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With the whole New age movement we hear more and more about spiritual and psychic gifts, and more and more people are claiming to have them. For every 500 or so people, who make the claim, there may be five that actually do have a gift. There are also many more people wanting to believe in these supposed gifted folks than ever before right now. Due to that fact that this psychic counseling is in demand right now there are many charlatans who are trying to make a buck off of the masses in need of such counseling. I know many people that think they are psychic and only a rare few that really are. I usually don't let most of the harmless folks who have this fantasy know, that I know they are not psychic as I have better things to do. Lately another thing that has gotten a lot of attention is the whole "psychic kids" thing. This is another thing that has gotten exploited in the new commercial paranormal circus. You hear the words Indigo child, Star child, and others all the time now,.There are also many people out there who will offer to work with these so called psychic kids for a price. Some offer to do it for free, because they are very bored and want to feed their ow fantasy of being the psychic healer, and mentor. Unfortunately the folks who do this are not "harmless" as they are putting things in the minds of kids that may not be valid and may not be healthy, and that makes me very concerned, which is why I am writing this article. Before you decide your child is gifted and buy into any of these people and their scams please read the rest of this article.

Children in general between birth and the age of 5 years old, are often very much still in possession, of the senses that they came into this world with, that we all learn to lose or just lose on their own as time passes. Usually when school starts and they get out in the everyday world, where demands are made of their brains and logic and mother culture get a hold of them, this psychic sense fades away. Some kids retain it til the age of 7 or 8, depending on the child. So in a way, all kids under the age of 5 to 8 are sort of psychic to a degree. Kids at a young age, also don't have years of conditioning for rationalizing the things that they see or think they see, as adults do. Some kids retain that gift of perception forever, and these are the folks who grow into what we call psychics or mediums etc. The New Age movement brought us the term "Indigo child" which is a supposedly gifted child that has some special destiny in the world. The problem is that the New agers have a tendency to find magic everywhere and want to make everyone feel special and they want to believe in their own way of perceiving the world. They mean well but sometimes greatly influence people to the wrong conclusions. This is because they want to spread love and "white light." So they like to make people feel good, or special, by telling them what they most want to hear. How can that be a bad thing right? Well it can be and this is why:

Children today have so much to deal with. The world is a much more complicated place in every new generation. The school work is more demanding than ever and the social outlets have more pressure and more judgmental people than ever before. Many children today suffer from disorders like ADHD, because of the immunizations they are loaded up with at a very young age. It is just not as easy being a kid as it was in past generations. Now, if you tell your kid that they are gifted and they are not gifted, you are not only setting them up for a big fall, but also for a big hurt down the road. Kids believe what their parents tell them at a young age, so you have to be careful what you tell them. If the child has an active imagination then telling them they are gifted may just give them more license to take that imagination to it's extreme, spending a lot of time in a dream world, knowing that they can use the "gifted "excuse. Kids also talk to other kids and tell them these things. Then when the child performs their supposed psychic thing for the other kids and fails, they are the victim of some really tough teasing and barbs from their peers. This is not good for you child on any level.

Now, I have also seen people who do have a child that has problems like ADHD or some emotional problem, and the parent tries to mask their own denial, by convincing themselves, that the child is gifted and that is why they are having a hard time relating to the world at large. This is even worse, because you may be taking a child that already has problems with reality and practicality, and confusing them even more with the whole "You're just gifted Honey" trip. Now more than ever before it is cool to have a gifted child, and some people will take the child through some damaging exploitation for five minutes of fame too. You see this all the time on TV with shows like "Psychic kids" which is a scripted show that is in no way beneficial to the kids who go on it. There are gifted kids out there who will grow into gifted adults and they do need the guidance of someone who understands and can lead them in the right direction, but those kids are "RARE!" Just as real adult psychics are RARE.

Everybody has some degree of psychic sentience but only a rare few will develop into what we now consider to be a true psychic or medium. So what do you do if your child may be one of those rare gifted kids that has premonitions or sees "dead people?" Well first you listen to what they tell you with a very calm and rational ear. Don't immediately doubt what they tell you but don't seem too excited about it either. Sometimes you have to let a kid be a kid, even a truly psychic kid. Remember that not every night terror is a true spirit sighting by the child. Kids have night terrors all the time. Listen to your child, comfort them but don't make a big deal out of it. A future psychic can be just as normal as a child, as any child is. Don't read something supernatural into everything they say or claim to experience.

I can not even count the people that call me when they have a haunting and tell me that their child is seeing the ghost and that their child is gifted because some psychic or some New age guru told them so. Some spirits often focus their attention on children...any children. Parents don't realize that children do hear and take in everything that is said around them. If the parents have repeatedly talked about this in front of the child, now the child thinks they can see dead people, and so they have more night terrors and see more and more things, some of which may just be their own fears and imaginations in a dark room.

A truly gifted child may or may not see spirits but even when they do, they will usually exhibit other signs of psychic ability. They may predict future events or know things about people they have never met. Not just one thing, once in awhile, but they will show a steady track record of this sort of thing. They may know a strangers name before they were ever introduced to them, they know who is at the door sometimes before you open the door. They will show other signs besides claiming to see and hear spirits. This is because if they truly can hear spirits, they also receive information from spirits too. Never overlook the mundane ways that kids come by information you didn't think they had. Kids eavesdrop when you think they are asleep and over hear lots of stuff that they may bring out later making it seem that they are psychic. I have an article at this website about imaginary friends ,which tells how you can tell if the "friend" is really imaginary or is really a spirit. It gives you some good rules of thumb to go by when trying to see if your child is really having a paranormal encounter or a normal encounter with their own imagination. It is nice to think that your child is gifted, but it can also be very hard for a kid to live up to your expectations or rationalize what that title even means. For this reason I encourage parents to treat their kids like normal kids, as you only get to be a kid for a short time and a child should not have any more added pressure to perform than our modern world already puts upon them. I have seen so many kids that have been made neurotic by parents who insist that the child is "gifted" and promote that idea to the child and everyone else.