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The ghost that won't go..........

Hell no, I won't go!

Every once in awhile we are reminded that there are things in heaven and earth that we just can not change or affect. We have been reminded of that now and again on our journey with the paranormal. Sometimes we find a spirit who refuses to vacate the premises or stop pestering someone. Some spirits it seems, fly right under the wire of all cleansing attempts We do not know exactly what the rules are regarding spirits interactions with the living in this world. I would like to think that evil spirits could be defeated by asking for God's intervention, and prayers and such, and I do think that they can be sometimes. But what of the other times? The ties when it does not work? This brings many questions to my mind.

First I could assume that perhaps the spirit is not evil in the big scheme of things but just some restless soul who wants to cling to the world and the people in it, or his former home etc. etc. But then prayers for his safe passage to the other side should help right? Maybe not, as we have free will and maybe it is after all our decision as to when we move on and how long we stay here. Maybe the place we move on to is right next to this plane or on the same one but in another dimension of sorts. Then there is the possibility that some spirits have a visa from the powers that be to haunt someone for whatever reason. We do not always know both sides of the story with hauntings when we go in to investigate and have found in the past, some revenge or karmic haunts, Some of these seem to be immune to cleansing attempts, and others we declined to get involved with due to our own feelings about the situation. We try to communicate with the spirit and convince them to give up the cause and find an afterlife that is more constructive. They do not always take our advice.

Benign spirits, and spirits of passed loved ones it seems, are also immune to any cleansing prayers, so her again, we are at a loss to force anyone to "cross over" if indeed they have not done so already, and are in the place where they go anyway, that we are not aware of. I always feel defeated and a little down when I can not get relief for a client from a haunting. I recently had a case where we have cleansed the place twice, and yet the spirit still carries on with all of his usual tricks and has not been driven away.This spirit is not necessarily mean or hostile but he does touch the woman at the house and laugh out loud for all to hear and fear. He seems to have a mission that we can not deter. Now it is a possibility that this spirit is the dead husband of the client or another dead relative. Maybe he wants to be near her or let her know he still loves her but is scaring the daylights out of her. The laughter often happens when another male friend comes by and spends time with the client. Is this his way of scaring off future prospects for this gal? We do not know.

Now there is another catalyst that people do not always realize that can keep a spirit from being driven away. Here it is in a nutshell. "Fear and helplessness"! Yes, those two things are enough to keep anyone haunted. You see whatever I or my ghostchaser do to irradicate a spirit, the person who lives in the house has to take a stand also. They have to stand up and reclaim their home with conviction and an iron will. It is just like situations in life. Consider this: The school bully is after you and so you get your two bigger friends to stand up for you and drive him off. He still knows that "You" are a wuss. Therefore he will one day find you alone and start his reign of terror all over again. We all have to face off with that which we fear in life. We can not avoid it forever, and fear is a sign of vulnerability to any other sentient life form whatsoever. in this life or in the neighboring dimension for that matter. Fear has a strong smell to a predator in the flesh here on earth, and also a strong vibration to a spirit that may happen by. If that spirit is a predatory or malevolent type, it will hone in on that fear like a beacon.

Fear sometimes prevents a person from commanding a spirit to leave. That is just as good as an invite to stay! Unfortunately as we all know fear is the hardest thing to control. For most people "faith" in God can bring courage and dispel fear. Just because a person may lay claim to a religious belief system, does not mean they have true faith. Real faith in God, holds a power of it's own. A person can have real faith without ever stepping foot in a church of any kind. Real faith also promotes a faith in oneself as a spirit ourselves, with just as much power as another human spirit whether it be in the flesh or in it's spirit body. There is a lot of truth to the saying.."There is nothing there in the dark, that isn't there in the light." However, sometimes it may be more visible in the dark, and that is when we become aware of it. In being aware of it, now we fear what lurks in the shadow, or goes bump in the night. We do not notice noises in the daytime as much as we are preoccupied and other sounds are plentiful as the world goes about it's business. Once we are aware of that which may be around us, then we start to focus on it and as we feed it our fear, and exchange starts to commence that can accelerate a confrontation, and become a nightly battle. This is how about 80 percent of all hostile hauntings start out.

Now there is another kind of haunt, that can not be cleansed for a different reason. Believe it or not, some people like the attention, that a haunting affords them both from the spirit and from the people around them, who want to help. In this case the person themselves is actually the catalyst for the haunt to continue. People do this without even knowing it at times. For a lonely or bored person a haunting can create all kinds of comforting situations. For example, friends, loved ones and even sometimes paranormal investigators will come by, spend the night and offer support, company and even social interaction to the person. They now have a kind of security they did not have before the haunting. So subconsciously, they hang on to the ghost, whether it is real or imagined. If it is real and others can experience it, then the person will be able to have a steady stream of company to fill the void of loneliness, insecurity, or boredom.