, I usually move on. This is because I will not refer a team for a hostile case, that has bought into the paranormal craze and seeks to find their worthiness , in an association with a TV reality show.

I do not look for media coverage on the team, or how many awards they have won. I do not look for any commercial ads for ghost tours, ghost hunts, or big paranormal conventions. I look for pictures and profiles of the team members that seem professional. I do not look for pictures of the team with paracelebrities. To me this implies that the team is trying too hard to prove that they are important and seeking publicity and notoriety. I look for experience, information provided at the website, a contact number, which says you are dedicated and willing to be available to your clients. I look for people whose first interest is for their "clients "and not for the media.

 I look for teams whose theories and information provided are not out of date. Teams that post their own evidence rather than ghost pics off the net. Teams that do more residential haunts than commercial ghost hunts. I look for people with heart and intelligence, and an open mind. I do not look for Wiccan groups or groups that hold a strictly" Christian only" mindset either.I never refer to a team that charges for their services. Bottom line I need people who can not only document the activity, but so something to help stop it, as in hostile cases, that is the goal that is in the best interest of the client. Anyone can be a ghost hunter, but few are haunts resolutionists with the experience to actually deal with a hostile haunting. If you are this kind of team, please let me know, and I will consider you for our hostile haunts referral list.

Friends in the field: Research teams for non hostile haunting investigation

The teams listed here are research teams who specialize in scientific research into this field. They use most of the common modern equipment and are full staffed for investigation. Some do resolution attempts and some do strictly research. Other extended area teams in Florida:

Spirits of St. Petersburg: Location St. Pete, headed up by Brandi Stark: research and documentation, evp, Audio/ Video investigation,a fully equipped team that also works with sensitives. I have worked with Brandi before and she is a great investigator.

Florida Ghost Team Location: Fort Lauderdale-South Florida /scientific/ evp, video and EMF equipment for investigation/ Team Leader: Shaun /web. address/

Peace River ghostrackers Charlotte county S.W. Florida/ fully equipped scientific research team/ Five members/ web address / Contact them by mail to:[email protected]

Research Teams in other states;

Southern Ohio Paranormal; A reliable research team that gathers evidence and uses audio/video/photographic and emf equipment. They answer their emails and calls quickly.

Mass Paranormal ; Covers many areas of Massachusetts and is a good research team audio/video/etc. Contact them at

NSPI of Georgia: Paranormal research team. for more information on their investigating techniques you can contact us by email at [email protected] or by phone at(770)540-8479 {Kathy Byrd}.


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