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You know many times I hear the same thing mentioned in a list of why ghost's haunt, and that is, that the ghost does not realize that it is dead. To be honest, I have a problem with this theory. Unless the person crossed over just hours ago, I do not see how this would be possible. From all of the evps I have collected over many years, I have never had a ghost who did not know they were dead or at least what we consider to be dead. From what I have seen and have come to believe and understand, the other side of the veil is populated by many souls. Now given that , why would a person who passes through the veil not be clued in as to what is going on by those around him or her on the other side?

Now I am not saying that it is not possible for a ghost to become confused and not know that they are dead, but I feel it is very unlikely. I have known many people who were on their death beds, including my own grandmother who told me that deceased loved ones were coming to visit her days before she actually died and telling her they would be there for them to take them home. I have heard this from more people over the years, and find it impossible to believe that every one of them were hallucinating.

I have received evps from two people who knew each other in life and are together on the other side of the veil, talking in turn on tape. We do so much assuming on this matter that we really know very little about. We try to apply logical conclusions or possible reasons for things all the time. I only had one evp in 30 years where the spirit said "I?m dead!" But she was not saying this in a shocked or questioning way or with an inflection of revelation in her voice. It was a matter of fact type of statement.

I believe and this is only my opinion...that as soon as someone passes they come in contact with others on the other side and come to the conclusion of what happened without much doubt at all. Furthermore, we use the term "dead" but in reality if they were dead as we view death, they could not talk to us on tape or otherwise in the first place. When you have an interactive evp session with someone who has passed to the other side and they can answer a question or comment on what is going on in the room, obviously they can see what is happening and are cognizant. So death may really be a term that does not even apply by our standards as they would then be still alive on some level.

Another investigator that I know has an evp from a deceased man who says "I?m alive!" point blank and with total conviction. I believe there are many reasons that the deceased seek to communicate with us and interact with our side of the veil, but I don?t really think that, not knowing they are dead is one of them, most of the time. This is of course, food for thought and nothing more.