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 The Anclote area, that covers the area along the Anclote river from Tarpon Springs to Holiday and New Port Richey, is one of the most haunted areas of Florida. The original Anclote Village settlement was started back in the early 1800's and has a lot of history, and even some history that is missing due to a fire at the records building. In fact there were many fires in Anclote back in the day and other events that left some lasting angst, that has led to hauntings in Anclote. Anclote is the perfect hot spot for paranormal activity of all kinds as it has a power plant, an interface, ley lines running underneath it, Native American land, burial grounds, an old cemetery, another old hidden cemetery that is now built over, and another a mass grave of unknown African Americans. And Anclote was the site of many hangings, and Native skirmishes with the original settlers. In the course of my services to Pinellas county and Pasco county, I have to say that some of the worst cases of hauntings and the most numerous come from the Anclote area. I have received reports of all kinds of crazy things in Anclote.

Some good advice to anyone who visits or moves there, is to stay "out" of the Anclote cemetery, as there are some bad spirits that hang out there, and you could bring home something you do not want! The hostility among the spirits there has increased lately, due to all the people that have vandalized, littered and dumped trash there, and the constant curious teens that go there to mess around. Someone had even been turning donuts in his truck, in the center of the cemetery, and tore up the grass and the earth there, very near some graves. There was even drug dealing and drug drops being made at the cemetery. This is just wrong on every level. Let the dead rest in peace people, believe me you can buy some real trouble if you don't! Luckily the neighborhood watch is now patrolling the cemetery to catch trespassers and those who go there at night to loiter and litter.

UPDATE: Good news..The Anclote cemetery is now locked up to prevent the bad things that had been going on there, mentioned above. It will only be open during daylight hours for those visiting loved ones graves. Finally the vandalism, the four wheeling and the trash dumping will stop. Pasco Sheriff's dept has also now instituted a patrol by there at night to stop drug traffic and partying at the cemetery. were so pleased with this outcome, as this is a very old cemetery which has been treated with much disrespect as of late. I am glad to see it finally being protected and watched over.

NOTE: Cemetery stalking is NOT paranormal investigation it is just asking for trouble. Stalking the cemetery is a very shallow and stupid practice. No great spirit discoveries will be found there. Do yourself a favor and don't do this sort of thing. It can and does lead to trouble more often than not .

Some of the reports that have come in from Anclote are quite bizarre. It seems that everything is seen there from endless ghosts, to Bigfoot, to a giant bird, to unidentified entities even including, a black hooded, flying figure. Anclote is a spooky, dark, still somewhat rural area. There are few streetlights in many areas and since the Anclote river is so nearby, there is a lot of fog at times during the year. This all adds to the somewhat eerie atmosphere of this area. Anclote is home to many spirits that seem to be habitual haunters, and show up on a regular basis and are seen by many people. We have found the same spirits haunting several residences, off of Calvary road, and cemetery road in Holiday's Anclote area. It seems that when we run them off from one place they show up in another or they are haunting more than one house to begin with. We have also answered many calls from the Key Vista sub-division. That area seems to also be very active. Since I live in Anclote, I have experienced the activity in this area firsthand. I have also picked up two disgruntled spirit stalkers, who are displeased about our evicting them from their haunts, and periodically show up at my home. They never enter the house, but they look in the door and the windows and stalk about outside, making noise and trying to cause a stir.

The folks who live in Anclote are more than familiar with the weirdness that goes on there. They have become used to it and when something new pops up, they will often coin the phrase"Only in Anclote!" For you see, things are seen and heard in Anclote that are just not normal, and have been seen and heard for a couple of centuries now. Living in the area for 27 years now, I can say that I am very familiar with certain things, that I have come to recognize as signs of the periodic waves of paranormal activity that take place in Anclote. There are some nights when you step outside and you just get this "something wicked this way comes" feeling. You feel as if the energy is just not nice, and your hair stands on end and you just want to go back in the house and stay there. This happens about four or five times a year and this energy sticks around for about four days, during which the paranormal activity surges and my phone starts ringing like mad with calls from people who are having ghost problems or have seen something that scared or upset them in the neighborhood.


Some of the things reported to have been seen in Anclote, I have witnessed myself during the course of living here. Things that even I, who believe in the paranormal, laughed at, when I heard them. I wrote about some of them in my book, and the most bizarre was the "ghost of the traveling pants" as I called it. That story is in my book," Never Forever dead", along with a couple more from Anclote.

Another strange spirit that frequents Anclote usually shows up from the end of Calvary road , all the way to the end of Waccasassa street. This is not a spirit that usually shows himself outright but produces a horrible smell that is reminiscent of a combination of male sour perspiration, and old ,wet , sour clothes. It is sickening and the smell will turn your stomach. The smell comes and goes as this spirit follows you when walking down these roads. This spirit is also known to produce ghost webs which you walk into or seem to get on you as he passes up against you.

Anclote road is a long, dark winding stretch with many sharp turns, that runs between the woods and the Anclote river. Many strange things are seen on this road late at night and sometimes even in broad daylight. People have reported seeing the Florida bigfoot on this road and other strange things. One ghost that makes a habit of appearing on Anclote road is a young girl with blonde hair, dressed in 80's style clothes, shorts and a tube top. She is pretty when she shows up looking as she did before she died, but sometimes she shows up with all of her fatal injuries, appearing as a bloody mess. She sometimes acts as a hitchhiker, and at other times just walks along the road. This ghost is fast becoming somewhat of an urban legend in the area. She has been known to show up looking like a living person and talk to people. She also has a habit of following people home who she has interacted with. Myself and my daughter had seen this spirit on Anclote road and then a young man called us when she followed him home. From his description, we knew this was the same spirit, and that is how we were put into contact with this spirit.

We have made contact with this spirit who claims to have been raped, beaten and then murdered, by four men. She also frequents a ranch where many people go to four wheel, and had made contact with living people there who at first thought she was a real girl because she appeared so solid. More about Cindy in the "Lost souls personals" page at this website. This young lady used to hang out at a place known as the "moon" with her friends back in the early 80's, from what we have learned from evps, directly from her. That area is now the Anclote river park fishing pier area. She goes by the name of Cindy, and she has been around since the mid eighties from what I have learned. We believe that her body was dumped in the woods near the power plant, possibly in quick mud.

Anclote boulevard is another interesting road. At night dark shadow people are often seen, as if they are walking in front of your car on the road. It gives you quite a start ,as you think a real person is crossing the road and you are about to hit them. This happens a lot on rainy nights, but also on clear nights. Now Anclote is also prone to dense banks of sea fog at certain times of the year, because of being so close to the river. The fog in Anclote is thick and foreboding when it comes in and sometimes it too, provides an excellent conductor for paranormal activity. Two of the most haunted streets in Anclote village are Cemetery road and Wallace blvd. Many of the old homes down by the river, near the marina are haunted as well. The Key Vista sub division is haunted and we have had several cases there and talked to many people who are experiencing similar activity there. 

Natural beauty and strange unknown animals:

The natural flora and fauna of Anclote is unique. There are ponds in the woods that have phosphourescent algae that literally glows in the dark. There are large beautiful peacocks that are seen near the power plant, and a large brown bird that flies at night that is not any kind of Owl. Owls are usually the only large bird that flies at night, so who knows what this large brown bird is? All I know is that it's wingspan is enormous and it makes a" whoop whoop" sound when it takes off and flies overhead. I have experienced this bird in 2010. very late one night, outside my home, near the pool. I guess I startled it and then it startled me in return. I felt the breeze, and heard a whoop, whoop sound, as it took off from my roof and flew over my head. It was big enough to cast me and everything around me in shadow. I did not get a good look at whatever it was, as I only saw the underside of it's enormous wings, for a second or two.

Small bats fly around at night as well and Owls are abundant in the area. We have coyotes in the woods out here, which are heard from time to time. You hear strange noises coming from the woods at night, especially in the spring and fall. These noises are not like anything, that would be considered familiar with local wildlife. I have four Rotweillers and there are times, when they stick their heads out the door , sniff the air and refuse to step one foot outside at night. There are other times when my dogs bark at something, that only they seem to be able to see in the house or in my front porch, through the glass panes in the door. Living in Anclote is never dull. But the sunsets are beautiful see.....

More below:

Here are some links to Anclote's history.

ANCLOTE. According to Wilfred T. Neill in the Pasco Times of March 20, 1977: “The name Anclote dates back to early Spanish times. The Spaniards called these islands Cabo de Anclote—Cape of the Kedge Anchor—because ships had to use a kedge to winch their way through the shallow water or the winding channels. And early French sailors called the islands Cap d'Anclote, which, of course, has the same meaning as Cabo de Anclote.” According to Neill, Anclote is by far the oldest place name in Pasco County and one of the oldest in Florida. The name is found on a 1715 map which I have seen, and a 1545 map, according to a newspaper article. The Red Race of America (1847) by Henry Rowe Schoolcraft has:

“ANCLOTE, an island on the southwest coast of Florida; also, a river flowing into the gulf at that locality, which is also called, in the Seminole dialect, the Est-has-hotee.”

Some early maps label Anclote Keys as Haley’s Keys; this name was given by Capt. James Cook (1728-1779), and the islands were named for his mate. However, an 1854 gazetteer by John Hayward has:

Anclote Keys, Fa. These islands lie off the coast of Benton co., S. from Helley’s Keys.


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