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Advice for future or would be ghosthunters……..

Quite often people ask me for advice about getting into the paranormal field. By this they mean “Ghost hunting.”Everyone wants to be a ghost hunter. There are thousands of teams popping upall over the country, since the TAPS show hit the air a few years back. The reality shows are entertaining for some I guess, even though they never seem to pack any real thrills. They also provide a booming fad industry for the paracelebrities, and the network that sponsors them. But what are they really doing to further progress in this field? Have they gotten any real irrefutable proof of anything? Do they pose any heavy or spiritual questions to spirits? Do they offer any advancement to the study of spirit return? Has anything new been introduced other than new tech equipment for people to go out and buy to be like the guys on the show? They sometimes get an evp here or there, and some fuzzy shadows on tape. Anything above that is suspect to television magic, to increase ratings.

Dabbling in the paranormal is not as you see on TV. All the tech equipment and a printed T shirt, does not get you anywhere with the spirit world, in fact it has the opposite effect. You will either be ignored or be messed with by some not so friendly spirits, out to make a fool of you, and who could blame them? Most of the spirit entities that we call ghosts are people that have passed into the next world. If there is a next world then there obviously has to be a God. Someone or something gave us immortal spirit then. Hunting a spirit in that sense, is a very audacious and even sacrilegious thing to do. I do not even like the term “ghosthunter” for this reason. I am not now, nor have I ever been a ghosthunter. I am a haunts resolutionist. I do not go looking for ghosts to harass, in order to get some note worthy piece of evidence. I go out to help the haunted and the spirits that are doing the haunting, as they usually always have a reason. If I get some astounding evidence along the way,I share it with others. How you fare in seeking to learn about spirit depends largely on your agenda. I can get 20 or more evps on a case, most of the time. This is because the spirits know why I am there and that I am not some curious, ghost hunter, out for fame and fortune or some entertainment. I do not have cameras trailing me around for some frivolous TV show, and am not dressed up like some member of a swat team. I started this 33 years ago for a higher calling, than making a name for myself or getting on TV. I do not give a damn about notoriety or making the front page of the paper. I care about people, living and deceased and the things I can learn in my journey.

When I got into this field, there were no paracelebrities, in fact few people even worked in the field at all. There was no rivalry or ill will among those that did work in the field. We all had pretty much the same idea and the same goals, which were to help people who were being haunted. In those days most of the people in the field believed in the very thing they studied, and were not out to prove ghosts exist as much as to help people involved with bad hauntings. We had a healthy respect for spirit and for each other. There was no money to be made with paid ghost hunts,or paracelebrity events. We had no desire for these things, as they are shallow endeavors. Now, the ghost hunting craze has reached epidemic proportions. There are more ghost hunters than there are ghosts these days. They are hitting the cemeteries and old buildings in droves, like invading stormtroopers, with their cameras, their supposed high tech equipment and disturbing what were formerly the peaceful places for spirits to dwell in the realm of dark and quiet. Respect for the dead has become a thing of the past. Would be teen ghost hunters are partying at cemeteries and littering and making a mess with liquor bottles, beer cans, and other trash. Ghost hunters provoke spirits when they do not get the response they seek. This is another bad idea. Just as in life, they will eventually pick the wrong spirit and then the realities of the dangers of the paranormal become apparent.

Ask yourself why…you want to become a “ghosthunter”. Is it to emulate your hero on TV. They are not brave souls, they are making a television show with an entire production crew in tow,most of the time. They are second rate actors who get paid to make the show for you to watch. They go out and harass and even try to bully the spirit world,for money and personal fame. Is this your idea of a hero? Do you think ghosthunting is cool? Fun? Do you think it makes you unique? NOT ANYMORE! Everyone and their brother have jumped on the fad, like sheep following the trend. If you want to get into the field to help people, or find some real spiritual proof to help people believe in the afterlife, and find their way back to a spiritual mind set, which is rare these days…then you might be OK. If you have what it takes to actually help people who are having problems with bad spirits,than have at it. Do you even know what that is? Do you think some course in demonology, or some ghost hunter 101 certificate gives you the ability to go into battle with a spirit? If you do then you are buying into the craze and all the hype it serves up to part you with your money, for these courses. In order to have any chance of winning the day against a spirit that is wreaking havoc, you have to have personal,unshakeable, spiritual faith and energy. It does not come from any specific type of religious belief, so don’t misunderstand and think I am bible thumping here.You can be very religious and still have deep, down, fear and doubt. You have to develop a level of awareness that cannot be taught in any course on the internet or otherwise. Most of all you have to be solid in your calling, to work in the field for the best possible reasons. Any other agenda, will just lead you into trouble. You will eventually get what you ask for, and it may not be what you wanted at all. I offer you the famous quote…”As you gaze into the Abyss, the Abyss also gazes into you and one who “hunts” the monsters, becomes a monster too.” Don’t become a “Ghosthunter.”Don’t be a sheep, as you know the traditional place where sheep end up. There is surely some bad ghost out there who would love to have you for dinner. Trust me, I have met quite a few, over the years. I even have an evp that says “I gotta eat!” One of my team members had a really harrowing experience immediately after that.

Now you can hate me, and say I am a self righteous, hypocrite because I do something, that I tell others not to get involved in. I just will not encourage anyone, to go out and open doors that they can’t close, that may hurt not only them, but others in the process. The ghost hunting craze is causing more and more hostile haunting, and in the end will come to no good what soever. The realm of spirit is God’s world, and that world cannot be measured with our gadgets, in our frivolous curiosity, or our desire to be “cool.” In that world we are way out of our league, my friends. Remember in the progression of evolution,every organism from the mineral to the animal to the human is a constant progression to a more sentient and powerful life form. What makes you think the next life does not follow that same rule. When we die, we move a step up on the scale, to a higher life form. That considered, then it makes sense to assume, that we are inferior to those that we choose to hunt as a ghost hunter. You had better have some real friends in the higher realms to protect you when you get into trouble, as with spirits from the next world you are outclassed. I hope that some people think about what I have written here and think seriously about the hobby of “ghosthunting.”

We occasionally have had to go out to help people who brought something home they could not deal with. This is our rule on this: We will help once and only once, if you continue to ghost hunt then do not call us for help a second time.


BECOMES A MONSTER TOO ............... The field of ghost hunting has become a monster with no respect, no real spiritual concern or motivation, and no humility. The field is full of many of the "living dead" willing to sell their soul for that priceless piece of scientific evidence to make them famous or get them a spot on television. Our egos, megalomania and technology holds no sway in the next world. Profound answers will not be given to those who seek it ,in this haughty and demanding manner. Before you search for spirits, find the spirit in yourself that knows right from wrong, and examine your motives my friends.


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