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Hudson Florida is a very haunted city. We seem to get more cases from Hudson than any other city in Pasco or Pinellas county. There are many haunted areas in Hudson. We have been just about everywhere in that city over the years, and I would say that about 66 percent of all our cases come from Hudson. The area in and around Moon Lake is very active. The area right off 19 behind the suburban propane, and all of Terrace drive, is also a hotbed for paranormal activity.We are not sure why this seems to be such an active area. It could be because it is a very old settlement area. There are also some lost cemeteries now built over in Hudson as well. Whatever the case ghosts and spirits seem to run amok in Hudson. Beacon woods is a very active area as well. For the Beacon woods area, please see that announcement below, and the cemetery map, for more information.

The Seapines area is also very active, especially near the pond. We have had many reports of hauntings in Seapines. We also worked one particular case in Seapines that was just incredible. You can read about this in our case updates pages and also on the "most haunted by year" page here at this site.

 The paranormal activity in Hudson seems to heat up in the winter months, but there have been some cases we went to in the summer as well. The hottest time for Hudson hauntings from what we have noted is between Nov. and Feb. each year. A very active area is in Embassy Hills sub-division. This we believe, is the result of old issues that certain spirits have over a cemetery being bulldozed and built over, many years back. The streets immediately surrounding the south side of Embassy Hills seem to have a lot of activity as well. They may have also been part of this old cemetery at one time. One of the places we have spent more time than anywhere else is the Beacon woods subdivision. This activity could be fed by some strange energy that comes from the underground cave system underneath Beacon woods.

Some of the conservation forest in Hudson also has spectral activity. People have also reported strange lights in the wetland forest there. Then there is the Hudson Hills Manor apartments which have had a lot of activity. There are rumors about the area once being a burial ground that the county later turned into a dumpsite but they have not been substantiated. There have been shadow people sighted there and an apparition of a little girl.

 Another supposedly haunted place is the old Hudson Cemetery. below is the original plat map of the cemetery, before some graves were moved to allow room for the US 19 highway some years back.

There are also many sightings of the Florida Bigfoot in certain areas of Hudson as well.


We are currently monitoring paranormal activity in Beacon woods, especially in the Clock tower and Old Forest Lane area. Blackberry Row is also active. In fact the whole area on the 52 side of Clock tower seems to have serious activity. The energy levels in Beacon Woods may be high due to the underground cave system that is under the sub-division. There are many sinks in Beacon Woods but from what we have seen the majority of the activity seems to be on one side of the sub-division. There is a spirit in Beacon Woods that focuses on children and is a predatory type entity. We have run it off from one home only to find out down the road that it moved to another home in the same area. This spirit is male, and has been known to say some negative things to these kids. This spirit is a a hostile entity. There is also a hooded entity in Beacon woods but we are as yet uncertain as to that spirit's alignment as he seems to be more of a threat to the bad spirits there than to us. We have photographed this entity, and those pics are here at this website in the Apparitions album. In the case updates both the Plum case and the Blackberry case are the most recent cases, from Beacon woods. Judging from our cases and what we know of the are it seems to be a hot spot for activity of all kinds. This activity could be fed by energy that is somehow related to the underground cave system that lies beneath Beacon Woods. Some of the sinks in Beacon Woods lead to these underwater caves. If you have a problem with spirit activity in Beacon Woods, please let us know, and we will do all we can to help you. Since this article was written back in 2009 we have been to 11 more cases in this sub-division. For more about hauntings and even some of the cases from this town make sure to check out: