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Haunted Objects

One of the things that comes up quite often in paranormal discussions is the subject of haunted objects. There was even a TV show about this. Supposed haunted items make for interesting curios in a museum, that allegedly houses haunted objects. The curator makes money off of it and people seem to enjoy going to see supposed haunted dolls and such. Haunted objects also make for good horror movie props and plots. In all of my years in this field, working haunts cases, I must say that while I have had cases that involved objects, I have never seen an actual "haunted or possessed object." I find it kind of hard to swallow anyway. When I think about what I might be doing with my afterlife, I seriously doubt I would want to spend it following my favorite chair or possessing a doll or any other inanimate object. I have seen many supposed haunted and possessed objects and have never once seen anything transpire to back up that claim. Spirits can and do manipulate objects at times but I doubt that they take up residence in them or haunt them. What would the spirit really get out of that? 

Nowadays with the paranormal being such a craze, it is profitable to have and sell supposedly haunted objects. Many people will buy such things these days, in hopes of having some paranormal experience with them. These haunted objects can fetch a high price too. Ebay is full of such things. Just go to Ebay and search "haunted box" or haunted anything for that matter and many things will come up. Are they haunted? Probably not, but they go for a good price because people want to believe that they are. As I said, I did have some cases that involved objects but the haunting only surrounded the object. There were different reasons in each case. I will share some of those scenarios here now:

They say never to steal from the dead and that is good advice. It seems that spirits get very upset when someone does this. The cases I had, which involved this, were not spirits haunting a person who took something from them because they wanted to keep it ,even in death or AKA "Take it with them." These cases took place because something was taken from a deceased person's home or other property, that the spirit had intended for their heirs to have and not the thief. I imagine I would be pretty mad too if someone stole something I had intended for my kids to inherit. In this case, it is not the object that is haunted, but the person who stole it. It is not like the spirit will follow the object and haunt everyone who ever winds up with it in their possession, like in the movies and in horror stories. That would make no sense at all really. They mostly will only haunt the guilty party, who stole it. Depending on the personality of the spirit, the haunting could go on for a long time or escalate into physical attacks or very bad things.

Another case I had, involved a mounted deer head hunting trophy. It was not the object that was haunted, but the hunter who killed the deer and many others. It was an elemental spirit that haunted him. The haunting started when he killed and mounted that last deer head. The spirit would stay with the hunter even if the deer head was taken elsewhere. It was not about the trophy but about the killing. I had another case where a gal was haunted because she sold her grandmother's jewelry. Her Grandmother and her Great aunt were very upset over that, and wanted to make their displeasure known. We even had one case where a spirit played a piano all the time. It was not the piano that was haunted, the spirit just liked playing the piano, any piano. Now if a haunted collector had taken this case, that piano might have wound up in a museum, as one of those "haunted objects". What a great way to get objects for free, for the museum, just offer to take the evil object away, after declaring it haunted... right?

Just because a spirit interacts with an object does not make the object itself, haunted. Think about what a stupid and pointless endeavor that would be for a spirit, to haunt some silly object for all time? I doubt it would appeal to many of them. Now I guess it is possible that one spirit here or there, just could not let go of their material wants and might return to visit with some beloved object, such as their old piano, but again they would not possess that inanimate, wooden object any more than they would have wanted to do it when they were still alive. A spirit is after all a living thing, a living energy. An inanimate object would just be an inert prison for any living thing. I say "living" thing because spirits are just that..."alive." if our life ended at physical death there would be no spirit to haunt anyone or anything now would there? I cringe every time I am at some paranormal forum and some paranormal investigator advises someone that their doll may be possessed or some nonsense like that. This kind of misinformed superstition does not help anyone. All it does is continue to spread misinformation and fear.

What is always billed as the most haunted object of all? The Ouija board of course! Spirits, contrary to what the movies portray do not follow a Ouija board either. It is the act of summoning the spirits and them answering the call and then staying in the location that causes the haunting. The board does not even have to be there anymore for the haunting to continue. Spirits don't follow the silly board, they follow the people who called them up in the first place. Simply having a Ouija board in your home will not cause you to be haunted. I do think that once a spirit has become used to communicating through a certain board that they may have a conduit to that board, just like we maintain the memory of a phone number that belongs to a someone, that we talk to a lot. They do not follow the board but will come to the call if someone picks it up and makes that call. I think this is why some say that each Ouija board has it's own personal spirit. It does not start out that way, I think it just winds up that way after a long time and extended communication. In all of my 35 years of experience with hauntings and haunt cases, I can say without any reservations that all hauntings happen for a reason. Those reasons are many and as varied as any human drama you can think of, yet none of them were caused by any material object itself. Maybe someday i will experience something otherwise, but until then I stand by my theory that haunted objects only exist in movies, books and on the internet in stories and people's imaginations.