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Halloween is my favorite holiday. It is that one day a year where people can dress up and be whoever they want to be and have a great time doing it. Halloween means trick or treat candy and fun for kids , parties for kids and adults, hayrides and all kinds of traditional things. Halloween has always been a time when people like some good scary fun. Many communities host haunted house attractions that are make believe and very entertaining. In recent times Halloween has also become the most popular time for something else too. "Ghost Hunting." Everyone these days seems to want to go out and find some thrills and chills by taking part in this craze and Halloween just seems like the best time to do it right? Not necessarily, as most real paranormal researchers know that Halloween is not usually any different from any other night when it comes to paranormal activity, despite all the hype and cultural legends and lore. Nonetheless many people just can't resist the idea of going out to see for themselves. Many people even take their kids along for this sometimes risky adventure.

As much as I love this holiday, I know that every year it usually brings lots of phone calls from people who went out ghost hunting in random places and brought home something, that they now want my team to come out and get rid of. This happens even more so after people go stalking around a cemetery. This is why I caution people against ghost hunting and try to discourage it completely whenever I can, on any night of the year.

Halloween is supposed to be a holiday to honor the dead. How does ghost hunting honor them? It harasses them and in many cases, makes spirits so angry that they will return that harassment and follow you to your home and cause some real trouble. Every year there are kids and adults prowling the cemeteries trying to conjure up spirits or seek out ghosts, and about one third of them wind up haunted as a result. Everyone wants some good, scary fun on Halloween. That is fine, but look for it in a safe and less intrusive way. Go to a haunted house attraction, not a real alleged haunted place. Take a ghost tour, just about every area has one. Go see a scary movie, or watch one at home. Have fun and stay safe. HAPPY HALLOWEEN.....................Here are some things to do with the kids or the teens: Check with Pasco county Recreation for haunted houses at Starkey Park. Check with the city of Tarpon Springs for all of their events. Pinellas county Recreation also has stuff every year. Also check with all of your chamber of commerce in your town. The Angelus House:


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