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PPP Hostile haunts specialists do not encourage or condone ghost hunting. We are not ghost hunters we are the ones who come in to clean up the mess that ghost hunters bring home. Remember "WHATEVER YOU COURT, EVENTUALLY COMES TO YOUR DOOR!" The current ghost hunting craze inspired by TV reality shows is not a productive or positive trend. There are now thousands of people running around opening ,doors to the spirit world, that they can not close. This makes problems for everyone.

Our hostile haunt caseload has increased by 30 percent every year since 2006, to 2010. We have had to go out to help the "ghost hunting" teams to get rid of what they brought home, on many occasions. Hostile haunts in general have been more numerous due to the doors being opened by all the ghost hunters. The spirit world is God's territory and it can not be measured with some electronic instrument or dealt with like a lab experiment.

People who fall into any of the following categories are the most susceptible to spirit attachment and the most favored prey for malevolent spirits, and should not undertake ghost hunting: 

1. Minors and teens

2. People who are afraid of the paranormal {fear is high octane fuel for s entities}

3. The loud, outspoken skeptic.{.as someone like this invites a spirit to show them what they can actually do to them }

4. People with mental or emotional disorders

5. People on medication prescribed or recreational {drugs weaken your defenses against spirit attack and integration}

6. People with physical illnesses or in a weak state of health {spirits can really do damage to someone who is already weak or has an Achilles heel physically.}

7. People who have no real, solid faith in a higher power

8. People doing it for kicks and with no respect for the spirits they seek.

9. People involved in magical practices of a dark nature 

There are many things that you can not see but they still exist and can affect you. You can't see the wind but you can see it's effects when the trees fall in a hurricane. You may not see a ghost but if provoked it's effects can be just as devastating to you and your family. Bear this in mind and decide if you want to open the door by ghost hunting, to something, that can really turn your life upside down. If you have children in your home, really consider what you may bring home to them as well. Enough said....


Ghost hunting and playing around with the paranormal can be hazardous to your health, and bring much trouble to your life and that of your family. Malevolent spirits can follow you home and really wreak havoc for your family. The TV shows don't tell you this, so we will...... to learn more about this go to:


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