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Holiday Florida has it's share of spirit activity. The most active area is probably the Anclote area, but other areas are known for ghosts also. The Forest Hills area is active, as is the subdivision that borders Moog Road between US 19 and Grand Blvd. Aloha Gardens has shown some activity too. The most haunted house I have seen in Holiday was the one I referred to as" Ghost central" in my book. This one was in Anclote and it took us two years of constant vigilance to clear the house. That is the record for us sticking with a case and getting it cleaned up. We would get four spirits to move on and then three more would show up two weeks later. This is because the house is so close to the cemetery, and one of the household members was sensitive to spirits. The place was a ghost magnet. I noticed that recently the place must have been sold, and the new owners are now doing some structural renovation there.. I can not help but wonder if the activity will start up again, as a result of the renovation, and new residents. Who knows, I may get a call again someday, from that residence. I hope not, as I hope the place stays peaceful now.

Surprisingly enough, one of the best known sub-divisions in Holiday, the" Holiday Lake estates "east and west, have not shown much action as far as spirits at all. Believe it or not, we have never had a call to go out there. We have been on cases at just about every sub-division in Holiday except that one. So I can only assume that folks don't seem to be bothered as much by spirit activity there. It is just not a hot zone for hauntings like some of the other areas, mentioned above. A funny thing I have noticed is that many websites list the Lakeview Rodeo club, as the famous haunted spot in Holiday. I have never seen a spirit there or heard about a spirit there from anyone. Years ago before it closed and was torn down, I had many friends who went there all the time.

The most haunted location in Holiday, besides "Ghost central" is a residential house, that is no longer occupied and has not been for years. We investigated it years ago, as a favor to the property owner, who is a friend of mine. We obtained a very amazing video there, and had quite an interesting time. I can not post that video for the privacy, of that client, nor will I divulge the location of the residence. That property is now up for sale. I hope the new owner does not have a problem there.

You can find more information about Holiday Hauntings in the "Haunted Anclote" section at this website.